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A space odyssey: E.X. Troopers, Minna no Golf 6, Kokoro Connect: Yochi Random, P4: The Golden, Assassin's Creed III Famitsu DX Pack, Ezio Trilogy, Hitman: Absolution & much more! - in Weekly Games Update!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring new product arrivals from the last seven days. Fly off to space and join the E.X. Troopers, pick up your move controllers and swing it in Minna no Golf 6 and go back to the class room to connect the hearts in Kokoro Connect.

Become an E.X. Trooper, pilot Vital Suits to take down hostile forces. Bren Turner is a rookie in the academy. When the Vital Suit he is piloting with his tutor is attacked by a mysterious force, he has no choice but to go to war. Yet, that attack is just the beginning.

Bren can wield a main weapon and a sub weapon. Each can shoot a number of bullets. During reloading times, you are next to vulnerable, so make good use of your weapons and position yourself in the battles properly to make sure that your enemies can't take advantage of you.

Characters also has a Jet Pack. Use it to accelerate, break out of a circle of enemies or zoom near to a boss to shoot him at point blank. T-ENG is a very important energy source in the game. Store them up and trigger it when the forces of your enemies become overwhelming.

The e-capcom Limited Edition comes with a 1/8 scaled figure and a rubber strap:

E.X. Troopers are available on PlayStation3 and Nintendo 3DS:


E.X. TroopersJPN US$ 12.9924h
E.X. TroopersASIA N/Asold
E.X. Troopers [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold

Nintendo 3DS

E.X. TroopersJPN US$ 64.991w
E.X. Troopers [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold

Art book

E.X. Troopers Visual & World Guide Capcom Art BookJPN N/Asold


E.X.Troopers The Bounded SoundtrackJPN N/Asold

Turn your living room into a golf course, pick up your PlayStation Move controller and give it a swing. Simple, easy to learn but challenging to master, the Minna no Golf sports game has captivated aspiring golfers from all over the gaming sphere. With the cross play functions, PlayStation3 gamers can play a game with the PS Vita gamers.

For the first time, a game in this series is rendered in HD. The courses are stunning, and there are more details in the landscape. There are new modes for an exciting session of party play, and download contents from the PS Vita versions, such as characters (Erika and Gloria) and the courses (Sakurayama Onsen CC and Maru Ciero GC) are accessible right from the start.


Minna no Golf 6JPN US$ 42.991-2w
Minna no Golf 6ASIA N/Asold
PlayStation3 New Slim Console - Minna no Golf 6 Starter Pack (250GB Classic White Model)JPN N/Asold
PlayStation3 New Slim Console - Minna no Golf Starter Pack (250GB Charcoal Black Model)JPN US$ 399.991w

PS Vita

Everybody's GolfEUR US$ 28.901-2w
Minna no Golf 6 (Chinese & English Sub)ASIA US$ 25.992-4d
HotShots Golf: World InvitationalUS US$ 16.991-2w
Minna no Golf 6JPN US$ 29.991w

Connect everyone's hearts together. When a mysterious entity called the HeartSeed appeared, all five teenagers in the cultural club are whipped up into chaos. They are swapping bodies with each other at random. Secret feelings between them start to be revealed and they are forced to find their true selves.

The game contains exclusive episodes written by the author Sadanatsu Anda. The characters, which are designed by Yukiko Horiguchi (of Lucky Star and K-ON! fame) spring to life on the screen. See their everyday reality from different points of views and how their relationships evolve in the light hearted, but touching story.

The Limited Edition comes with a visual book, a special book cover, a soundtrack CD and the original drama CD.

Kokoro Connect: Yochi RandomJPN US$ 38.991w
Kokoro Connect: Yochi Random [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 39.9924h

Kuma and the Persona 4 cast are going to take you on a journey to slay shadows and prevent murders. The much powered up P4: Golden has even more game contents, more challenges for gamers to brave and a new character to complicate the story. So jump into the TV world and have a brilliant adventure.

Comer closer to the hunter who hides himself among the branches, waiting to snipe. The Famitsu DX Pack of Assassin's Creed III comes with a high quality figure of Connor. All the accessories on his outfit are sculpted to perfection, and he is the physical representation of the silence before the storm.

The war between the Assassins and the Templars are moving toward the modern days, but the old world elegance and the complicated schemes deserves to be delved into repeatedly. The Assassin's Creed II Trilogy is packed into one box, embark on a journey of revenge, find redemption and then reach your revelation.

You are cold, you are silent, and you are ruthless. You are the best in Hitman: Absolution. You are Agent 47, the top assassin with the abilities to impersonate you target to creep toward your victims. Some people scheming against you. Find the person who betrayed you and make them regret the day they were born.

