06. Feb, 2003 15:29 (HKT)

38 new Japanese PS2™ import games: FFX-2, Soul Calibur II and more

A lot of interesting new titles have been announced for the following 2 months for the PlayStation2™ system. Here are some special picks of the most interesting ones followed by the complete list up of added titles:

Final Fantaxy X-2

 Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequal to the popular Final Fantasy X game. The main character this time is Yuna. The story of Final Fantasy X-2 takes place after the bonus sequence that came with Final Fantasy X: International in Japan. Yuna's found a sphere containing video Tidus having some kind of trouble. She decides to go out on a journey to find him. The setting of FFX-2 takes place two years after FFX. Summoners, Aeons and Yevon are things from the past and technology has replaced them. Yuna, the heroine, and Rikku, are part of a group who hunt spheres called the Seagull sphere hunters team. As in FFX, spheres are used to record events and memories. This time, hunter teams travel all over Spira to find spheres, which can tell more of its history. But Yuna and friends are not alone; there are other teams who also want to collect these spheres. One of them is the Le Blanc gang, made up of a female leading two guys, Sano (the taller one) and Uno (the bigger one).

This version of Final Fantasy X-2 is completely in Japanese language, therefore either basic Japanese knowledge or experience with Japanese RPG games will be required. FFX-2 will be released on March 13th and is now on preorder for US$ 59.00.

Soul Calibur II

 A new page in history has begun as the most highly-anticipated fighting game ever finally arrives! The greatest 3-D weapons-based fighter will provide non-stop action, excitement and surprises as you go one-on-one against your favorite challengers. Soul Calibur II features 13 historic fighters plus all new combatants including Necrid; Unique special guest fighters for each platform include Link, Heihachi, and Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Fight in 7 exciting games modes including Arcade, Vs, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, Practice, and Weapon Master in which you can collect over 200 different weapons.

Soul Calibur II has been announced for March 27th, the Japanese version is anticipated to be well playable for people without Japanese knowledge. Now on preorder for US$ 59.90 only.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time takes place 400 years after the events of Star Ocean: The Second Story. In this time, the Galaxy Federation has blossomed into an almost omnipresent force in the universe, stretching into the furthest reaches of space. With their significant power and technology, the Galaxy Federation had relied on deep-space research and exploration to widen its influence. Sadly, their curiosity went unchecked, and some things were never meant to be disturbed.

Enix's hit RPG is due on February 27th, now on preorder for US$ 69.90.

Here is a complete title overview of all Japanese PlayStation2™ titles added. As usually almost all game pages cover additional game descriptions as well as screenshots of the actual game:

  • Waku Waku Volley 2
  • Operator's Side
  • Operator's Side (incl. USB Microphone
  • WWE Smack Down! 4: Shut your mouth
  • Got to do! Hot Spring Table Tennis
  • Monster Bass
  • Dogstation
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • Dragonball Z: Budokai
  • J.League Tactics Manager: Realtime Soccer Simulation
  • Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard - Heroes Never Die
  • Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard - Heroes Never Die (incl. GunCon2)
  • Spider-Man
  • DekaVoice
  • DekaVoice (incl. Microphpne)
  • Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
  • Pride
  • Formula One 2002
  • Densha de Go! Professional 2
  • Guardian Angel
  • Bass Landing 3
  • Time Splitters 2
  • Moto GP3
  • Shin Sangokumusou 3
  • Kaida Battle
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  • Pop'n Music Best Hits
  • Yuusei karano buttai X episode II
  • Chaos Legion
  • Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
  • This is Football 2003
  • Final Fantasy X-2
  • Savage Skies
  • Angelic Concert
  • Let's make a J.League Pro Soccer Club! 3
  • NBA 2K3
  • Roommania 2
  • Soul Calibur II

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