11. Jul, 2008 19:13 (HKT)

Weekly Movie/Music update: Around 440 new J-Pop, Anime, Soundtrack & Movie releases - Tales of Symphonia II (OST), Asian Kung Fu Generation (compilation), Evangelion, Batman Begins (movies) & more!

Welcome to this week's Movie/Music news roundup, containing new Japanese and Hong Kong Video and Music releases from this week listed at Around 440 new items are covered in this week, including new J-Pop, Anime as well as Japanese, Hong Kong and Western movie releases and much more.

Following the release of the sequel to the best selling "Tales of" game, Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk Original Soundtrack is published. This is a voluminous collection containing a total of four CDs with all music composed for this installment included.

The connection between this game and the first one is established through the continuing plot and the recurring characters. To emphasize this connection, musical themes for the old characters are remixed to fit their matured roles while new themes are composed for Emil and Marta, the two new protagonists.

Asian Kung Fu Generation is a popular band in Japan and many anime fans may already have heard of them for they have performed themes songs for hot series such as Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist.

This band has hosted the Nano Mugen 2008 event to promote rock music and this compilation consists of the works featured in this event. Scout out new favourites with this CD as it offers you a taste of sixteen bands in one disc.

This set of feature length movies retells Neon Genesis Evangelion, a highly acclaimed anime series from the late 1990s. Evangelion follows the misadventures of Ikari Shinji that eventually pushes him toward maturation and this first disc - Evangelion You're (not) Alone tells of the unfortunate incidents that begins to shape his life.

This is the reprint of the original limited edition of the Evangelion movie and will only be available for as long as stocks last.

Batman is one of the most popular comic titles in the world and Gotham city is one of the most decadent and glamourous cities. Batman Begins [Standard and Limited Gift Set edition] explore the beginnings of the dark knight, starting from the death of the protagonist's parents.

To give this superhero film more depth, the director focuses on the topic of fear and how the protagonist overcomes it through facing it. Aside from an in depth character analysis of the hero, the films' many action scenes and hi-tech gadgets will never leave you bored.

Here's a summary of all new releases that were published between Saturday, July 5th and Friday, July 11th. If some specific item that you are looking for is missing, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service with your request.

  • J-Pop Music releases (99)
  • ENKA Music releases (4)
  • Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (16)
  • Video Game Soundtracks (2)
  • Hong Kong Version Music releases (18)
  • Blu-ray Disc Movies (16)
  • Anime & Animation (20)
  • Hong Kong Version Movie releases (12)
  • Japanese Movies (8)
  • Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (229)
  • J-Pop DVD releases (5)
  • Misc Japanese Movie releases (10)
  • Idol DVD (7)

    J-Pop Music releases (99)

