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Your 2nd trip to Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire, rise to stardom in Guitar Hero Aerosmith, discover the science of evil in Hellboy: The Science of Evil, rewrite history in Operation Darkness & much more!

From the publisher: Just like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoir takes place in Ivalice. There are seven playable races in the game: Hume, Moogle, Viera, Bangaa, Seeq, Nu Mou and Gria. Chronologically, the game takes place some time after Final Fantasy XII.

Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Luso was a mischievous boy who lived in the real world until he was punished for a prank he pulled just before summer break. Locked away in the library, Luso finds an old book and writes his name on it. The book then transports him into the world of Ivalice.

Rather than wishing to return home, Luso decides to venture the world farther. However, unlike in the previous installment, the main character travels to the real Ivalice, instead of a creation of his imagination born of strong feelings; this fact is reinforced by the reappearances of familiar characters such as Vaan and Penelo.

Travel to Ivalice and meet your favourite characters in FFXII through Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for Nintendo DS™ is in stock today, shipping for US$ 44.90 only.

The Japanese version of the game, named Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire is also in stock at Play-Asia.com and is available for US$ 29.90 only.

Aside from the game, a number related products are also available:

Game Guides:
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire First Engage GuideJPN US$ 18.90 5-15d
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire Official Complete GuideJPN N/A sold
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire Official Perfect GuideJPN US$ 26.90 5-15d
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Official Strategy GuideUS N/A sold

Audio CD
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 29.90 5-15d

DS Accessory
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire Accessory SetJPN N/A sold

Please see here for the complete list of Final Fantasy Tactics products, and here for all Final Fantasy products available at Play-Asia.com.

From the publisher: Rise to rock royalty with Guitar Hero®: Aerosmith®. Light up the stage with some of the best rock and roll tracks of all time, including Aerosmith's greatest hits, and songs from some of the world's best bands.

Be a part of the band and become Aerosmith with characters of the entire band showing off legendary moves in the most electrifying rock venues.

Game Features:

  • The game features master tracks from Aerosmith, including the Top 40 hit "Sweet Emotion"
  • Perform other iconic tracks by rock and roll heroes chosen by Aerosmith, including Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, and many more
  • Walk this way through the career of Aerosmith starting with their first concert at Nipmuc High
  • Share the limelight and combine your stellar skills with friends during co-op play to accomplish your highest scores yet!

Guitar Hero Aerosmith and its bundle packages are available in these versions:

Guitar Hero: AerosmithUS US$ 17.99 1-2w
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith BundleUS US$ 261.99 1-2w

Guitar Hero: AerosmithUS US$ 19.99 1-2w
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith BundleUS US$ 218.99 1-2w

Nintendo Wii™
Guitar Hero: AerosmithUS US$ 19.99 1-2w
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith BundleUS N/A sold

Guitar Hero: AerosmithUS US$ 15.99 1-2w
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Bundle (2 Wired Guitars)US US$ 207.99 1-2w
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Bundle (Wireless)US US$ 151.99 1-2w

Asian versions of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith are currently on preorder and will be shipped later this week:

Guitar Hero: AerosmithASIA N/A
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith BundleASIA N/A

Guitar Hero: AerosmithASIA N/A
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith BundleASIA N/A

Please check here for the full list of products under the Guitar Hero franchise.

From the publisher: Hellboy: The Science of Evil will give players the opportunity to experience the epic adventures of the acclaimed comic book hero, fusing action, atmosphere and humor.

In his latest quest, Hellboy uncovers an insane Nazi plot for world domination and must rush to defeat the crazed Hermann Von Klempt before he can exert his evil will upon earth.

As a visceral brawler, the game lets players unleash Hellboy’s superhuman abilities as they smash their way through hordes of enemies with contextual use of the environment for added destructive power and strategy. Just another day for Hellboy…

The US versions of Hellboy: Science of Evil are in stock today, shipping as these versions:

Hellboy: Science of EvilUS N/A sold

Hellboy: Science of EvilUS US$ 15.99 1-2w

Sony PSP™
Hellboy: Science of EvilUS US$ 31.99 1-2w

The Asian version of the game for Xbox360 has been delayed and will be shipped later this week, so please check back often for further updates.

From the publisher: Head to Head Fighting on the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system is redefined as the premier Naruto fighting game returns with a brand new, uncharted adventure!

Create teams of powerful ninja from over 20 of the most loved characters from the TV series and enter the Phantom Fortress full of mysterious plots, characters and battles!

The game combines all the features of one of the most successful hand held fighting games and an extensive, compelling story line created exclusively for this game. Ultimate Ninja Heroes Must Reunite!

Namco Bandai Games' thrilling fighter Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress is in stock today, shipping as a region free US version for US$ 44.90 only.

Please check out this list for all other products under the Naruto franchise.

From the publisher: Enter an alternate WWII-era world where history and fantasy collide! Leading an army of ruthless officers and unearthly creatures, Adolf Hitler marches through Europe, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.

With his powers on the rise and his armies on the move, it falls on you and your team of elite soldiers to cut deep into the heart of the Third Reich and strike a fatal blow to Hitler’s ever-growing legion of evil!

Relive and rewrite history with Atlus' fantasy stragy game Operation Darkness on your Xbox360™. The game is in stock today, shipping as a US version for US$ 64.90.

Just in case you might feel lost in this alternate universe, Play-Asia.com is readily available to assist you with a the Official Strategy Guide for US$ 19.90 only.

The Japanese version of Operation Darkness is also available at Play-Asia.com for US$ 68.90 only. This version features a full English text support while the voice acting are completely in Japanese.

Also in stock today:

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's WrathUS US$ 31.99 1-5d
Hail to the ChimpUS N/A sold

Xbox360™ Accessories
HORI Fighting Stick EX2 (Soul Calibur IV Limited Edition)US N/A sold

Overlord: Raising HellUS US$ 17.99 1-2w

PlayStation3™ Accessories
HORI Fighting Stick 3 (Soul Calibur IV Limited Edition)US N/A sold

Nintendo Wii™
Charging Twin Station N/A sold

Nintendo DS™
Cake Mania 2US US$ 20.99 1-2w
Gourmet ChefUS US$ 18.99 1-2w
Hori Headphone DS LiteUS N/A sold
Midnight Play PackUS US$ 20.99 1-2w
My Weight Loss CoachUS US$ 21.99 1-2w

Game Guides and Magazines
Arcadia Magazine [August 2008]JPN N/A sold
Codes & Cheats Summer 2008US N/A sold
Famitsu Wave DVD [August 2008]JPN N/A sold
Hellboy: The Science of Evil: Prima Official Game GuideUS US$ 19.90 5-15d

An excerpt of new Blu-Ray Disc movie arrivals:

Batman The Movie: Special Edition <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div> (~Adam West, Burt Ward, ...)US N/A sold
In The Line Of Fire (~Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, ...)US US$ 19.90 5-15d
Meet the Browns (~Angela Bassett, Rick Fox, ...)US N/A sold
Vantage Point (~Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, ...)US US$ 14.90 5-15d


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