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Weekly Movie/Music update: Around 340 new J-Pop, Anime, Soundtrack & Movie releases - YUI - I Loved Yesterday, Hamasaki Ayumi Mirrorcle World, beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers OST & more

Welcome to this week's Movie/Music news roundup, containing new Japanese and Hong Kong Video and Music releases from this week listed at Around 340 new items are covered in this week, including new J-Pop, Anime as well as Japanese, Hong Kong and Western movie releases and much more.

The young and talented singer and song writer YUI released her third album I Loved Yesterday [standard and limited edition] this spring. Her voice is not compared to an angel's harp for it's soothing timbre alone, but also for the encouraging messages that her songs carried.

Hamasaki Ayumi celebrated the 10th year anniversary of her debut with a new single Mirrorcle World [Type: A, B, C and D]. Instead of singing about love and hope like YUI, Mirrorcle World is about disillusionment and the cold distant society. Check here for all Hamasaki Ayumi's products at

An interesting soundtrack that came out this week is the beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers Original Soundtrack, which includes all the techno/cyber punk dance tracks to the best selling music game.

Here's a summary of all new releases that were published between Saturday, April 5th and Friday, April 11st. If some specific item that you are looking for is missing, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service with your request.

  • J-Pop Music releases (74)
  • ENKA Music releases (37)
  • Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (9)
  • Video Game Soundtracks (3)
  • Hong Kong Version Music releases (7)
  • Blu-ray Disc Movies (12)
  • HD DVD Movies (4)
  • Anime & Animation (6)
  • Hong Kong Version Movie releases (19)
  • Japanese Movies (1)
  • Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (155)
  • J-Pop DVD releases (6)
  • Idol DVD (4)
  • UMD™ Video & Music (1)

    J-Pop Music releases (74)

    2007 Nen Takarazuka Kageki Zen Shudaika Shu JPNUS$ 36.90
    A Piece Of World's Gear JPNUS$ 14.90
    Ai Dake Ga JPNUS$ 9.90
    Alone Again Wonderful World JPNUS$ 11.90
    Alone Again Wonderful World [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Asu No Dekigoto JPNUS$ 24.90
    Asu No Dekigoto [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Boku Ha Konomachi Ni Sumunosa JPNUS$ 21.90
    Chegou Alegria JPNUS$ 11.90
    Dakishimete Ageru / Hanataba JPNUS$ 11.90
    Dharma Dance JPNUS$ 26.90
    Discoveries [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 28.90
    Drivin J-Pop For Love & Joy JPNUS$ 23.90
    Easy Walk JPNUS$ 11.90
    Endless Sky JPNUS$ 11.90
    Fan JPNUS$ 21.90
    Fozz - Greatest Japanese Songs JPNUS$ 19.90
    Funplex JPNUS$ 23.90
    Gokutama Rock Cafe JPNUS$ 26.90
    Gokutama Rock Cafe [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 36.90
    Haru JPNUS$ 11.90
    Have A Nice Day JPNUS$ 24.90
    Hideaki Tokunaga Vocalist Box A [Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Hideaki Tokunaga Vocalist Box B [Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Hideaki Tokunaga Vocalist Box C [Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Hikari JPNUS$ 23.90
    House X House JPNUS$ 22.90
    I Loved Yesterday JPNUS$ 29.90
    I Loved Yesterday [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    In Between Wanderland JPNUS$ 19.90
    Initial JPNUS$ 9.90
    Initial [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 17.90
    Juren [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 23.90
    Kaikoo Planet [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 23.90
    Kaleidoscope JPNUS$ 28.90
    Kaleidoscope [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Kanjo Hachi Gosen - Drive Me Crazy JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kudamono JPNUS$ 21.90
    Last Gigs Complete JPNUS$ 30.90
    Lei Aloha JPNUS$ 26.90
    Limelight Blue On The Q.T. JPNUS$ 17.90
    Metal Box JPNUS$ 29.90
    Mirrorcle World [Type A CD+DVD] JPNN/A
    Mirrorcle World [Type B] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Mirrorcle World [Type C CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 19.99
    Mirrorcle World [Type D] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Mo Kanashiku Nai - Anri 30th Anniversary Edition JPNUS$ 11.90
    Mo Kanashiku Nai - Anri 30th Anniversary Edition [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Modernism JPNUS$ 26.90
    Mou Kanashikunai - 30th Anniversary Edition JPNUS$ 11.90
    Mou Kanashikunai - 30th Anniversary Edition [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 30.90
    Naked JPNUS$ 29.90
    Naked [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Negai JPNUS$ 11.90
    Nippon No Rock Wo Kiko JPNUS$ 23.90
    Now Or Never JPNUS$ 11.90
    Okurezaki! Midaregare! JPNUS$ 9.90
    Omae Wa Suge JPNUS$ 16.90
    Sakura Iro No Kioku JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sakura Raggae JPNUS$ 23.90
    Sayonara Mata Na JPNUS$ 9.90
    Shiawase No Katachi JPNUS$ 11.90
    Shuchishin [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 11.90
    Simple JPNUS$ 19.90
    Son JPNUS$ 14.90
    Sorairo [CD+DVD] JPNUS$ 17.90
    Sorairo [Jacket B] JPNUS$ 9.90
    Tea Time JPNUS$ 26.90
    The Second Story JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tsubasa JPNUS$ 9.90
    Tsubasa Wo Hirogete / Ai Wa Kurayami No Naka De JPNUS$ 9.90
    Tsubasa Wo Hirogete / Ai Wa Kurayami No Naka De [CD+DVD Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Under Rain JPNUS$ 11.90
    Zero JPNUS$ 22.90

