15. May, 2006 14:47 (HKT)

Hundreds of brand new Japanese 8-64bit classics in stock - WonderSwan Color - Final Fantasy II Bundle, Namco Wonder Classic, Mario Clash, Love Hina Party & many more (updated frequently!)

May 15th: We will continue this week with addition of another few hundred brand new classic games and accessories for the most popular video game systems released during the last 25 years. We are making a start today with a variety of classic handheld games, especially for Gameboy™ (Color) and Bandai's Japan-only WonderSwan™ console.

There's lots of more to follow during the next few days, so make sure to check back again for updated frequently.

Gameboy™ (Color):
Anima Star GBJPN US$ 16.99 1w
B-Daman Baku Gaiden V: Final Mega TuneJPN US$ 8.99 1-5d
Bakuchou Retsuden Shou: Hyper FightingJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Bugs Bunny CollectionJPN N/A sold
Chou-Gals!JPN N/A sold
Chou-Gals! 2JPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Command MasterJPN US$ 15.99 1-5d
Cross Hunter: X Hunter VersionJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Dino Breeder 2JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
From TV Animation- One Piece: Maboroshi no Grand Line Boukenhen!JPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Gakuen Battle Fishers: Yoky Shiimono wa TsureJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Grandia: Parallel TrippersJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Hanasaka Tenshi Tentenkun no Beat BreakerJPN US$ 7.99 1-5d
Hiryu no Ken Retsuden GBJPN N/A sold
Hunter x Hunter: Hunter no KeifuJPN US$ 34.99 1-5d
Karkurenbo Battle Monster TacticsJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Love Hina PartyJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Mini-Yonku GB: Let's and Go!! [Tin Box]JPN N/A sold
Navy Blue 98JPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Ohasta Yamachan & ReimondoJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
P-Man GBJPN N/A sold
Pro WresJPN N/A sold
Puchi CaratJPN N/A sold
Snoopy no Hajimete no TsukaiJPN N/A sold
SolomonJPN US$ 8.99 1-5d
Super Robot PinballJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Top Gear PocketJPN N/A sold
Top Gear Pocket 2JPN N/A sold
Zok Zok HeroesJPN N/A sold

Digimon Adventure 02 & Gate PackJPN N/A sold
Digimon Adventure 02: Tag TamersJPN N/A sold
Dokodemo Hamster 3JPN US$ 18.99 1-5d
Final Fantasy IIJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
From TV Animation One Piece: Chopper no OobaukenJPN N/A sold
From TV Animation One Piece: Treasure Wars 2: Buggyland Heyou KosoJPN US$ 37.99 1w
Inuyasha: Fuuun EmakiJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Inuyasha: Kagome no Sengoku Yume HikiJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Kinnikuman Second Generations: Choujin SeisenshiJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 2 JaburoJPN US$ 15.99 1-5d
Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1 & Gate PackJPN N/A sold
Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1 SIDE7JPN N/A sold
Namco Wonder ClassicJPN N/A sold
SD Gundam Eiyuuden: Musha DensetsuJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Shaman King: Will of FutureJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Star HeartsJPN US$ 23.99 1w
Wild CardJPN N/A sold
WonderSwan Color Console - Crystal Black N/A sold
WonderSwan Color Console - Crystal Orange N/A sold
WonderSwan Color Console - Final Fantasy II Bundle N/A sold
WonderSwan Color Console - Pearl Blue N/A sold

Dance Dance Revolution Controller US$ 39.99 1-5d
Mahjong Hourou Ki ClassicJPN US$ 53.99 1w
Pocket Monsters SnapJPN N/A sold
Star Wars: Episode I: RacerJPN US$ 33.99 1w

Neppachi VI @VPACHI: CR O Takara TankentaiJPN N/A sold
net@versus: ShougiJPN N/A sold
Seaman: Kindan no Pet 2001 Toshi TaioubanJPN US$ 74.99 1-5d
Yume Uma Ken '99 InternetJPN US$ 19.99 1w