    10th Anniversary Album: Etc Works (~Mongol800) JPNUS$ 23.90
    36 (~Sowan Song) JPNUS$ 23.90
    7 Seven (~7 Seven) JPNUS$ 29.90
    7 Seven [CD+DVD] (~7 Seven) JPNUS$ 34.90
    A New Start (~Yoonji) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Anata Ni Aitai - Naki Aisuru Hito Wo Omou Uta JPNUS$ 23.90
    Asian Kung-Fu Generation Presents Nano-Mugen Compilation 2008 (~Asian Kung-Fu Generation) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Beautiful You / Sennen Koiuta (~Dong Bang Shin Ki) HKN/A
    Big Papa (~Soul Camp) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Blue Bird (~Ikimonogakari) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Blue Chanploo (~Kenichi Aota) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Boku Tachi No Uta (~Sotte Bosse) JPNN/A
    Bokutachi No Uta [Limited Edition] (~Sotte Bosse) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Casual Meetings (~Net 17) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Circle of Life (~Tex & The Sun Flower Seed) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Come Again (~Sunset Bus) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Daisy Holiday Presented By Hosono Haruomi JPNUS$ 23.90
    Double Famous (~Double Famous) JPNUS$ 27.90
    Drub (~Wrench) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Gallop (~Pe'zmoku) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Garyu Retsuden (~Megaryu) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Go Action (~Ego-wrappin') JPNUS$ 9.90
    Guilty Pleasures 2 - Scott Murphy No Hisokana Tanoshimi (~Scott Murphy) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Hana (~Wagero) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Hawaii Uta (~Mike Maki Meets Ren Takada) JPNUS$ 26.90
    Hosono Haruomi Archives Vol.1 (~Haruomi Hosono) JPNUS$ 27.90
    House Connection - Around The Shibuya Corner JPNUS$ 22.90
    Ichibyo Goto Ni Love For You (~Mai Kuraki) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Ichibyo Goto Ni Love For You [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Mai Kuraki) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Ike Ike Monkey Dance (~Berryz Kobo) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Ike Ike Monkey Dance [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Berryz Kobo) JPNUS$ 15.90
    Infect (~Stone Davis) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Jazz Connection - Around The Shibuya Corner JPNUS$ 22.90
    Kanade (~Kanade) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Kat-Tun III - Queen of Pirates [CD+DVD] (~Kat-Tun) HKN/A
    Kaze Tachinu (~Ataru Nakamura) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Kigurumi No Kodomo No Uta (~Kigurumi) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Kokoro Hirari (~Kissaquo) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Kokoro Note (~Wedgesoul) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Last Emotion / Summer Party (~Breakerz) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Last Emotion / Summer Party [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Breakerz) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Line Up (~Sp-d) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Lorelei (~The Gospellers) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Love Electro (~Noelle) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Love Is Everything (~Luv2luv Baby) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Love The World (~Perfume) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Love The World [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Perfume) JPNN/A
    Mawaru (~Uhnellys) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Max Out (~Micro) JPNUS$ 23.90
    Monochrome (~Blue Sugar Spirits) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Moon [CD+DVD] (~Kumi Koda) HKN/A
    Motel Radio Sixty Six (~The Birthday) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Motivation 7 Compiled by DJ Towa Tei JPNUS$ 3.99
    Nando Mo (~Thelma Aoyama) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Nando Mo [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Thelma Aoyama) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Natsu Koi (~Skelt 8 Bambino) JPNUS$ 10.90
    Natsu No Mamono (~Tsuru) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Natsu Uta JPNUS$ 21.90
    Natsukaze (~Snowkel) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Natto! Natto! (~Peach & Akkun) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Paititi (~Paititi) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Panic Fancy (~Orange Range) JPNUS$ 29.90
    Panic Fancy [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Orange Range) JPNUS$ 31.90
    Panorama (~Yosuke Home) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Police & Girls & Boys (~The Beaches) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Rock Baby (~Donna) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Schwarzer Sarg [CD+DVD] (~Yousei Teikoku) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Second 9 (~9nine) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Seventh Ave. [CD+DVD] (~W-inds.) HKN/A
    Shounen To Tsuki To Butterfly (~Cold Kitchen) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Showa Drum Tengoku (~Jimmy Takeuchi To The Exiters) JPNUS$ 18.90
    Showa Guitar Tengoku (~Takeshi Terauchi To Blue Jeans) JPNUS$ 18.90
    Shukujitsu (~Popoyans) JPNN/A
    Sing To The Sky (~Ayaka) HKN/A
    Splash JPNUS$ 23.90
    Suki Natsu (~Soffet With Mihimaru Gt) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Suki Natsu [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Soffet With Mihimaru Gt) JPNUS$ 15.90
    Summer Candle (~Katsuyuki Mito) JPNUS$ 19.90
    Summer Party / Last Emotion (~Breakerz) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Summer Party / Last Emotion [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Breakerz) JPNN/A
    Summer Song [CD+DVD] (~YUI) HKN/A
    Summertime JPNUS$ 22.90
    Taxi (~Leo Imai) JPNUS$ 9.90
    The Best of Iwao (~Iwao) JPNUS$ 28.90
    The Uprising (~Acrobat Athlete) JPNUS$ 16.90
    Togawa Legend Self Select Best & Rare 1980-2007 (~Jun Togawa) JPNUS$ 57.90
    Tokyo Guerrilla JPNUS$ 19.90
    Tokyo Ragga Blaze 2 JPNUS$ 28.90
    Tori Ga Mita Sora No Yume (~Lapis Lazuli) JPNUS$ 21.90
    Tsume Tsume Tsume / F (~Maximum The Hormone) JPNUS$ 19.99
    Tuff Good (~Tuff Session) JPNUS$ 23.90
    U / Twins [CD+DVD] (~Super Junior) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Uplift Spice (~Uplift Spice) JPNUS$ 26.90
    Vivid - Kissing You, Sparkling, Joyful Smile (~BoA) HKUS$ 9.90
    Vivid - Kissing You, Sparkling, Joyful Smile [CD+DVD] (~BoA) HKN/A
    Voice Magician (~Han-kun) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Voice Magician [Limited Edition] (~Han-kun) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Wake You Up / Ame No Hi Ni Wa Ame No Naka Wo Kaze No Hi Ni Wa Kaze No Naka Wo / Marvelous [CD+DVD] (~Hitomi Shimatani) HKUS$ 12.90
    Yakusoku Shiyo (~Tokunari With Excellents) JPNUS$ 14.90