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    ENKA Music releases (37)

    Amakusa Junjo / Sadame No Tsubaki JPNUS$ 11.90
    Ayako Natsuki Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Eiko Segawa Gold Selection JPNUS$ 19.90
    Etsuko Shimazu Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Futaba Yuriko Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Goro Kagami Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Harada Yuri Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Hiroshi Kadokawa Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Hiroyuki Nishikata Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Hizakura / Aizu No Onna JPNUS$ 11.90
    Inamura No Hi - Goryo Hamaguchi Shoden Yori / My Love Again JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kazuo Chiba Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    King Saishin Enka Best Hit 2008 Haru JPNUS$ 28.90
    Konya Ha Ufufu / Usuakari JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kumi Iwamoto Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Mago Wa Mittsu / Tengoku No Kasan E JPNUS$ 11.90
    Mika Shinno Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Mood Kayo Gold Selection JPNUS$ 19.90
    Nagai Yuko Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Oka Yuko Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Onnna JPNUS$ 11.90
    Otoko No Migatte / Kokoro Dorobo JPNUS$ 11.90
    Otsuki Miyako Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Peggy Hayama Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Ryuko Mizuta Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Saburo Kitajima Gold Selection 1 JPNUS$ 19.90
    Saburo Kitajima Gold Selection 2 JPNUS$ 19.90
    Shiawase Futaride JPNUS$ 11.90
    Shigure Bana JPNUS$ 11.90
    Shohei Naruse Gold Selection JPNUS$ 19.90
    Shoji Koganezawa Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Tabi Goromo / Kinu No Ame JPNUS$ 11.90
    Yakusoku / Omoide Wa Takaramono JPNUS$ 11.90
    Yoko Seri Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Yukino Ichikawa Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Yuko Maki Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90
    Yuko Mikasa Best Selection 2008 JPNUS$ 37.90

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    Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (9)

    Azu No Uta Ending Best JPNUS$ 23.90
    D.C.II - Da Capo Character Song Vol.5 Yume Asakura JPNUS$ 11.90
    D.C.II - Da Capo Character Song Vol.6 Otome Asakura JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kimi Ga Aruji De Shitsuji Ga Ore De Original Sound Track JPNUS$ 28.90
    Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique Drama Assort JPNUS$ 31.90
    Lantis No Kanzume By Nico Nico Artists JPNUS$ 28.90
    Nana Kana Box 4 5 6 [Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Super Robbot Damashi Non Stop Mix Vol.1 JPNUS$ 26.90
    Yumebito / Bokura no Sekai JPNN/A

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    Video Game Soundtracks (3)

    Arcana Heart 2 - Heartful Sound Collection JPNUS$ 31.90
    beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers Original Soundtrack JPNN/A
    Last Escort 2 - Shinya No Amai Toge Original Suondtrack Vol.2 JPNUS$ 29.90

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    Hong Kong Version Music releases (1)

