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'Bravely Second: End Layer' classes, characters, and more detailed!


Nintendo 3DS™ [RPG]

Release: April 23, 2015

Bravely Second: End Layer is the sequel to Square Enix's Bravely Default, considered to be one of the best turn-based RPGs for the Nintendo 3DS and viewed by many as the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

Bravely Second will feature a new cast of characters, new job classes, additions to the map and setting, as well as system changes.

The title is set in the same world several years after the Warriors of Light saved it from crisis, the current stage of the story takes place in Luxendarc. A major addition to the map is a city called Guatelatio, home of the Crystal Orthodoxy's headquarters and the 'Orthodox Knights', a group dedicated to defending both the Faith and the Holy Land.

At the center of the Orthodox Knights are the Three Musketeers, tasked with leading the knights. The first of the three is our young leader and protagonist, Yuu. When the head of his family dies and passes the responsibility on to 16 year old Yuu he rises to the occasion becoming an excellent student and eventual head of the Orthodox Knights, as well as the bodyguard for Agnes (who will be returning from Bravely Default).

The second Musketeer is Jean, another 16 year old prodigy and master swordsman. Jean has a knack for getting into major fights, but remains close friends with Yuu as well as a dedicated, and competent, member of the Orthodox Knights. Last but not least is Nikolai who is responsible for administration, recruiting talented individuals to join the Orthodox Knights, and maintaining his reputation amongst the Guetaletio nobles.

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Ten different job classes have been revealed thus far:
Valkyrie - An offensive class that attack from mid-air and fleeing. Valkyrie are especially potent when BP is spent during their attacks. The recommended weapon for them is a spear.
Performer - This class buffs up friendly characters by singing them songs. Some song will increase stats including, but not limited to: offense, defense, and BP.
Time Mage - The tacticians who control the pace of time during their battles. Characters that are Time Mages will be able to heal their entire party while dealing proportionate damage relative to enemy HP. The wand is their weapon of choice.
Red Mage - Casters of both White and Black magic makes Red Mages a well-rounded hybrid class capable of casting offensive magic, buffing, debuffing, and healing.
Exorcist - The Exorcist has the ability to "raise what has been lost", seeming to indicate Necomancer-style spells. The job command called "Undo" will cancel out up to three turns of both damage and restoration (HP, MP, BP). Both friendly and enemy targets are viable targets.
Tomahawk - A natural-born attacker that specializes in the use of firearms as well as full frontal attacks and other offensive abilities. The Tomahawk has a variety of support spells at their disposal.
Cat User - The Cat User does just what their name suggests, fighting with the use of cats (as well as brass knuckles and axes). It will take two different items to summon a pair of cats able to perform a variety of powerful moves. A doodle appears above the casters head of different colored cats, depending on the spell being cast.
Astrologer - This class has a bunch of buffs for offense, defense, and elemental affinities and are also capable of raising success rates for chance-based abilities.
Pastry Chef - Pastry Chefs can inflict a plethora of status ailments such as poison, paralysis, and silence. Their ability to also debuff makes them an excellent support class.
Wizard - These casters make use of Elemental Magic and spell modifiers. A Wizard can add special effects to spells with the use of these modifiers, including increasing the range of a spell to strike more than one enemy or causing a spell to be cast at the beginning of a turn. Each use of a modifier costs one BP.
With a cast of characters to fight alongside, all that is missing is a dastardly antagonist! Look no further: Emperor Oblivion is the masked leader of Glanz, an imperial and military power, who appears during the signing of the treaty between the Crystal Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia, kidnapping Anges in the process. Emperor Oblivion sits atop his floating castle as he plans to drag the entire world into a full blown war.
All of this, and we haven't hit the system changes yet! One such innovative change is "Chain Chances". This new system allows players who defeat an opponent in one turn to opt to keep fighting. If you win again your rewards are even better - you can even continuously Chain Chances together to keep amplifying your rewards! Do keep in mind that your BP will remain the same as it was at the time of your last victory.
As players explore, Yuu will record information in his notebook as he comes across monsters and items. This journal also comes with an event viewer and help menu. With over 320 monsters to take down in the game Yuu's comrades will also help to keep record of the monsters you've faced - an interesting way to gain insight into the characters!
A returning feature from Bravely Default is the town rebuilding mode, this time located in Magnolia's previous home on the Moon! Players will want to construct buildings and have StreetPass enabled in order to gain new residents and thus creating a more efficient town. The structures you create will help you out on your adventures as well as offering helpful items and possibly a way to strengthen your weapons.
Players will also be able to get in touch with Agnes during her imprisonment via the bottom screen on the 3DS. She will provide navigational advice regarding what to do next in the game if you happen to get stuck.

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