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    ENKA Music releases (4)

    King Saishin Enka Best Hit 2008 Natsu JPNUS$ 28.90
    Otokozaka / Jinsei Arigato (~Kazuo Kanzaki) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Setouchi Kara / Naniwa Yokocho (~Etsuko Shimazu) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Yukino Ichikawa Isao Saito Guitar Enka Kettei Ban (~Yukino Ichikawa) JPNUS$ 19.90

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    Anime Soundtracks & Drama CDs (16)

    Amatsuki Drama CD Vol.5 (~Jun Fukuyama, Kouji Yusa, Romi Paku) JPNUS$ 27.90
    DJCD Junjo Romantica Web Radio Junjo Triangle - Iza Junjo Ni Shobu (~Hikaru Hanada, Kentaro Ito, Daisuke Kishio) JPNUS$ 24.90
    Dolce3 (D.C.II / D.C.II S.S Add-in Song Album) (~Yozuca & Rino) JPNUS$ 28.90
    Gag Manga Biyori 3 Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 28.90
    Gegege No Kitaro Sennen Noroi Uta Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 26.90
    Nana Kana Box 7, 8, 9 [Limited Edition] (~Nana Kana) JPNUS$ 57.90
    Neo Angelique Abyss Character Songs Scene03 (~J.D., Jet) JPNUS$ 11.90
    Sekai De Ichiban Yabai Koi (Kyoran Kazoku Nikki Outro Theme) [CD+DVD] (~Chika Midarezaki) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Soreike Anpanman Eiga & TV 20 Shunen Kinen Sakuhin Movie Songs Dashugo JPNUS$ 23.90
    Soreike Anpanman Yosei Rinrin No Himitsu JPNUS$ 21.90
    Super Robbot Damashi Non Stop Mix Vol.3 JPNUS$ 26.90
    Suteki Tantei Labyrinth Chojin Ban Best JPNUS$ 26.90
    Tokyo Disney Resort Dreams Of The 25th - Remember The Music JPNUS$ 23.90
    Tokyo Disney Resort Dreams Of The 25th - Remember The Music Deluxe [3CD] JPNUS$ 42.90
    Tokyo Disney Sea Music Album JPNUS$ 25.90
    Tokyo Disneyland Music Album JPNUS$ 25.90

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    Video Game Soundtracks (2)

    Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk Original Soundtrack JPNN/A
    Tayutama Original Soundtrack JPNUS$ 27.90

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    Hong Kong Version Music releases (18)

    Beautiful You / Sennen Koiuta (~Dong Bang Shin Ki) HKN/A
    Eunix Mag [EP] (~Lee Chek Ting Eunix) HKUS$ 10.90
    Fama New Song + Best Collection (~Fama) HKN/A
    I Love Karen Mok Best Collection [2CD] (~Karen Mok) HKUS$ 15.90
    In Between 2008 New Songs + Greatest Hits Collection [CD+DVD] (~Vanness Wu) HKUS$ 16.90
    Kat-Tun III - Queen of Pirates [CD+DVD] (~Kat-Tun) HKN/A
    Le Nouvel Album [CD+DVD] (~Wilfred Lau) HKUS$ 13.90
    Leo Ku 2008 Mandarin Album (~Leo Ku) HKN/A
    Moon [CD+DVD] (~Kumi Koda) HKN/A
    Seventh Ave. [CD+DVD] (~W-inds.) HKN/A
    Shinhwa Vol. 9 (~Shinhwa) HKN/A
    Sing To The Sky (~Ayaka) HKN/A
    Summer Song [CD+DVD] (~YUI) HKN/A
    Super Junior - Happy 1st Mini Album - Cooking? Cooking! (~Super Junior) HKUS$ 15.90
    Super Junior: The First Asia Tour Concert Album - Super Show (~Super Junior) HKN/A
    Vivid - Kissing You, Sparkling, Joyful Smile (~BoA) HKUS$ 9.90
    Vivid - Kissing You, Sparkling, Joyful Smile [CD+DVD] (~BoA) HKN/A
    Wake You Up / Ame No Hi Ni Wa Ame No Naka Wo Kaze No Hi Ni Wa Kaze No Naka Wo / Marvelous [CD+DVD] (~Hitomi Shimatani) HKUS$ 12.90

