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A five minute flight: Kid Icarus: Uprising, Shin Sangoku Musou VS, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Tokimeki Girls Side Premium & more! - in New Games available for Preorder!

Welcome to our Weekly Pre-order Games news. Keep yourself abreast, read up on games that are just announced for release. Take to the skies with Kid Icarus, fight the historic warriors in Shin Sangoku Musou VS. Re-visit Raccoon City to fight zombies and head into the class room to meet the boys in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.

When evil returns to paradise, the angels load their arrows. Kid Icarus is back after 25 years. The angel Pit is given the power to fly by the goddess Palutina.

But only for five minutes. Make use of the time and take him to the air. Shoot down the foes that are raining down, and then drop him onto the ground to finish the ones that have landed.

When you are done with the computer controlled forces, battle your friends in teams. The innovative system and the intuitive controls deliver a gaming experience that even the most veteran of angels find challenging and refreshing.

Besides characters that pops out of the screen, the game also recognize the ones in the AR Cards, so choose your favourite character and bring them into the game.

Both US and Japanese versions are coming in March:

Kid Icarus: UprisingUS US$ 39.99
Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no KagamiJPN US$ 69.99

Who is the last one standing? Join the Musou VS action to find out. The newest instalment in the franchise brings the flow of adrenaline back. By incorporating the slide pad into the gameplay, players can activate sure kill attacks with a spin or a swipe, or chop down regiments of foes with rapid presses.

Create your own warrior, and team up with historical characters in the single player mode. There are brand new scenes, battlefields and scenarios to live through. Get out of the scripted events and engage in a battle royale. A total of 4 gamers can join together, group into teams and make war with the others. Your aim is to take the other team's bases.

Unite chaotic China in 3D. Shin Sangoku Musou VS is available in April:

Shin Sangoku Musou VSJPN US$ 39.99

Meet the zombies head on in Raccoon City. Upon the T-Virus outbreak, the Umbrella Corporation orders their troops to cover up. You are part of the team sent to destroy all evidence, and this includes the infected, the government agents and all the survivors.

And to make matters even more complicated, Bio Organic weapons that no one has ever heard of joins in a triple threat battle. Beside new foes, previous heroes now show up as key persons in your hit list. Fight against everyone, including Leon S Kennedy.

Experience the carnage and rewrite history in the single player campaign mode. And when players are done with them, face new challenges online. Engage in three corner battles with everything grotesque and everything heroic.

Revisit Raccoon City in March:

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityASIA N/A
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityEUR US$ 21.99
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityUS US$ 22.99

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityASIA N/A
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityUS N/A
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityEUR US$ 29.90

Experience a premium romance. Meet the boys again via the Sony PSP. By making use of the 2D Live system, the boys' every mood change becomes apparent.

The new version also comes with an approach mode, during special moments, players can touch the boys, tickle them or play tricks on them. They blush, they scowl, they blink, your every action during the dates produces a different reaction.

And with a bigger screen, the player can step up to the boys, turn the console vertically to enjoy a larger picture of them. Curious about what they do in their spare time? Take a peek into their rooms and see what their super deformed selves are up to when they thought you are not watching.

Get closer to the boys in March:

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium: 3rd Story (First-Press Limited Edition)JPN N/A

Xbox360™ (5)

UFC Undisputed 3JPNMar 01, 2012US$ 64.90
DanceEvolution (Platinum Collection)JPNMar 08, 2012N/A
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13ASIAMar 27, 2012US$ 39.99
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Dark Edition)USApr 17, 2012N/A
NCAA Football 13USJul 13, 2012US$ 59.99


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PlayStation3™ (3)

UFC Undisputed 3JPNMar 01, 2012US$ 72.90
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13ASIAMar 27, 2012N/A
NCAA Football 13USJul 13, 2012US$ 34.99


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Sony PS VITA™ (4)

Asphalt: InjectionUSFeb 14, 2012US$ 29.99
Ninja Gaiden Sigma PlusUSFeb 22, 2012N/A
Unit 13USMar 09, 2012US$ 29.99
Super Monkey Ball: Banana SplitzUSOct 23, 2012N/A


Consoles (1)

PS Vita PlayStation Vita - 3G/Wi-Fi Model (Little Deviants First Edition Bundle)USFeb 21, 2012N/A


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Nintendo™ 3DS (2)

Hime Girl Paradise: Mechikawa! Age Sakari Sensation!JPNMar 22, 2012US$ 15.99
Nikoli no Sudoku 3D Dai-ni-Shuu: 8-tsu no Puzzle de 1000-MonJPNApr 12, 2012N/A


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Nintendo DS™ (3)

New Horizon English Course 1JPNMar 22, 2012N/A
New Horizon English Course 2JPNMar 22, 2012US$ 39.90
New Horizon English Course 3JPNMar 22, 2012US$ 39.90


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