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A date with an angel: Figma Kamineko special ver., Shining Wind Ryuna, Yotsunoha Nikomiya Nono kitty ears and swimsuit ver. & more!

Kuroneko transforms into Kamineko, and she holds your destiny in her hands. Well, the destiny of your first date, at least. The usual gothic lolita transforms into Kamineko, an angel version of herself. Turn her from haughty to shy and when you feel like it, slip a mask on her face.

Her hand bag is probably from the same fashion line as her clothes, it's full of creamy coloured frills and ribbons. And she comes with a picnic basket. But for people who prefer a bit of gothic flavour, you can sit her down and have her read the destiny records. There is a closed version and the open book version.

Take Kuroneko, no, Kamineko out on a date today:

Ore No Imoto Ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Kuroneko SP ver.JPN N/Asold

Following the footsteps of Shining Tears and Shining Wind heroines, Ryuna makes her way into the studios to have her figure made.

Holding her staff aloft and with straight black hair swaying lightly with her movements, the priestess is a tint of oriental color in a western fantasy world.

Loyal to her character designer Tony's illustrations, the sculptors of Kotobukiya has brought out the saintly grace of the girl.

From her feathered staff to the standard proportions, Ryuna is sculpted to the most life like degree. Put her in with the rest of the Shining Wind and Shining Force girls and have them dazzle your friends.

Shining Wind 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Ryuna (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

She is the little sister, the elder sister and the mother figure. Nekomiya Nono takes care of everything. And now she is leaving the housework behind to play as your kitty girl. She shows that she is a kitty who likes water by putting the fluffy ears and tail together with the school swim suit.

Bizarre, but very cute, she demonstrates what the term moe means. The over-the-knee socks are often symbols of innocence and vulnerability. The fur on her kitty extensions seem soft to the touch and the golden bells glint with a metallic light. To add a hint of colour to her, Nono wraps pink ribbons around her arms and tail to show off their slenderness.

Don't miss another chance to take the cat girl home:

Yotsunoha 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Nekomiya Nono (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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