    Prudence Lau New + Best Selection [2CD+DVD] HKN/A

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    Blu-ray Disc Movies (12)

    27 Dresses HKUS$ 17.99
    Beowulf Director's Cut Edition JPNUS$ 47.90
    Commando HKUS$ 24.90
    Girls Gone Wild: Sex Race USN/A
    Lonely Hearts JPNUS$ 47.90
    Predator HKUS$ 24.90
    Sharkwater USUS$ 28.90
    Sword Of The Stranger JPNUS$ 97.90
    The 6th Day USUS$ 19.90
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen USUS$ 19.90
    The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep USUS$ 14.90
    Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story USN/A

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    HD DVD Movies (4)

    Coral Reef Adventure USN/A
    Fighter Pilot - Operation Red Flag USN/A
    Mystery of the Nile USN/A
    The Alps USN/A

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    Anime & Animation (6)

    Heroic Age 11 JPNN/A
    Minamike 4 JPNUS$ 67.90
    Minamike 4 [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Sword Of The Stranger JPNUS$ 97.90
    Sword Of The Stranger JPNUS$ 37.90
    Sword Of The Stranger [Limited Edition] JPNN/A

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    Hong Kong Version Movie releases (19)

    27 Dresses HKUS$ 17.99
    Alvin The Chipmunks HKUS$ 8.99
    Beach of The War Gods [Legendary Collection] HKN/A
    Commando HKUS$ 24.90
    Diana: Last Days of A Princess HKUS$ 13.99
    Fido HKUS$ 10.90
    Flogging Margaret HKN/A
    Flower and Snake 5 HKN/A
    Ghost Whisperer [The Complete Second Season 6-Discs Boxset] HKUS$ 59.90
    Jane Eyre HKN/A
    Kaidan HKN/A
    Merry Christmas [Legendary Collection] HKN/A
    MVP - Most Valuable Primate HKUS$ 12.90
    Predator HKUS$ 24.90
    Saw IV [Unrated Edition] <div class="ext ext_dts-es">dts-es</div> HKUS$ 14.90
    The Assassination of Jesse James HKUS$ 17.90
    The Sparkle In The Dark HKUS$ 12.90
    Tora-San's Series 3 [Eight Discs Boxset] HKUS$ 33.99
    Twin Sisters HKUS$ 12.90

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    Japanese Movies (1)

    Toso Kuso Tawake 21 Sai No Natsu JPNUS$ 37.90

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    Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (155)

