06. Oct, 2009 10:00 (HKT)

A flavour of the Far East - All Japanese Music CDs are discounted at 10% - Starting Now!

Music freaks, Jpop fans and all those who want to try out a new genre, come grab that CD single or album you've always wanted to get. All Japanese music CDs at Play-Asia.com are eligible for a 10% discount, that's anything from such as Hamasaki Ayumi hits to the exotic Enka CDs and all those game and anime soundtracks in between.

By everything, we mean everything, even those that are not currently in stock. As long as it's not a sold out Limited Edition, you'd automatically enjoy the discount. Don't worry about not being able to join in the fun because your favourite band has yet to release their newest single, preorder it!

As long as it's in our database, it's discounted, no strings attached. Use any payment method and your coupons, get the best out of the deal!

To help you find the discounted CDs, we will place a a 10% OFF logo on the product page along with the new price.

Those who have kept track on their favourite artist might know exactly what to get, but don't worry if you are new to this music genre, you can get updated through our RSS feeds, we have one for Jpop and Enka, one for Anime Soundtracks and another one for Video Games Soundtracks.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, however, that this discount is not valid for shipments to Japan.

Here are a few suggestions to warm you up:

There are times when people are fed up with their circumstances and everything is All Too Much. Yet, there is no other way but barge through. With her new song, inspired by George Harrison's The Yellow Submarine, Yui is giving you an extra push in the back. This is the theme song of a new movie, Kaiji, listen to the single and look forward to the movie.

Tegoshi and Masuda, two very popular members of NEWS formed the duo Tegomasu and debutted in Sweden. The sweet blend of their voices captured the hearts of listeners. Hits such as Kiss ~ Kaeri michi no Love Song and Aiai gasa are here along with a bonus DVD that has all clips of their fan events.

Play something from hit anime franchises. The K-On! Band Score has the music sheets for all the hot numbers in the anime as well as audio tutorials for those who learn better by ear than by reading music. Get your instruments, form your own band and make your own legends.

Persona 3 is one of the most stylish games in RPG history, it brings out the trendiness of the futuristic city through the strong beat vocals and guitar tracks. This Soundtrack has all the memorable music that construct the darkness of the world and the occasional light comedy in the game.

The sense of modernity carries on throughout Persona 4. Only this time, the mood is far brighter and the comedy less sparse, those who favour lighter elements, be sure to get the P4 Soundtrack.

The new Advent Children movie tied up all the loose ends from the game and from the previous movie, the new Reunion Soundtrack includes all the rearranged pieces and the new music for the additional scenes. Those who collect One Winged Angel themes, here is a another long version for you, along with the bonus track - On the Way to a Smile EPISODE DENZEL.


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