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    Blu-ray Disc Movies (16)

    10.5 Apocalypse / Category 7: The End of the World (~Randy Quaid, Shannen Doherty, ...) USN/A
    Batman Begins (~Christian Bale, Michael Caine, ...) USN/A
    Batman Begins (Limited Edition Gift Set) (~Christian Bale, Michael Caine, ...) USN/A
    Batman: Gotham Knight (~Kevin Conroy, Gary Dourdan, ...) USN/A
    Bonnie And Clyde (~Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition JPNUS$ 236.90
    Exiled (~Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, ...) HKUS$ 27.90
    Kiseki No Yama Fuji-san JPNUS$ 39.99
    Natural Born Killers (~Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Sleepwalking (~Nick Stahl, AnnaSophia Robb, ...) USUS$ 5.99
    The Curse of King Tut's Tomb / Blackbeard (~Casper Van Dien, Jonathan Hyde, ...) USN/A
    The Moody Blues: Lovely to See You - Live <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~The Moody Blues) USUS$ 24.90
    The Ruins (Unrated Edition) (~Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, ...) USN/A
    Umi - The Ocean Blue V-Music JPNUS$ 46.90
    Vicom Blu-ray Tenbo Shinkansen 0 Kei Kodama Hakata Minami - Hiroshima Kan - 2008 Shuen No Toshi JPNUS$ 51.90
    Zodiac Director's Cut (~Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90

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    Anime & Animation (20)

    Detroit Metal City Mao Seitan Ban [Limited Edition] JPNN/A
    Evangelion 1.0 You Are (not) Alone [Limited Pressing] (~Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, ...) JPNN/A
    Gurren Lagann - Vol. 1: Breakout! USN/A
    Gurren Lagann 01 (Special Edition with Opening CD) USN/A
    Itazura Na Kiss Vol.2 (~Nana Mizuki, Naoko Matsui) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Kirarin Revolution 2nd Tour Stage.10 JPNUS$ 47.90
    Minamike Okawari 3 (~Minori Chihara, Nana Mizuki) JPNUS$ 59.90
    Minamike Okawari 3 [DVD+CD Limited Pressing] (~Minori Chihara, Nana Mizuki) JPNUS$ 67.90
    Popeye & Friends JPNUS$ 37.90
    Saiunkoku Monogatari Story 2nd Series Vol.11 JPNUS$ 54.90
    Saiunkoku Monogatari Story 2nd Series Vol.11 [Limited Edition] JPNUS$ 64.90
    Tom And Jerry Blast Off To Mars Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Jeff Bennett, Brad Garrett, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry DVD Academy Collection [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry In The Fast And The Furry [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry Tales Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry Tales Vol.2 [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry Tales Vol.3 [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry The Magic Ring Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Frank Welker, Jim Cummings) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90

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    Hong Kong Version Movie releases (12)

    Ayumi Hamasaki Countdown Live 2007-2008 Anniversary (~Ayumi Hamasaki) HKN/A
    Exiled (~Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, ...) HKUS$ 27.90
    Heaven Can Help [Legendary Collection] (~Eric Tsang, Cherie Chung) HKN/A
    Hins Cheung 2008 Concert Live Karaoke [3DVD] (~Hins Cheung) HKUS$ 25.90
    Iron Eagle III: Aces <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Louis Gossett Jr., Rachel McLish, ...) HKUS$ 10.90
    Jules Verne's Mysterious Island (~Kyle McLachlan, Gabrielle Anwar, ...) HKUS$ 5.90
    Sakiko No Sushi HKN/A
    Snow Queen [2-DVD Set] (~Bridget Fonda, Chelsea Hobbs, ...) HKN/A
    The Moss (~Shawn Yue, Xian Se Li, ...) HKUS$ 13.90
    The Trail [Legendary Collection] (~Ricky Hui Koon-Ying, Kent Cheng, ...) HKN/A
    The Warlords [3-Disc Direstor's Edition] <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Jet Li, Andy Lau Tak Wah, ...) HKN/A
    This Darling Life HKUS$ 14.90

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    Japanese Movies (8)

