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A Museum Like No Other!

Namco Museum
Switch | Genre: Retro Collection
Release Date: July 28, 2017

Before Mario and Sonic, the most popular video game character was Pac-Man. Due to its simple and addictive gameplay, this game had been so famous it became the official mascot of the Nakamura Manufacturing Company. This pioneering Tokyo-based company, which has created one of the first global cultural icons has also brought to life some of the most beloved series in the whole game industry.

On July 28th you can bring home 11 of the greatest Namco games with Namco Museum for the Nintendo Switch. This fun & nostalgic collection will allow you to enjoy very different gaming experiences and give you the fabulous opportunity to set up your own arcade full of timeless classics at your home without draining your pants with quarters.

More than 10 incredible gems are included in this digital only chest of wonders. Munch-up all those tasty dots, but be aware of not going out of your mind ‘cause the Pac-Man Fever. Destroy all the alien spaceships to save our planet with Galaga. Are you ready to go deeper underground? In this case Help Dig-Dug, the dauntless miner, to collect all the treasures hidden in the bowels of the Earth.

Also, inspired by the Sumerian Mythology, “The Tower of Druaga” bring you in a fantasy world where the hero Gilgamesh started a perilous quest to rescue the beautiful maiden Ki from the vicious hands of the demon Druaga, do your part in this addictive maze game. Fasten your seat belt, take a deep breath, and fly to the horizon to destroy tanks, machine guns, battleships, and an entire army of soldiers which are
threatening a peaceful land with Sky Kid.

Albatross, your new mission is to infiltrate in the underground headquarter of the secret society called “Geldra” which has kidnapped your colleague and aim to conquer the world. Stop them before is too late playing with Rolling Thunder. But if you want to experience a very relentless horrible nightmare enter into the Splatterhouse, in there you'll find hideous ghouls and crazy demons that leap from every corner. Dare to enter in it, and unleash the monster within yourself!

These are only some examples you'll find in this wonderful museum, pre-order it now to play with some of the greatest video games of all time.

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