Here's the summary of this week's releases:


Assassin's Creed III [Famitsu DX Pack]JPNUS$ 39.9924h
Ben 10: OmniverseUSN/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Care Package)USN/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Hardened Edition)USN/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (w/ Bonus Map Nuketown 2025)EuropeN/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II [Subtitle Version]JPNUS$ 34.9924h
Doom 3: BFG EditionJPNN/Asold
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD CollectionEuropeN/Asold
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoUSUS$ 24.991-2w
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoASIAN/Asold
F1 Race StarsUSUS$ 19.991-2w
F1 Race StarsASIAUS$ 47.901-5d
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseUSUS$ 63.991-2w
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseASIAUS$ 54.905-15d
Halo 4EuropeN/Asold
Hitman: AbsolutionUSUS$ 24.991-2w
Hitman: AbsolutionASIAN/Asold
Hitman: AbsolutionEuropeUS$ 19.992-4w
Hitman: Absolution (Professional Edition)USN/Asold
LEGO The Lord of the RingsUSN/Asold
Marvel Avengers: Battle for EarthEuropeUS$ 54.901-2w
Midway Arcade OriginsEuropeN/Asold
Rise of the GuardiansUSUS$ 38.9924h
Saints Row: The Third (The Full Package)EuropeN/Asold
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedUSN/Asold
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Bonus Edition)ASIAN/Asold
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Limited Edition)EuropeN/Asold
The Hip Hop Dance ExperienceEuropeN/Asold
Xbox 360 Slim Console (320GB) Halo 4 Limited EditionEuropeN/Asold



Assassin's Creed Ezio TrilogyUSUS$ 21.2924h
Assassin's Creed III (Join or Die Edition)EuropeN/Asold
Assassin's Creed III [Famitsu DX Pack]JPNUS$ 59.9924h
Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition)EuropeUS$ 19.995-15d
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Care Package)USUS$ 399.901w
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Hardened Edition)USN/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (w/ Bonus Map Nuketown 2025)EuropeUS$ 29.995-15d
Call of Duty: Black Ops II [Subtitle Version]JPNUS$ 63.991w
Chaos;Head - Love Chu*Chu!JPNUS$ 62.991w
Chaos;Head Double PackJPNUS$ 148.901w
Chaos;Head NoahJPNUS$ 76.901w
Doom 3: BFG EditionJPNUS$ 37.991w
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD CollectionEuropeUS$ 54.905-15d
E.X. TroopersJPNUS$ 12.9924h
E.X. TroopersASIAN/Asold
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoASIAUS$ 51.991-5d
F1 Race StarsEuropeUS$ 24.995-15d
F1 Race StarsUSUS$ 16.991-2w
F1 Race StarsASIAN/Asold
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseUSUS$ 29.991-2w
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseASIAN/Asold
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNUS$ 39.901w
Hitman: AbsolutionASIAUS$ 23.992-4d
Hitman: Absolution (Professional Edition)USUS$ 59.991w
inFAMOUS 2 (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNUS$ 26.701w
Killzone 3 (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNUS$ 27.901-2w
LEGO The Lord of the RingsUSN/Asold
LittleBigPlanet 2 (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNUS$ 27.991w
Midway Arcade OriginsEuropeN/Asold
Minna no Golf 6JPNUS$ 42.991-2w
NASCAR The Game: Inside LineASIAN/Asold
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game (Limited Edition)EuropeN/Asold
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleUSUS$ 17.9924h
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Chinese + English Version)ASIAN/Asold
Red Dead Redemption: Complete Edition (PlayStation3 the Best)JPNUS$ 44.901w
Rise of the GuardiansUSUS$ 14.9924h
Saints Row: The Third (The Full Package)EuropeUS$ 24.995-15d
Skylanders Giants (Starter Pack)EuropeN/Asold
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedUSUS$ 29.991-5d
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Bonus Edition)ASIAN/Asold
SSX (EA Best Hits)JPNUS$ 29.801w
Taiheiyou no Arashi: Senkan Yamato, Akatsuki ni Shutsugekisu [Luxury Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold
Taiheiyou no Arashi: Senkan Yamato, Akatsuki ni Shutsugekisu [Regular Edition]JPNN/Asold
The CubeEuropeN/Asold
Wonderbook: Book of SpellsEuropeN/Asold
Wonderbook: Book of Spells (Move Bundle)EuropeN/Asold
WWE '13EuropeN/Asold


PS Vita

Call of Duty: Black Ops DeclassifiedUSUS$ 29.9924h
Call of Duty: Black Ops DeclassifiedEuropeUS$ 29.992-4w
Persona 4: GoldenUSUS$ 34.9924h
Persona 4: Golden (English)ASIAN/Asold
Persona 4: Golden (Solid Gold Premium Edition)USN/Asold
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleUSUS$ 13.4924h
Silent Hill: Book of MemoriesEuropeN/Asold
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Limited Edition)EuropeN/Asold


