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A heroes' quest - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, NeoGeo Online Collection Complete Box, Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister, Metal Slug XX & more!

Adventure day today, we join Link on his new quest in Taichi no Kiteki, revisit old fighters in NeoGeo Online Collections and visit Akihabara with the Luck Star Girls in Net Idol Meister.

From the publisher: The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks sets hero Link™ on a daring new adventure. The game provides players with a new story, more puzzles and even a new mode of transportation.

In this game, Link voyages by train, which offers up new possibilities for problem-solving. The game has the same look and feel established in the hit Nintendo DS™ game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Innovative gameplay and exciting journeys to unknown lands, Zelda Taichi no Kiteki is available on Nintendo DS™:

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksUS N/A sold
Zelda no Densetsu: Taiyou no KitekiJPN US$ 9.99 24h

SNK Playmore collects their hot NEOGEO era games and ports them to the PlayStation2. The ports did not only get revamps, but also a new online battle modes.

To all those who might have missed a game when it is first released or for those who prefers to reclaim their memories in one batch, you can get the whole collection in two box sets. Each carries 6 games, the set is perfect both for playing and for collecting.

The first set contains Gara Densetsu Battle Archives 1 & 2, Mark of the Wolves, Ryu ko no ken - Ten chi jin, Samurai Spirits 6 ban shobu and Sun Soft Collection.

The second set contains King of Fighters Orochi, 98 Ultimate Match, Nesutsu chapter, World Heroes Gorgeous, Fuun Super Combo and Bakumatsu Roman Gekka Kenshi 1+2.

The two box sets are available for PlayStation2™:

NeoGeo Online Collection Complete Box Volume 1JPN N/A sold
NeoGeo Online Collection Complete Box Volume 2JPN N/A sold

Make your own net idol out of the Lucky Star girls.

You are in charge of creating the top net idol in the Akihabara district, the girl is to become the bridge between district and the population, she will appear in commercials and act as tour guides.

What image are you going to design for her and what training are you going to put her through?

The four girls have different reasons for joining, for fun, for fame, for friends, for family. Take them through your training menu, make them learn to project their voices and take them to auditions and part times to increase her exposure.

There are numerous mini games, the higher the girl scores, the more fans she has. Your aim is that one big stage, prepare the girl and have her steal all spotlight as soon as she comes out.

Create your own star, Lucky Stars: Net Idol Meister is available on Sony PSP™:

Lucky Star: Net Idol MeisterJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister [DX Pack]JPN US$ 48.99 1w

Metal Slug the horizontal shooter is breaking new grounds in the Sony PSP platform. The new game makes use of the wide screen to display some high color resolution graphics. You can use the LAN facilities and ask friends to participate in the war with you.

When you get a friend to join the frontiers with you, you'd be able to take care of enemies in different parts of the stages. Besides the main mission, there is a new combat school mode where you get to play with 70 weapons and learn warfare tactics under a tsundere beauty.

The Japanese version of Metal Slug XX has arrived, slip the UMD into your Sony PSP™:

Metal Slug XXJPN N/A sold
Metal Slug XXASIA N/A sold

Also available today:

Ninja Gaiden 2 (Platinum Collection)JPN N/A sold

Nintendo DS™
Fuyu no Sonata DS <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPN US$ 27.99 1w
Fuyu no Sonata DS [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Ichi-Ni Maki PackJPN N/A sold

Sony PSP
Assassin's Creed: BloodlinesJPN N/A sold
Simple 2500 Series Portable!! Vol. 13: The Akuma Hunters - ExorsisterJPN US$ 25.99 1w

Game Guides and Books
Sengoku Musou 3 Complete Guide Vol. 2JPN N/A sold
Sengoku Musou 3 Official Setting SourcebookJPN N/A sold


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