Sega Saturn™:
Ayrton Senna Personal Talk: Message for the FutureJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 3: Lightning AngelJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Graduation SJPN N/A sold
Hyper Securities SJPN US$ 37.99 1w
Sotsugyou CrossworldJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
The Conveni 2: Senkoku Chain Tenkaida!JPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Wizard's Harmony 2JPN US$ 9.99 1w

Get Backers DakkanokuJPN US$ 7.99 1-5d
I.Q. Final (PSone Books)JPN N/A sold

Super Famicom™:
Arkanoid: Doh It AgainJPN US$ 34.99 1w
SD Gundam Generation: Ichi Nen SensoukiJPN N/A sold

Virtual Boy:
Mario ClashJPN N/A sold
Red Alarm: Virtual 3D Shooting GameJPN US$ 34.99 1-5d

May 12th: The last classic update from this week brings once again more than brand new and never played before classic games for different systems.
This time we've got restock of the previously quickly sold out Nintendo64™ consoles (clear blue/clear red), Hudson's official Joycard 64 Joypad plus a number of interesting games, including Donkey Kong 64, 64 Oozumou [Limited Edition], Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race and more.

Also in stock this time are a number of PC-Engine™, Famicom™, Mega Drive™, Gameboy™, Virtual Boy™, WonderSwan™ games and a lot more.

The entire summary of this month's classic additions is listed up below. A few hundred additional classics are still expected to arrive during the following few weeks.

Nintendo 4™:
64 OozumouJPN US$ 15.99 1-5d
64 Oozumou [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 34.99 1-5d
Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix RaceJPN US$ 41.90 1-2w
Donkey Kong 64JPN N/A sold
Extreme-G 2JPN US$ 41.99 1w
Famista 64JPN US$ 19.90 1-2w
Inode Yousuke no Mahjong JukuJPN N/A sold
J League Eleven Beat 1997JPN N/A sold
John Romero's DaikatanaJPN US$ 74.99 1w
Joycard 64 N/A sold
Let's SmashJPN N/A sold
Mario Golf 64JPN US$ 37.99 1-5d
Mario no PhotopiJPN N/A sold
Masters '98: Harukanaru AugustaJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Multi Racing ChampionshipJPN N/A sold
Nintendo 64 Console - clear blueJPN N/A sold
Nintendo64 (clear red)JPN N/A sold
Power League 64JPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
SD Hiryuu no Ken DensetsuJPN N/A sold
Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four TowersJPN US$ 55.99 1w
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Honoo: Brave SpiritsJPN N/A sold
Top Gear Hyper-BikeJPN US$ 41.99 1w

Super Famicom™:
Amazing TennisJPN N/A sold
Bing! Bing! BingoJPN US$ 64.99 1-5d
Dragon's EarthJPN US$ 98.99 1w
Drift King Shutokou Battle 2JPN US$ 109.99 1-5d
Exhaust Heat II: F-1 Driver heno KisekiJPN US$ 23.99 1w
Funaki Masakatsu no Hybrid Wrestler: Tougi DenshoJPN US$ 51.99 1-5d
GP-1 Rapid StreamJPN US$ 41.99 1w
Hakunetsu Professional Baseball '94: Ganba League 3JPN N/A sold
Hissatsu Pachinko Collection 2JPN US$ 8.99 1w
HyperZoneJPN US$ 98.99 1w
International Tennis TourJPN N/A sold
Leading JockeyJPN N/A sold
Lord MonarchJPN US$ 98.99 1-5d
Pachinko WarsJPN N/A sold
Shigetaka Kashiwagi no Top Water BassingJPN N/A sold
Super 3D BaseballJPN N/A sold
Super 4WD: The BajaJPN N/A sold
Super Birdie RushJPN N/A sold
Super Black Bass 2JPN N/A sold
Super Black Bass 3JPN US$ 41.99 1-5d
Super Inindou: Datou NobunagaJPN US$ 25.90 1-2w
Super Linear BallJPN US$ 59.99 1-5d
Super Tennis: World CircuitJPN N/A sold
Sutobasu Yarou Show: 3 on 3 BasketballJPN US$ 112.99 1-5d
Tecmo Super BowlJPN US$ 86.99 1-5d
World Class RugbyJPN US$ 40.99 1w
Zen Nihon GT Senshuken: Hyper Battle GameJPN N/A sold