    Brave Story [Limited Pressing] (~Takako Matsu, Hiroshi Ohizumi, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Catch A Wave [Limited Pressing] (~Kenji Sakaguchi, Naoto Takenaka) JPNN/A
    Honey And Clover DVD Box (~Hiroki Narimiya, Saori Takizawa, ...) JPNUS$ 227.90
    Kaidan Sin Mimi Bukuro Zekkyo Hen Ge Gi JPNUS$ 37.90
    Kaidan Sin Mimi Bukuro Zekkyo Hen Jo Buun JPNUS$ 37.90
    Koi Suru Nichiyobi Anison Collection DVD Box 2 (~Rina Uchiyama, Megumi Sato, ...) JPNUS$ 119.90
    Naoko (~Tsurube Shofukutei, Ken Mitsuishi) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Super Cub Special Edition (~Keita Saito, Kana Kurashina, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90

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    Non-Japanese Movies / Japanese Version (229)

    2001 Space Odyssey (~Movie, William Sylvester) JPNUS$ 37.90
    300 [Limited Pressing] (~Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, ...) JPNN/A
    88 Minutes (~Al Pacino, Alicia Witt, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    A Clockwork Orange (~Malcolm Mcdowell, Patrick Magee) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls [Limited Pressing] (~Jim Carrey, Ian Mcneice, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective [Limited Pressing] (~Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Ali G Indahouse [Limited Edition] (~Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Gambon, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    American Dreamz [Limited Edition] (~Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    American Pastime [Limited Pressing] (~Masatoshi Nakamura, Judy Ongg, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    American Pie Presents: Beta House (~Steve Talley, Eugene Levy) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Animal Crackers [Limited Edition] (~Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Awaken The Dead JPNN/A
    Batman Begins (~Christian Bale, Michael Caine, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Be Here To Love Me (~Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson) JPNUS$ 46.90
    Beast From 20000 Fathom Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Paul Christian, Paula Raymond, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Beautiful Creatures [Limited Edition] (~Rachel Weisz, Susan Lynch) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Beerfest Unrated [Limited Pressing] (~Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Believers [Limited Pressing] (~Johnny Messner, Daniel Benzali, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Big Fat Liar [Limited Edition] (~Frankie Muniz, Paul Giamatti, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Big Wednesday [Limited Pressing] (~Jan-michael Vincent, William Katt, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Bird [Limited Pressing] (~Forest Whitaker, Diane Venora, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Boiling Point [Limited Edition] (~Wesley Snipes, Dennis Hopper, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Bonnie And Clyde (~Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Bonnie And Clyde (~Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Brain Damage JPNUS$ 46.90
    Bridges To Babylon Tour [Limited Pressing] (~Rolling Stones) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Brotherhood JPNUS$ 17.90
    Bugs [Limited Edition] (~Antonio Sabato Jr., Angie Everhart) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Call Me: The Rise & Fall Of Heidi Fleiss (~Brenda Fricker, Robert Davi) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Cape Fear [Limited Edition] (~Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cape Fear [Limited Edition] (~Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cat Woman Special Edition (~Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Clash Of The Titans Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Harry Hamlin, Maggie Smith, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Clint Eastwood Best Performance Collection (~Clint Eastwood) JPNUS$ 83.90
    Clockers [Limited Edition] (~Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Collateral Damage Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cliff Curtis, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Columbo Super Complete Box (~Peter Falk) JPNN/A
    Conspiracy Theory [Limited Pressing] (~Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Constantine (~Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Control Factor [Limited Edition] (~Adam Baldwin, Elizabeth Berkley) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cotton Mary [Limited Edition] (~Greta Scacci) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cradle 2 The Grave Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Jet Li, Dmx, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Crazy Mama (~Stuart Whitman, Ann Southern, ...) JPNUS$ 39.90
    Criminal [Limited Pressing] (~John C.reilly, Diego Luna, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Cry Freedom [Limited Edition] (~Kevine Kline, Denzel Washington) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Day Of The Warrior [Limited Pressing] (~Julie Strain, Julie K.Smith, ...) JPNN/A
    Dead Silence (~Donny W) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Deathlands: Homeward Bound [Limited Edition] (~Vincent Spano, Traci Lords, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Deep Blue Sea Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Saffron Burrows, Samuel L.jackson, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Demon Seed [Limited Pressing] (~Julie Christie, Fritz Weaver, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition JPNUS$ 236.90
    Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition (~Clint Eastwood) JPNUS$ 197.90
    Disclosure [Limited Pressing] (~Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Do Or Die [Limited Edition] (~Nigel Bennett, Shawn Doyle) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Do Or Die [Limited Pressing] (~Pat Morita, Erik Estrada, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Dr.Dolittle 4 (~Peter Coyote) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Dracula A.D. 1972 [Limited Pressing] (~Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Dracula Has Risen From The Grave [Limited Pressing] (~Christopher Lee) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Dreamcatcher Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Driller JPNUS$ 37.90
    Duck Soup [Limited Edition] (~Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven JPNUS$ 37.90
    Empire Records Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Liv Tyler, Anthony Lapaglia, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Empire [Limited Edition] (~John Leguizamo, Denise Richards) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Encrypt [Limited Edition] (~Grant Show, Vivian Wu) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Enemy Gold [Limited Pressing] (~Bruce Penhall, Mark Barriere) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Entourage First Season Collector's Box (~Jeremy Piven) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Eraser [Limited Pressing] (~Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Everything Is Illuminated Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Elijah Wood, Eugene Hutz, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Eyes Wide Shut (~Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Fahrenheit 451 [Limited Edition] (~Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Fair Game [Limited Pressing] (~William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Fallen [Limited Pressing] (~Denzel Washington, John Goodman, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Falling Down [Limited Pressing] (~Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    FC Venus JPNUS$ 37.90
