DJMax Respect (PS4) Multiple Versions Available Now!

DJMax Respect

PlayStation 4™ – Release Day: Nov 9, 2017 – Available Now!

Rated ★★★★★ (5 out of 5) By Our Customers


DJMAX Respect PS4 launched for PlayStation 4 in Japan today! Well done Arc System Works (Official Announcement)! There’re a standard edition, digital version, and a limited edition, which includes a special box, art book, and two-disc original soundtrack. All you can find on! Links can be found below.


(The rhythm game first launched in Southeast Asia with English subtitles on July 28. A western release is also planned but has yet to be officially announced or dated.)


DJMAX Respect features 146 playable songs, including 40 new and original songs, across various gameplay modes, including Arcade Mode, Free Style Mode, Mission Mode, and Online Mode:

  • Arcade Mode is your standard single player, where you play three songs in a row for a score and ranking.
  • Freestyle Mode lets you play songs you’ve unlocked without interruption. This mode also supports two players local battle, which is the first time the series has allowed that.
  • Mission Mode requires the player to clear specific objectives through a song or a set of songs e.g. reach at least 5x FEVER.
  • Online Battle lets player compete online.

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DJMax Respect (English & Chinese Subs) (ASIA, PS4™) US$ 55.99
DJMax Respect (JPN, PS4™) US$ 43.99
DJMax Respect [Limited Edition] (JPN, PS4™) US$ 129.99

PSN Codes

PSN Card 10000 YEN | Playstation Network Japan 

PSN Card 5000 YEN | Playstation Network Japan 

PSN Card 3000 YEN | Playstation Network Japan 

PSN Card 1000 YEN | Playstation Network Japan 


DJMax Respect Gameplay Screenshot


DJMax Respect Gameplay Screenshot


DJMax Respect Gameplay Screenshot

Official Trailer

Respect Composer Lineup

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