Derby Tsuku: Derby Uma o Tsukurou!JPN US$ 14.99 1w
Gundam Battle OnlineJPN US$ 7.99 1-5d
Hello Kitty no Lovely Fruit ParkJPN N/A sold
Microphone US$ 39.99 1w

Zero4 Champ DooZy-J Type-RJPN US$ 20.99 1w

Mega Drive™:
Fastest 1JPN US$ 19.99 1w

Policenauts Pilot DiscJPN US$ 19.99 1w

Formation Soccer '95: Della Serie AJPN N/A sold
Human Sports FestivalJPN N/A sold
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90JPN US$ 34.99 1w
NHK Taiga Drama TaihekiJPN US$ 79.99 1-5d
The Davis Cup TennisJPN US$ 11.90 1-5d

Kyuukyoku Harikiri KoushienJPN US$ 44.99 1-5d
Pachinko Dai Sakusen 2JPN US$ 45.99 1w
The Golf '92JPN US$ 39.99 1-5d

Gameboy™ (Color):
Daikaijyuu Monogatari: Miracle of the Zone IIJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
GB HarobotsJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Gameboy Link Cable Pocket Monsters Series N/A sold
Golf de Oha StarJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis TourJPN US$ 17.99 1w
Sakura Taisen GBJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card SummonerJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Shuyaku Sentai Irem FighterJPN N/A sold
WWF Superstars 2JPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling JetJPN N/A sold

Virtual Boy™:
Panic BomberJPN N/A sold
Virtual League Baseball '95JPN US$ 14.99 1-5d

Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1 SIDE7JPN N/A sold
SD Gundam Eiyuuden: Musha DensetsuJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Super Robot Taisen Compact 2: Dainibu: Uchuu Gekishin HenJPN US$ 33.99 1w

May 11th: Today's update covers another 75+ brand new and never played classic game releases. We've got titles for a number of different platforms this time, including Dreamcast™, Saturn™, Nintendo64™, WonderSwan™, Mega Drive™, NeoGeo Pocket™ and more.

Some of our today's personal favorites are Mario Party 2 (N64™), Namco's official JogCon Controller (PS™/for Ridge Racer Type IV), Wachenröder, Sega Touring Car Championship and NiGHTS into dreams... (Saturn™) as well as the handheld titles Cool Boarders Pocket (NGPC™), Densha de Go!, Gunpey and Senkaiden II: Senkai Houshin (WonderSwan™).

We will once again have another update with more than 100 assorted items tomorrow, including restock of Nintendo64™ consoles.

Chu Chu Rocket!JPN N/A sold
F-1 World Grand PrixJPN US$ 18.90 1-2w
Ganbare Nippon! Olympic 2000JPN US$ 13.99 1-5d
Get!! ColoniesJPN US$ 14.99 1w
J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou!JPN US$ 12.99 1-5d
J-League Spectacle SoccerJPN N/A sold
Jissen Pachi Slot Hisshouhou! @VPACHI: Kongdom Limited EditionJPN N/A sold
My TrackmanJPN US$ 8.99 1w
NFL 2KJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Netto de ParaJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Sega GT Homologation SpecialJPN US$ 19.99 1-2w
Super ProducersJPN US$ 16.99 1-5d
Super Speed RacingJPN US$ 14.90 1-2w
Virtua Striker 2: Version 2000.1JPN US$ 14.99 1-5d

Human Grand Prix: The New GenerationJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Mario Party 2JPN US$ 42.99 1w
Ucchannanchan no Honoo no Challenge Denryuu IraIra BouJPN US$ 51.99 1w
Vibration Pack US$ 24.99 1-5d