Sony PSP

Eternal Etude: Canvas 4 (PSP the Best)JPNUS$ 29.801w
FairlyLife: MiracleDays (Best Version)JPNUS$ 31.901-2w
Kokoro Connect: Yochi RandomJPNUS$ 38.991w
Kokoro Connect: Yochi Random [Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 39.9924h
Wand of Fortune 2 FD: Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue [Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold
Wand of Fortune 2 FD: Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 73.901-2w
Wand of Fortune 2 Twin PackJPNUS$ 179.901w


Nintendo Wii U

Assassin's Creed IIIUSUS$ 13.1924h
Batman: Arkham City - Armored EditionUSN/Asold
Ben 10: OmniverseUSUS$ 14.991-5d
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIUSN/Asold
Darksiders II (Limited Edition)USN/Asold
ESPN Sports ConnectionUSUS$ 29.991-2w
FIFA Soccer 13USN/Asold
Funky BarnUSN/Asold
Game Party ChampionsUSUS$ 14.991-2w
Jeopardy!USUS$ 54.995-15d
Just Dance 4USUS$ 24.991w
Madden NFL 13USUS$ 12.9924h
Mass Effect 3: Special EditionUSUS$ 11.9924h
NBA 2K13USN/Asold
Rabbids LandUSUS$ 24.991-2w
Scribblenauts UnlimitedUSUS$ 21.5924h
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedUSUS$ 25.991-5d
Tank! Tank! Tank!USN/Asold
Tekken Tag Tournament 2USUS$ 24.991w
Warriors Orochi 3 HyperUSN/Asold
Wheel of FortuneUSUS$ 37.991w
Wipeout 3USN/Asold
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013USUS$ 19.991-2w
ZombiUUSUS$ 24.991-5d


Nintendo Wii

Ben 10: OmniverseUSUS$ 19.991-2w
Deer Drive LegendsUSUS$ 24.905-15d
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoUSUS$ 21.991-2w
LEGO The Lord of the RingsUSUS$ 24.991-2w
Monster High Skultimate Roller MazeEuropeN/Asold
Rise of the GuardiansUSUS$ 19.991-2w
The CubeEuropeN/Asold


Nintendo 3DS

Dangerous Ji-San to 1000-nin no Otomodachi YokoshimaJPNUS$ 19.991-5d
E.X. TroopersJPNUS$ 64.991w
Ouchi Mainichi TamagotchiJPNUS$ 29.991-5d
Rhythm Kaitou R: Koutei Napoleon no Isan (Sega the Best)JPNUS$ 26.9924h


Nintendo DS

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!USN/Asold
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! (Collector's Edition)USN/Asold
LEGO The Lord of the RingsUSUS$ 21.991-2w
Monster High Skultimate Roller MazeEuropeUS$ 33.901-2w
Rise of the GuardiansUSUS$ 33.901-2w


PC Game

Assassin's Creed III (DVD-ROM)USUS$ 31.991-2w
Assassin's Creed III (English) (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (w/ Bonus Map Nuketown 2025) (DVD-ROM)EuropeUS$ 19.992-4w
F1 Race Stars (DVD-ROM)EuropeUS$ 38.901-2w
F1 Race Stars (DVD-ROM)ASIAUS$ 39.905-15d
Pride & Prejudice (DVD-ROM)EuropeUS$ 19.905-15d
Saints Row: The Third (The Full Package) (DVD-ROM)EuropeN/Asold
Scribblenauts Unlimited (DVD-ROM)USN/Asold


Game Guides and Books

All Stars Battle Royale: Prima Official Game GuideUSUS$ 22.905-15d
Avengers VS. X-MenUSUS$ 85.905-15d
Batman Arkham City Armored Edition Signature Series GuideUSN/Asold
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two: Prima Official Game GuideUSUS$ 24.905-15d
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two: Prima Official Game Guide - Collector's EditionUSN/Asold
Famitsu DS + Wii [January 2013]JPNN/Asold
Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition: Prima Official Game GuideUSN/Asold
Hitman: Absolution: Prima Official Game GuideUSUS$ 24.901-2w
V-Jump [January 2013]JPNN/Asold
WWE Encyclopedia Second EditionUSN/Asold
ZombiU: Prima Official Game GuideUSUS$ 24.905-15d


A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here's a preview of hot games that are expected to come next week:


Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Original GenerationsJPN US$ 32.99
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Original Generations [Complete BD Box]JPN US$ 254.99

PS Vita

Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua]JPN N/A
Totori no Atelier Plus: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2JPN US$ 59.99
Totori no Atelier Plus: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2 [Premium Box]JPN N/A

Nintendo 3DS

Layton Kyouju vs Gyakuten SaibanJPN US$ 24.99
Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon ~Magnagate to Mugendai no Meikyuu~JPN US$ 29.99


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