    A.I. JPNUS$ 14.90
    Aces Go Places II [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Aces Go Places III [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Aces Go Places IV [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Aces Go Places V [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Aces Go Places [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Alex Haley's Queen [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Alien Autopsy Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Always Loving You Perfect Box Vol.1 JPNUS$ 149.90
    Amadeus JPNUS$ 14.90
    Analyze That [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    And Then Came Love [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Assassins [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Battlestar Galactica The Movie JPNUS$ 14.90
    Beach Angels JPNUS$ 37.90
    Beetlejuice [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Belly Of The Beast Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Ben Hur Special Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    Beowulf Director's Cut Edition JPNUS$ 47.90
    Beowulf [Theatrical Feature] JPNUS$ 37.90
    Beyond The Poseidon Adventure [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Blood & Chocolate JPNUS$ 37.90
    Broken Oath JPNN/A
    Cannonball Run Ii [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Car Wash JPNN/A
    Casablanca Special Editon JPNUS$ 14.90
    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Cobra [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Crooklyn JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cyborg 2 - Glass Shadow [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    D-Tox JPNUS$ 14.90
    Dante's Peak Deluxe Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    Daylight JPNUS$ 14.90
    Demolition Man [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Desperate Hours [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Dial M For Murder Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Die Antigone Des Sophokles Nach Der Holdeninschen Ubertragung Fur Die Buhne Bearbeitet Von Brecht 1948 (Suhrkamp Verlag) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Do The Right Thing JPNUS$ 14.90
    Dragon The Bruce Lee Story JPNUS$ 14.90
    Dragonheart JPNUS$ 14.90
    Drunken Master 2 [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Eight Legged Freaks [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Elvis The Early Years JPNUS$ 14.90
    Enter The Dragon Special Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    Escape To Victory [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Executive Decision [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Exit Wounds [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Final Victory [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Fire Down Below [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Firewall Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    First Strike [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Flipper And The Pirates [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Flipper [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Frantic [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Free Willy 10th Anniversary Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Free Willy 2 - The Adventure Home [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Free Willy 3 - The Rescue [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Friday Night Lights JPNUS$ 14.90
    Gone With The Wind JPNUS$ 14.90
    Gremlins 2 - The New Batch Special Edition JPNN/A
    Gremlins Special Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    Happy Feet [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Hard To Kill [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Haven [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Home Of The Brave JPNUS$ 37.90
    Hulk JPNUS$ 14.90
    I Confess Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Idlewild JPNUS$ 14.90
    In The Bedroom JPNUS$ 14.90
    In The Name Of The Father JPNUS$ 14.90
    Interview With The Vampire JPNUS$ 14.90
    Kiken Na Futari JPNUS$ 37.90
    Legend Of Dragon [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Lois & Clark - The New Adventure Of Superman Third Season Collector's Box 2 JPNN/A
    Lonely Hearts JPNUS$ 47.90
    Lonely Hearts JPNUS$ 37.90
    Lorenzo's Oil JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mars Attacks [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Memphis Belle JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mercenary For Justice [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed And Fabulous [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Miss Congeniality [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    More American Graffiti JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mr. Nice Buy [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Nico [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Nighthawks JPNUS$ 14.90
    North By Northwest Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    October Sky JPNUS$ 14.90
    On Deadly Ground [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Once Upon A Time In America JPNUS$ 14.90
    Once Upon A Time In China II [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Once Upon A Time In China III [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Once Upon A Time In China [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest JPNUS$ 14.90
    Out For Justice [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Out Of Sight JPNUS$ 14.90
    Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Peking Opera Blues [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Please Teach Me English Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Poseidon [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Presumed Innocent [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Psycho 1998 JPNUS$ 14.90
    Raising Cain JPNUS$ 14.90
    Rosemary & Thyme Box Set 1 JPNUS$ 149.90
    Royal Tramp 2 [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Royal Tramp [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Rumble In The Bronx [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Showtime Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Smallville 3Rd. Collector's Box 2 JPNN/A
    Stage Fright [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot JPNN/A
    Strangers On A Train Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Striking Range JPNUS$ 37.90
    Submerged [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Swordsman [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    Tango & Cash [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Bodyguard Special Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Chamber JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Dukes Of Hazzard Complete Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Dukes Of Hazzard The Befinning Unrated JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Fate Of Lee Khan [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    The Frisco Kid [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Glimmer Man [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Goonies Special Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Himalayan JPNUS$ 46.90
    The Ice Harvest JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Kingdom JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Master [Limited Edition] <div class="ext ext_"></div> JPNN/A
    The Negotiator Special Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Rundown JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Shawshank Redemption JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Specialist [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Story Of Stiff Little Fingers - Still Burning JPNUS$ 41.90
    The Time Machine Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Time Machine Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Towering Inferno JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Witches Of Eastwick [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    The Wizard Of Oz Special Editon JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Wrong Man Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Thunderbolt [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Tim Burton's Corpse Bride [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Today You Die [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Torque [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Training Day Special Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Tremors JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tremors2 Aftershocks JPNN/A
    Tremors3 Back To Perfection JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tremors4 The Legend Begins JPNUS$ 14.90
    Twister Deluxe Edition JPNUS$ 14.90
    Two For The Money JPNUS$ 14.90
    Under Siege [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Unforgiven JPNUS$ 14.90
    Who Am I ? [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Wilson Chen Gogatsu No Koi [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A

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    J-Pop DVD releases (6)

    2007 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi Arena Tour Come On Stand Up JPNUS$ 93.90
    2007 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi Come On Stand Up JPNUS$ 81.90
    Last Gigs Complete JPNUS$ 55.90
    Tour 2007 - Thinking Out Loud Final At Nihon Budokan JPNUS$ 39.90
    Uta Doki - Pop Classics Vol.10 JPNUS$ 29.90
    Uta Doki - Pop Classics Vol.9 JPNUS$ 29.90

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    Idol DVD (4)

    Marshmallow JPNN/A
    Onna Tantei S Part.2 JPNN/A
    Red Flora JPNN/A
    Sailor Senshi JPNN/A

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    UMD™ Video & Music (1)

    Beowulf JPNUS$ 14.90

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