Jet de Go! (PlayStation the Best)JPN N/A sold
JogCon ControllerJPN US$ 39.99 1-2w
PokelerJPN N/A sold
The AirsJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d

Sega Saturn™;
Airs AdventureJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Deka Yonku: Tough the TruckJPN US$ 22.99 1w
Fighting VipersJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Neon Genesis Evangelion 2nd ImpressionJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
NiGHTS into dreams...JPN US$ 37.99 1w
Ninpen ManmaruJPN N/A sold
Nobunaga no Yabou ReturnsJPN US$ 12.99 1w
Pebble Beach Golf Links: Stadler ni ChousenJPN US$ 8.99 1-5d
Return to ZorkJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Sangokushi EiketsudenJPN N/A sold
Sankyo Fever Jikki Simulation S Vol. 2JPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipJPN US$ 21.99 24h
Shutokou Battle '97JPN US$ 16.99 1-5d
Suikoden: Tenmei no ChikaiJPN N/A sold
Super Casino SpecialJPN US$ 7.99 1w
Tactics FormulaJPN N/A sold
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2: Irodori no Love SongJPN N/A sold
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-damaJPN US$ 12.99 1w
Touge: King the Spirits 2JPN N/A sold
Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn Collection)JPN N/A sold
WachenroderJPN US$ 59.99 1-5d
Winning Post 2JPN N/A sold
Winning Post 2: Final '97JPN US$ 16.99 1-5d
Winning Post 3JPN N/A sold
Yuushun Classic RoadJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d

Super Famicom™:
'96 Zengoku Koukou Soccer SenshukenJPN US$ 88.99 1w
AIII S.V.: A Ressha de Gyoukou 3 Super VersionJPN US$ 62.99 1-5d
Fune TaroJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Harukanaru Augusta 2: MastersJPN N/A sold
Ramos Rui no World Wide SoccerJPN US$ 65.99 1w
Shounin yo Taishi wo Idake!!JPN N/A sold

Mega Drive™;
Slime WorldJPN N/A sold
StormLordJPN US$ 34.99 1w
Valis IIIJPN N/A sold
Zan Yasha EnbukyokuJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d

Chaos GearJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Densha de Go!JPN N/A sold
Digimon Tamers: Battle SpiritJPN N/A sold
Digimon Tamers: Digimon MedleyJPN N/A sold
GunpeyJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Last AliveJPN N/A sold
Medarot: Perfect Edition (Kabuto Version)JPN N/A sold
Medarot: Perfect Edition (Kuwagata Version)JPN N/A sold
Mobile Suit Gundam MSVSJPN US$ 26.99 1-5d
SD Gundam Eiyuuden: Kishi DensetsuJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
SD Gundam: Emotional JamJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Senkaiden II: Senkai HoushinJPN N/A sold
Space InvadersJPN N/A sold
WonderSwan Crystal Console - Wine Red N/A sold

Gameboy™ (Color/Advance):
Bakenou V3JPN US$ 8.90 1-5d
Fighting Spirits HeatJPN US$ 34.99 1-5d
Hamster Club: Oshiema ChuuJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Monster TravelerJPN US$ 48.99 1w

NeoGeo Pocket™:
Cool Boarders PocketJPN N/A sold
Tsunagete Pon! 2JPN N/A sold

May 10th, 2006: A total of more than 60 classic items have been added to our inventory today. Once again, just like last time all titles are brand new and have never been played before.

This time, we've got a big number of Super Famicom™ games, inlcuding great all-time classics such as Yoshi no Road Hunting / Yoshi's Safari, Space Bazooka, Dark Half, Mario & Wario, Street Fighter II Turbo and more.

Further interesting items are Sega's Daytona USA and Shining Force III Scenario 1 for Sega Saturn™ as well as a bunch of brand new official PC-FX Pads.

Check out the entire new list of today's classic game arrivals. Another udpate is expected to follow tomorrow, with once again more than 60 brand new classics, including releases for WonderSwan™, Sega Saturn™, Dreamcast™ and more. Last week's update including more than 100 games is listed further down in this news post.

