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Puni Fugo Original Soundtrack

Puni Fugo Original Soundtrack

Sony Music
Audio CD

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Original Name  ぷに☆ふごー オリジナルサウンドコレクション
Genre Video Game Soundtrack
Version  Japan
PAX-Code PAX0000514845
Catalog No.  SCDC-316
Item Code  4949168102972

track listing

1. どーしよ☆ズルしよ!?(Game Edit)/ 水原英里
2. BGM:title
3. BGM:conversation
4. BGM:movement
5. BGM:the poor
6. BGM:opening
7. BGM:serious
8. BGM:sexality
9. BGM:sink
10. BGM:the millionaire
11. BGM:ending
12. どーしよ☆ズルしよ!? (Perfect Size)/ 水原英里
13. Remixes 14. Remixes <opening <br>15. Remixes <movement <br>16. Remixes <the poor <br>17. Remixes <millionaire <br>18. どーしよ☆ズルしよ!?(Karaoke) </div> <div class="n_box"><h2>description</h2> <form name="submit_info" method="post" action="/puni-fugo-original-soundtrack/13/751-70ncs#submit_info"> No description available. 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