    Fear [Limited Edition] (~Mark Wahlberg, Reese Witherspoon) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Ffolkers / North Sea Hijack [Limited Edition] (~Roger Moore, James Mason, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Firestarter2 Rekindled [Limited Edition] (~Marguerite Moreau, Dennis Hopper, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Fit To Kill Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez) JPNN/A
    Flags Of Our Fathers [Limited Pressing] (~Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Flicka Special Edition (~Alison Lohman, Tim Mcgraw, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Frankenhooker JPNUS$ 46.90
    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed [Limited Pressing] (~Peter Cushing) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Friday The 13th Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Betsy Palmer, Kevin Bacon) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Ghost Ship Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Gabriel Byrne, Julianna Margulies, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Gothika [Limited Pressing] (~Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Grind [Limited Pressing] (~Mike Vogel, Vince Vieluf, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Guns Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    H.I.T. Josei Tokubetsu Sosakan DVD Box 1 (~Yun Ji-min) JPNUS$ 159.90
    Hana Yori Mo Utsukushiku DVD Box 1 JPNUS$ 179.90
    Hard Hunted Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Hard Ticket To Hawaii Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton) JPNN/A
    Helen Of Troy [Limited Edition] (~Rufus Sewell, Matthew Marsden) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Hitler No Nisesatsu (~August Diehl) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Horror Of Daracula [Limited Pressing] (~Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Horse Feathers [Limited Edition] (~Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    House Of Wax [Limited Pressing] (~Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    How High [Limited Edition] (~Method Man, Redman) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Imagine John Lennon Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~John Lennon, Yoko Ono, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    It Lives Again & Island Of The Alive [Limited Pressing] (~John P.ryan, Frederic Forrest, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Its Alive [Limited Pressing] (~John P.ryan, Sharon Farrell) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Jimi Hendrix [Limited Pressing] (~Jimi Hendrix) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Jungle Fever [Limited Edition] (~Wesley Snipes, Ossie Davis, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Jurassic Park 15th Anniversary DVD Box [Limited Edition] (~Sam Neill) JPNN/A
    Kicking & Screaming [Limited Edition] (~Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Limited Pressing] (~Robert Downey Jr, Val Kilmer, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Lady In The Water [Limited Pressing] (~Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Lake Dead JPNUS$ 37.90
    Lethal Weapon 2 [Limited Pressing] (~Danny Glover, Mel Gibson, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Lethal Weapon 3 [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Lethal Weapon 4 Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Lethal Weapon [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Letters From Iwo Jima [Limited Pressing] (~Ken Watanabe, Kazunari Ninomiya, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Little Shop Of Horrors Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mad Max 2 [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Mad Max [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Hugh Keays-byrne, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Madigan [Limited Edition] (~Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mao Collector's Box JPNUS$ 74.90
    Maribu Express Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Darby Hinton, Art Metrano, ...) JPNN/A
    Master And Commander The Far Side Of The World [Limited Edition] (~Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Monkey Business [Limited Edition] (~Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Moonwalker [Limited Pressing] (~Michael Jackson, Joe Pesci, ...) JPNN/A
    Mo' Better Blues [Limited Edition] (~Denzel Washington, Robin Harris, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mr.Bean's Holiday (~Rowan Atkinson) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Musa [Limited Pressing] (~Zhang Ziyi, Woo-sung Jung, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Mystic River [Limited Pressing] (~Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Natural Born Killers (~Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Near Dark [Limited Edition] (~Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Outbreak [Limited Pressing] (~Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Picasso Trigger [Limited Pressing] (~Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Poltergeist [Limited Pressing] (~Craig T. Nelson, Jobeth Williams) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Prince / Graffiti Bridge Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Morris Day, Jerome Benton) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Prince / Purple Rain [Limited Pressing] (~Prince, Apollonia Kotero) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Prince / Under The Cherry Moon [Limited Pressing] (~Jerome Benton, Kristin Scott Thomas) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Proof Of Life Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Queen Of The Damned Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Repo Man [Limited Edition] (~Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton) JPNN/A
    Rest Stop [Limited Pressing] (~Jaimie Alexander, Joey Mendicino, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Return To House On Haunted Hill Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Amanda Righetti, Erik Palladino, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Return To Savage Beach [Limited Pressing] (~Julie Strain, Julie K.smith, ...) JPNN/A
    Ride The High Country Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Randolph Scott, Joel Mccrea) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Romanzo Criminale (~Pierfrancesco Favino) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Romeo Must Die Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Jet Li, Aaliyah, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Saint Sinner [Limited Edition] (~Greg Serano) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Savage Beach Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants [Limited Pressing] (~Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Smokin' Aces (~Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, ...) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Spartacus [Limited Edition] (~Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Spirit [Limited Pressing] (~Jet Li, Shido Nakamura, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Stephen King's Desperation [Limited Pressing] (~Tom Skerritt, Steven Weber, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Sublime [Limited Pressing] (~Thomas Cavanagh, Katherine Cunningham-eves, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Summer Catch [Limited Pressing] (~Freddie Prinze, jr., ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Summer Of 42 [Limited Pressing] (~Jennifer O'neill, Jerry Houser) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Supergirl (~Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, ...) JPNN/A