Dream FlyerJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Hello Kitty Otonaru-mailJPN US$ 9.99 1w
Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2JPN US$ 71.99 1-5d
NFL 2K (Dreamcast Collection)JPN US$ 9.99 1w
Neppachi II @VPACHI: CR Harenchi GakuenJPN US$ 9.99 1w

Sega Saturn™;
Daytona USAJPN N/A sold
Hiroki Matsukata presents World FishingJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Nightruth Explanation of the Paranormal: Making of Nightruth: Voice SelectionJPN US$ 8.99 1-5d
Quantum Gate I: Akuma no JoshouJPN US$ 19.90 1-5d
Sea Bass Fishing 2JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Shining Force III Scenario 1JPN US$ 37.99 1w
Formula Grand Prix: Team Unei SimulationJPN N/A sold
The Hyper Golf: Devil's CourseJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Winning Post EXJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Zap! Snowboarding TrixJPN US$ 14.99 1w

Super Famicom™:
ABC Monday Night FootballJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Andre Agassi TennisJPN US$ 41.99 1-5d
Ascii Stick L5 N/A sold
Barcode Battler Senki: Coveni WarsJPN N/A sold
Dark HalfJPN US$ 24.99 1w
GT RacingJPN N/A sold
Gekitou Burning Pro WrestlingJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Harukanaru AugustaJPN N/A sold
Hat Trick HeroJPN US$ 59.99 1w
Hatayama Hachi no Pro Yakyuu News JitsmeibanJPN N/A sold
Heiwa Pachinko World 2JPN N/A sold
Hissatsu Pachinko Collection 3JPN N/A sold
Human Grand Prix III: F1 Triple BattleJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Human Grand Prix IV: F1 Dream BattleJPN US$ 62.99 1w
J.League Super Soccer '95JPN US$ 9.99 1w
Keiba Eight Special 2JPN N/A sold
Kentouou World Champion BoxingJPN US$ 48.99 1-5d
Kyoraku Sanyo Toyomaru Daiichi Maruhon Parlor! Parlor! 2JPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Larry Nixon's Super Bass FishingJPN N/A sold
Mario & WarioJPN US$ 65.99 1w
NBA All-Star ChallengeJPN US$ 86.99 1w
NBA JamJPN US$ 64.99 1w
Nice de ShotJPN US$ 23.99 1w
Nobuhiro Takeda no Super Cup SoccerJPN N/A sold
Onita Atsushi FMWJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
PGA Tour GolfJPN US$ 35.99 1-5d
Pachi Slot Love StoryJPN N/A sold
Pachinko Fan: Shouri ShengenJPN N/A sold
Pachinko Monogatari 2: Nagoya Shachihoko no TeiouJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Pachiokun Special 3JPN N/A sold
R.P.M. Radical Psycho Machine RacingJPN US$ 35.99 1w
Space BazookaJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Street Fighter II TurboJPN US$ 49.99 24h
Super Dunk StarJPN US$ 21.99 1-5d
Super F1 CircusJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Super Fire Pro Wrestling IIIJPN US$ 76.99 1w
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen's SpecialJPN N/A sold
Super Game BoyJPN N/A sold
Super High ImpactJPN N/A sold
Super Hockey '94JPN N/A sold
Super Power League 3JPN US$ 53.99 1w
Super RugbyJPN US$ 21.99 1w
Super StadiumJPN US$ 62.99 1w
Tecmo Super NBA BasketballJPN N/A sold
USA Ice HockeyJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Yoshi's SafariJPN N/A sold
Zenkoku Koukou Soccer Senshuken: High School Soccer Tournament of Japan CapJPN US$ 65.99 1-5d

Game Boy Pocket Camera (clear purple)JPN N/A sold
Game Boy Pocket Camera (green)JPN N/A sold

The Best Play Pro Yakyuu IIJPN US$ 54.99 1-5d

FX-PadJPN N/A sold

May 4th, 2006: We have to admit, it's been a while since the last classic gaming news update. Today's news post is putting an end to the waiting period with a very special summary of more than 100 brand new classics. No matter if you are a collector or just want to play one of your most favorite all-time classics again, Play-Asia will surely have something for you.

