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A Clockwork Orange

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橫行霸道、打家劫舍、歌舞精湛、褻瀆強暴、無惡不作的打比郡頭號飛仔兼街頭惡棍艾力(馬康麥杜維飾)有自成一格的尋樂方式 - 就是將歡愉建築在別人的慘痛之上。 艾力由喪盡天良的流氓以至被洗腦成一等良民的戲劇性歷程,為史丹利寇比力克改編自安東尼伯吉斯小說的攝人未來版構織出一道耀目光環。刻骨銘心的映象,震人 心弦的音樂配襯,艾力一幫人常掛嘴邊的奇趣話語 - 寇比力克將這些崩分離析的元素勾劃成菱角突出的個體。影片初次推出即惹來各界激烈爭議。發條橙榮獲紐約影評人最佳電影及最佳電影獎,並贏得四項奧斯卡金像 獎提名,其中包括最佳電影獎。本片的藝術感染力在於其至今仍牢牢地鎖住這一代人的心,令我們神迷魂蕩。

Stamping, whomping, stealing, singing, tap-dancing, violating. Derby-topped teddy-boy hooligan Alex (Malcolm McDowell) has his own way of having a good time. He has it at the tragic expense of others.
Alex's journey from amoral punk to brainwashed proper citizen forms the dynamic arc of Stanley Kubrick's future-shock vision of Anthony Burgess' novel. Unforgettable images, startling musical counterpoints, the fascinating language used by Alex and his pals - Kubrick shapes them into a shattering whole. Hugely controversial when first released, A Clockwork Orange won the New York Film Critics Best Picture and Director honors and earned four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. The power of its art is such that it still entices, shocks and holds us in its grasp.

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