    Superman Director's Cut Edition (~Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Superman II (~Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Superman III (~Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Superman IV Special Edition (~Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Superman Returns (~Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Swordfish Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Taste The Blood Of Dracula [Limited Pressing] (~Christopher Lee, Geoffrey Keen, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tea With Mussolini [Limited Edition] (~Cher, Judi Dench, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tequila Sunrise [Limited Pressing] (~Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    Terminal Invasion [Limited Edition] (~Bruce Campbell, Chase Masterson) JPNUS$ 14.90
    That Old Feeling [Limited Edition] (~Bette Midler, Dennis Farina, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford Special Edition (~Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Babe [Limited Edition] (~John Goodman, Kelly Mcgillis, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Ballad Of Cable Hogue [Limited Pressing] (~Jason Robards, Stella Stevens, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Big Bounce Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Black Scorpion Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Mara Corday) JPNN/A
    The Calcium Kid [Limited Edition] (~Orlando Bloom, Michael Lerner) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Cocoanuts [Limited Edition] (~Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Cowboy Way [Limited Edition] (~Woody Harrelson, Kiefer Sutherland, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Curse Of Frankenstein [Limited Pressing] (~Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing) JPNN/A
    The Dallas Connection [Limited Pressing] (~Julie Strain, Julie K.Smith, ...) JPNN/A
    The Exorcist Director's Cut Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Exorcist II: The Heretic [Limited Pressing] (~Linda Blair, Richard Burton, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Fearless Vampire Killers [Limited Pressing] (~Jack Macgowran) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The For Musketeers [Limited Edition] (~Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (~Johnny Crawford) JPNUS$ 39.90
    The Last Boyscout [Limited Pressing] (~Bruce Willis, Halle Berry, ...) JPNUS$ 9.90
    The Last Samurai [Limited Pressing] (~Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, ...) JPNN/A
    The Life Of David Gale [Limited Edition] (~Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Lonely Guy [Limited Edition] (~Steve Martin, Charles Grodin) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Lost Boys [Limited Pressing] (~Jason Patric, Corey Haim, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Majestic Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Jim Carrey, Martin Landau, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Man Who Haunted Himself [Limited Edition] (~Roger Moore, Hildergard Neil, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Marva Collins Story [Limited Pressing] (~Morgan Freeman) JPNN/A
    The Nightcomers [Limited Edition] (~Marlon Brando) JPNN/A
    The Perfect Storm Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Producers [Limited Edition] (~Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Promise [Limited Pressing] (~Hiroyuki Sanada, Jang Dong Gun, ...) JPNN/A
    The Reaping Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Hilary Swank, David Morrissey, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Retun Of The Living Dead Part 2 [Limited Pressing] (~James Karen, Thom Mathews, ...) JPNN/A
    The Sandlot: Heading Home (~Luke Perry) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Shining (~Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, ...) JPNUS$ 37.90
    The Song Remains The Same [Limited Pressing] (~Led Zeppelin) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Sopranos Fifth Season Set [Limited Pressing] (~James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, ...) JPNUS$ 24.90
    The Sopranos Fourth Season Set [Limited Pressing] (~James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, ...) JPNUS$ 24.90
    The Sopranos The First Season Set 1 [Limited Pressing] (~James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, ...) JPNUS$ 24.90
    The Sopranos The First Season Set 2 [Limited Pressing] (~James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, ...) JPNUS$ 24.90
    The Sopranos The Second Season Set [Limited Pressing] (~James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, ...) JPNUS$ 24.90
    The Sopranos Third Season Set [Limited Pressing] (~James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, ...) JPNUS$ 24.90
    The Theree Musketeers [Limited Edition] (~Charlton Heston, Oliver Reed, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Unsaid [Limited Edition] (~Andy Garcia, Teri Polo, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The War [Limited Edition] (~Elijah Wood, Kevin Costner, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    The Wild Bunch Director's Cut Edition [Limited Pressing] (~William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser [Limited Pressing] (~Thelonious Monk, Phil Woods, ...) JPNN/A
    Them [Limited Pressing] (~James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Thought Crimes [Limited Edition] (~Joe Morton) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Threshold [Limited Edition] (~Nicholas Lea, Jamie Luner) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Tom And Jerry The Movie [Limited Pressing] JPNN/A
    Touch Of Evil [Limited Edition] (~Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Troy [Limited Pressing] (~Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Undercover Brother [Limited Edition] (~Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Valley Of Gwangi Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~James Franciscus) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Walker [Limited Edition] (~Ed Harris, Marlee Matlin, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Wattstax [Limited Pressing] (~William Bell, Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Webs [Limited Edition] (~Richard Grieco) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Winter Kills (~Jeff Bridges, John Houston, ...) JPNUS$ 17.90
    Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace Music And Love Director's Cut Edition [Limited Pressing] JPNUS$ 14.90
    Written On The Wind [Limited Edition] (~Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Yun Yu No Gakko IV - Tenkosei Wa Play Boy Special Box (~Gong Yoo) JPNUS$ 189.90
    Zodiac Director's Cut (~Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, ...) JPNUS$ 47.90
    Zodiac Special Edition [Limited Pressing] (~Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, ...) JPNUS$ 14.90
    Zoot Suit [Limited Edition] (~Edward James Olmos, Tyne Daly) JPNUS$ 14.90