As always, quantities for the items listed below are strictly limited and pricing subject to change without notice. We highly recommend to choose credit card as payment option when purchasing limited availability products to avoid possible disappointment in case your products are sold out before your funds actually reach us.

Please also note that despite all products listed below are actually brand new and have never been played before, a very few items might have slightly torn or discolored boxes or marks from removed pricing stickers.

Last but not least, please be informed that we will have an additional few hundred of brand new classics arriving during the next couple of weeks. Make sure to check out for updates in the near future and subscribe to our personal agent in our classic gaming categories.

BioHazard Code: VeronicaJPN N/A sold
D no Shokutaku 2: BlissJPN US$ 24.99 1w
Fire Pro Wrestling D [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 39.99 1w
J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 2JPN US$ 49.99 1w
Pro Yakyu Team de Asobou Net!JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Pro Yakyuu Team de Asobou!JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou!JPN US$ 19.99 1w
Sega GT Homologation SpecialJPN US$ 19.99 1-2w
Virtua Athlete 2KJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Yume Uma Ken '99 InternetJPN US$ 19.99 1w

Bakuten Shoot BeybladeJPN US$ 6.99 1w
BioHazard ControllerJPN N/A sold
Densha de Go! MamekonJPN US$ 34.99 1-2w
Pi to MailJPN US$ 6.99 1-5d

Sega Saturn™:
Clockwork Knight 2JPN US$ 48.99 1-5d
Derby Ana ListJPN US$ 8.99 1w
J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou 2JPN US$ 3.79 24h
Mansion of Hidden SoulsJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Pro Yakyuu Greatest Nine '97 Make MiracleJPN US$ 5.99 1-5d
R?MJ The Mystery HospitalJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Sakura Wars: Steam Radio ShowJPN US$ 7.99 1-5d

64 Oozumou 2JPN US$ 74.99 1w
Choukuukan Night Pro Yakyuu KingJPN N/A sold
Donkey Kong 64 with Expansion PakJPN US$ 69.99 1-5d
St. Andrews Old CourseJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
F-1 World Grand PrixJPN N/A sold
Itoi Shigesato Bass Fishing No. 1 Ketteihan!JPN US$ 4.99 1-5d
King Hill 64 Extreme SnowboardingJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Morita Shogi 64JPN US$ 23.90 1-2w
Nintendo 64 Console - clear blueJPN N/A sold
Nintendo64 (clear red)JPN N/A sold
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly CaliberJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Pilotwings 64JPN US$ 19.90 1-5d
Pokemon Stadium Gold & SilverJPN US$ 21.99 1w
Robot Ponkotsu 64: Nanatsunoumi no KarameruJPN US$ 17.99 1-5d
Saikyou Haniu ShogiJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Wonder Project J2JPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Yoshi's StoryJPN US$ 39.99 1w

