02. Sep, 2005 11:00 (HKT)

Shipping today: Mario Superstar Baseball (NGC™ US), Dynasty Warriors Advance (GBA™ US), Naruto Plush & Collection Figures, Bleach Figure & Keychain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, School Rumble & Metal Gear Solid related toys

From the publisher: Continuing the tradition started by such games as Mario Power Tennis and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Superstar Baseball brings a new brand of fun to the world of baseball! Mario Superstar Baseball's intuitive hitting system, easy-to-learn fielding and pitching controls and wild, character-specific power moves go together like peanuts and bleacher seats. Mario Superstar Baseball delivers a terrific arcade-like experience that will appeal to baseball novices and hardcore fans alike.

Players can try their hands at Challenge Mode, where they must wander the land clearing baseball-related trials. Or they can sit down for a game in the Toy Field, where they hit balls at circles in the outfield to earn coins and other prizes. With more than 50 characters from the Mario universe, multiplayer options for up to four players, character-specific power moves and crazy mini-games, Mario Baseball is sure to be your new favorite pastime!

Mario Superstar Baseball for Gamecube™ is in stock today shipping as US release version at US$ 59.90 only.

Product features:
  • Build your dream team from dozens of classic Nintendo characters
  • Brilliant controls
  • Character-inspired fields with Chain-Chomps, Piranha Plants, rolling barrels and other challenges
  • Go yard in the Bob-Omb Derby, sharpen your skills in four other great minigames
  • Four-player zaniness on the wacky Toy Field

From the publisher: Confront this latest challenge in the long-running Dynasty Warriors series, choosing your identity from among thirteen characters out of Chinese history. Develop your skills. Outfit from hundreds of different weapons. Battle and brawl your way through 180 challenging battle maps, building up your strength as you prepare for the ultimate test.

Koei's Dynasty Warriors Advance for Gameboy Advance™ is in stock today as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

A number of toy related releases has arrived today, including another batch of Naruto Plush and Collection Figures, Bleach Figure & Keychains, Neon Genesis Evangelion Pajama Figure and more. All details are summarized below:

Naruto Plush Doll Vol.2 - Model A: Uzumaki Naruto US$ 14.90 sold
Naruto Plush Doll Vol.2 - Model B: Sasuke US$ 14.90 sold
Naruto Plush Doll Vol.2 - Model C: Kakashi US$ 14.90 sold
Naruto Plush Doll Vol.2 - Model D: Gamakichi US$ 14.90 sold
Naruto Plush Doll Vol.2 - Model E: Pakkun US$ 14.90 sold
Naruto Collective File DX Figure - Sasuke US$ 29.90 sold
Naruto Collective File DX Figure - Sakura US$ 29.90 sold
Naruto Collective File DX Figure - Naruto US$ 29.90 sold
Bleach DX Figure - Ichigo US$ 19.90 sold
Bleach Swing 3 Keychain Gashapon US$ 4.90 sold
Bleach Swing 3 Keychain Gashapon (full set) US$ 24.90 sold
Neon Genesis Evangelion Extra Pajama Time Figure - Rei Ayanami US$ 18.90 sold
Neon Genesis Evangelion Extra Pajama Time Figure - Asuka Langley US$ 18.90 sold
School Rumble Swing Keychain Gashapon (full set) US$ 17.90 sold
Konami Figure Collection: Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty - Set of 7 Mini Figures US$ 39.90 sold


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