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A blade of wind: Revoltech Jehuty (Re-run), Saint Seiya - Phoenix Ikki, Nendoroid Vocaloid Plush Doll Rin, Len, & more!

Fly the glossy blue Jehuty to the skies. The mecha is installed with 17 joints in its body, so collectors can put him into familiar fight poses, or pit him against another Revoltech mecha.

Slip the wings onto his back, the joints allow the robot to fly into all sorts of directions, and put the ring radar around him to detect enemies.

The ring is made of clear materials and lined in neon orange, signaling that enemies are within the vicinity. Put the Battle Blade in its hands and open up the energy shield. Shoot the blade of Wisp to get the upper hand in the battle. The Wisp can be attached to the Ring Radar, so create a dynamic fight scene with it.

Put Jehuty into your stable of mechas today:

Revoltech Series No. 103 - Zone of the Enders Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Jehuty (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

The Muv-Luv Alternative series is still in stock:

Revoltech Muv-Luv Alternative Series No. 001 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Takemikazuchi Type-00RJPN N/Asold

Blessed with the power of the galaxy, the saints are here to battle ambitious mythological gods. When they are in their regular sizes, these warriors are absolutely cool, but when they are in this new super deformed Humpty-Dumpty shape, they get a new layer of cuteness. Although their bodies are smaller than their heads, the magnets in the base will set them standing.

The bronze cloth is their most basic armor, it's the gear that the boys wear most of the time. Every plate is crafted to include the edges and horns. The armors are painted with a metallic sheen so that they glint like stars. Darken your room and switch on the LED Lights, let the saints bath in the color of their elements and light of their constellations.

Ikki, the bad boy of the group is here to add flames to your collection with his Phoenix fire:

Cosmos Burning Collection - Saint Seiya Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Phoenix IkkiJPN N/Asold

Be sure to look forward to his younger brother Andromeda Shun.

Cosmos Burning Collection - Saint Seiya Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Andromeda ShunJPN N/Asold

Kagamine Rin and Len, the twin vocaloids (or mirror images), join in the Nendoroid Plush wagon. Sunflower colored hair and confident smiles, the two will bring sunshine and happiness to all households. Rin is incharge of the soprano and Ren is in charge of the lower scales, together they form beautiful harmonies.

Like Miku and Kaito, they have metal frames inside them and are completely posable. Just be careful not to break the frame or let the wire pierce through of the fabric when posing them. Put them together with Miku and Kaito to form your very own vocaloid plush choir.

The twins are back, once again:

Nendoroid Vocaloid Plush Doll Series 4: Kagamine Rin (Re-run)JPN N/Asold
Nendoroid Vocaloid Plush Doll Series 5: Kagamine Ren (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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