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    J-Pop DVD releases (5)

    Berryz Kobo & Cute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 Haru - Berryz Kamen VS Cutie Ranger - With Cute Tracks (~Cute) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Last Feather - Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien 20080509 (~Aile) JPNUS$ 37.90
    Mitsuhiro Oikawa One Man Show Tour 07 / 08 (~Mitsuhiro Oikawa) JPNUS$ 62.90
    Shinkansen Produce Inouekabuki Go Izo JPNUS$ 71.90
    Spiring Tour Mizu Ni Tokeru Yuki 2008.04.30 At Shibuya-ax (~Ayabie) JPNUS$ 54.90

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    Misc Japanese Movie releases (10)

    Kiseki No Yama Fuji-san JPNUS$ 39.99
    So Jisub In Yasha - Gegege No Kitaro Sennen Noroi Uta JPNUS$ 46.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 1 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 2 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 2 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 3 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 3 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 4 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 4 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 5 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 5 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 6 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 6 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 7 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 7 JPNUS$ 9.90
    Taiheiyo Senso Zenshi 8 - History Of Pacific War Vol. 8 JPNUS$ 9.90

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    Idol DVD (7)

    Gokusho Ex (~Sachi Uehara) JPNN/A
    Honoka Sawamura (~Honoka Sawamura) JPNN/A
    Hyper Sexy Heroine JPNN/A
    Megami No Sugao Mai Mizukami 2 (~Mai Mizukami) JPNN/A
    Sailor Ninja Part 1 JPNN/A
    Sayoko Ohashi (~Sayoko Ohashi) JPNN/A
    Yurika Ochiai (~Yurika Ochiai) JPNN/A

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