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'Shining Resonance' has dragons, dating, and an intriguing combat system!

The Shining series goes as far back as 1991, having a presence on the Sega MegaDrive, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, mobile phones, and now the PS3! The series installations are fairly disconnected from each other, usually loosely connected through geographical or character acknowledgement by characters, with a few exceptions within the series.


PlayStation®3 [RPG]

Release: December 11, 2014

How do you correctly revive a longstanding fantasy RPG series? Two words: dragon protagonist.

The ancient continent of Alfheim, the land of the gods, was once home to the world's dragons but they have since had their souls crystallized and scattered throughout the world. But not all dragons have been lost...

The existence of a new dragon, and the game's protagonist, 'Shining Dragon (Yuma) Irvan' has been confirmed by the great powers within the world. The imperial army, church forces, and the Dragon Slayers themselves are all in pursuit of Irvan's untold power. 

Despite the odds Ivan's power was saved from the clutches of his pursuers by a single maiden, a memory that would not soon be lost. Shining Resonance tells the beautiful tale of a reunion between a young girl and a dragon, as well as the foretold miracle to follow.

The battle system is in real-time, where you'll be able to control any one of the four characters as you fight. Each character has special attacks, magic, weapons, and a unique overall combat flavor. What is notable about Shining Resonance's combat is how fluidly the player enters a battle: when you encounter a monster on the map and engage, the battle will seamlessly begin on the same field. 

The ideas of music and nature are heavily linked with dragons in the Shining Resonance mythos. The elements of nature are wielded by 'Dragners', who will make up your party and fight using magical weapons - which all have their concept design inspired by musical instruments. The BAND system introduces the concept of 'Rune Songs' which are party-wide buffs that change their effects depending on which character is leading, or the 'Center', of the song. 

If your protagonist can turn into a dragon, then he better be able to fight as one too! Yuma Irvan brings all the power you'd expect from a dragon to the battlefield, so much in fact that he can be a liability. With such uncontrollable power flowing through Irvan in his dragon form he can attack both allies and enemies making the ability as dangerous as it is rewarding. Certain Rune Songs can be played to soothe the dragon's fiery rage, returning Yuma back to safety.

Weapons and upgrades aren't the only ways to make your party stronger. Shining Resonance has a in-depth personality and bonding system that affects the way your party performs and interacts with each other - not just the protagonist. Each character in your party is an individual with specific personality traits that are not static, as you progress through the game certain choices will effect those around you. In fact you can take matters into your own hands and interact with other characters, both male and female, during Night Events and Dates. One effect personalities and Bonds have are on the games titular 'Resonance' system.

Resonances have a chance of occurring when players attack or take damage, among other combat actions. When a Resonance does take place, a cut-in portrait appears on screen and the voiced line will give an idea the type of support they will provide. As a general rule Bonds are split into two types: Friend and Rival. Friendly Bonds prioritize support-type Resonances, whereas Rival Bonds are mostly concerned with offensive Resonances.

Limited Edition contents:

  • PS3: Shining Resonance
  • Kirika 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure (Mizugi Ver.)
  • Special DLC Character Costume (Kirika Mizugi)

Shining ResonancePlayStation 3JPN US$ 77.991w
Shining Resonance [Limited Edition]PlayStation 3JPN sold
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Shining Resonance [Limited Edition] (Chinese Sub)PlayStation 3ASIA sold

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