Super Famicom™:
American Battle DomeJPN US$ 97.99 1w
Bahamut LagoonJPN US$ 74.99 1-5d
Battle Grand PrixJPN US$ 34.99 1-5d
Crayon Shin Chan: Ora to Poi Poi (Datach)JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Derby Jockey: Kishou heno MichiJPN N/A sold
Far East of Eden ZeroJPN US$ 46.99 1w
Final Fantasy VJPN N/A sold
Final Set TennisJPN N/A sold
Final StretchJPN US$ 37.90 1-2w
Hakunetsu Professional Baseball Ganba LeagueJPN N/A sold
Harukanaru Augusta 3: Masters NewJPN N/A sold
Hat Trick Hero 2JPN US$ 29.99 1w
Heiwa Pachinko World 3JPN US$ 17.99 1-5d
Hishou 777 Fighter 2: Pachi Slot Hi JouhouJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Hisshou Pachi Slot FunJPN N/A sold
Honke Sankyo Fever: Jikki SimulationJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Human BaseballJPN US$ 74.99 1-5d
Human Grand Prix IIJPN US$ 62.99 1w
J.League Soccer Prime Goal 2JPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis TourJPN N/A sold
Jissen Pachi Slot HishouhouJPN US$ 6.99 1w
Keiba Eight SpecialJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Keiba Yosou Baken RenkinjutsuJPN N/A sold
Magic Johnson's Super Slam DunkJPN N/A sold
NFL FootballJPN US$ 57.99 1w
Pachi Slot Land: Pachi Pachi Coin no DensetsuJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Pachinko Fan 2JPN US$ 6.99 1-5d
Pachinko Hisshou HouJPN US$ 6.99 1w
Pachinko Renchan Tengoku: Super CR SpecialJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Pachiokun Special 2JPN N/A sold
Parlor! Mini 5: Pachinko Jikki SimulationJPN US$ 6.99 1-5d
Pro Football '93JPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Pro SoccerJPN US$ 60.99 1-5d
RGB Cable N/A sold
SGB Commander N/A sold
Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling: Chou Senshi in Tokyo DomeJPN US$ 18.99 1w
Ski Paradise with SnowboardJPN N/A sold
Sougou Kakutougi: Astral Bout 2 - The Total FightersJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Street RacerJPN N/A sold
Super BomblissJPN US$ 64.99 1w
Super Cup SoccerJPN US$ 62.99 1w
Super Dunk ShotJPN N/A sold
Super Fire Pro WrestlingJPN US$ 19.90 1-5d
Super Fire Pro Wrestling III: Easy TypeJPN N/A sold
Super Formation SoccerJPN N/A sold
Super Formation Soccer 95: Della Series AJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Super Formation Soccer 96: World Club EditionJPN US$ 54.99 1-5d
Super Formation Soccer IIJPN N/A sold
Super GameBoy 2JPN N/A sold
Super Honmei: G1 SeihaJPN US$ 8.99 1w
Super Indy ChampJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Super KeibaJPN US$ 9.90 1-5d
Super Naxat Open: Golf de Shoubu da! DorabocchanJPN N/A sold
Super Power League 4JPN US$ 15.99 1w
Super Slap ShotJPN N/A sold
Super Tetris 3 Multitap N/A sold
Super Ultra BaseballJPN N/A sold
Tactical SoccerJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Take Yutaka GI MemoryJPN US$ 11.99 1-5d
Tecmo Super BaseballJPN N/A sold
Thoroughbred Breeder IIJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Touge Densetsu: Saisoku BattleJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Turf Hero: Just one thing I needJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
WWF Super WrestleManiaJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Wireless Multi Pad (2nd controller) N/A sold
World SoccerJPN US$ 109.99 1-5d
Zen Nihon Pro WrestlingJPN US$ 62.99 1-5d
Zico SoccerJPN US$ 47.99 1w

Gameboy™ (Color/Pocket):
Game Boy Pocket Camera (red)JPN N/A sold
Game Boy Pocket Camera (yellow)JPN N/A sold
Game Boy Pocket PrinterJPN N/A sold
Game Boy Pocket Printer PikachuJPN N/A sold
Mini 4 BoyJPN US$ 23.99 1w
Mini 4 Boy IIJPN US$ 12.99 1w
Monster Maker: Barcode SagaJPN N/A sold
Nikkan Berutomo ClubJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Pocket Bomberman [Tin Box]JPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Pokemon Card GBJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Super BomblissJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d

Virtual Boy™;
Mario's TennisJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
T&E Virtual GolfJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
V-TetrisJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d

Tarepanda no GunpeyJPN US$ 23.99 1w

NeoGeo Pocket™:
NeoGeo Pocket Link Cable N/A sold

Game Gear™:
ShikinjouJPN N/A sold

Crayon Shin Chan: Ora to Poi Poi (Datach)JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d


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SN: 225 | 1007 { 58 } | | WS: 1 | | Cat: 1