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'The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D' arrives in 2015 - pre-orders are open!


Nintendo 3DS™ [Action Adventure]

How does one introduce a game with such enourmous influence like The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? Remembered fondly by an entire generation of gamers as a title that epitomizes gameplay and storytelling innovation, it seemed like Nintendo were simply too scared to touch their beloved masterpiece despite fans' begging - until now!

What makes Majora's Mask stand head and shoulders above the competition is the unique nature of the story. The Legend of Zelda series is not exactly known for having dark and haunting themes but Majora's Mask destroyed the mold, adding incredible depth, not only to the single title, but to the series as a whole.  

In a recent interview between Famitsu and series producer Eiji Aonuma the development of Majora's Mask 3D was compared to that of Ocarina of Time 3D citing that the lack of deadline pressure for Majora's Mask has allowed the studio to take their time and develop at a better pace. A development team without a lot of pressure is almost always great news for the fans as it implies a much more realistic development cycle (development began as early as 2011).

According to Aonuma the changes to the game will focus on making the world around you easier to understand, taking the time to make some of the more convoluted elements clearer to players. 

The hardcore elite out there need not jump to any conclusions, Aonuma has also reassured us that the game will not be any easier to play and we shouldn't expect extra hints when we are unsure of what to do. Relatively tight-lipped when further pushed on the matter Aonuma stated that "there are all kinds of other mechanisms in the system that I think you’ll notice."

It would seem the alterations will be largely quality of life changes, it wouldn't be surprising to see Owl Statues for saving (which were in the original localization anyway) and collectable items persisting through day cycles. Do note that neither of these are confirmed features, and should be viewed as nothing more than speculation at this point. 

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