18. Jan, 2016 18:43 (HKT)

A New Tokyo Jungle?

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While there's been a lot of game news lately, one of the biggest news item today came from 2 tweets by Sony Computer Entertainment producer Masaaki Yamagiwa who recently teased the possibility of a new Tokyo Jungle project.

In the first tweet, Yamigiwa-San states: "悪巧みw 久しぶりの『TOKYO JUNGLE (トーキョージャングル)』会議 We gave a meeting of #tokyojungle after a long time." This was subsequently followed up by "『TOKYO JUNGLE (トーキョージャングル)』のメインメンバーと。片岡Dと菅野さん。何か作りたいな #tokyojungle" in a second tweet.

Here at Play-Asia.com, Tokyo Jungle is probably one of our favorite games of all time for the venerable PS3; we've always wondered why this cult hit never got a sequel or mention of a follow-up, especially for the PS4. If these tweets are any indication of something coming soon, then we're looking forward to our GOTY 201X!

For those who've played this, then here's our humble opinion on what needs to be mandatory for the next one: ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! It's a great dynamic to play this with your partner on a couch co-op session, especially when each person is helping each other survive by bringing quarry and stalking dinos and gators, but imagine if there was an online component! Even if it was a Dark Souls style PVP/Co-Op, or being able to form animal factions - if this was the case, then Tokyo Jungle would really shine; essentially players could form packs, be alpha leaders, fight for mates, and defend territory - it would be a global fight to see who is truly the King of the Tokyo Jungle!

If you've yet to play this, there are many options - you can order the JPN or Chinese Language Version from us, or alternatively download it off the US PSN store. Regardless, if you love games, then you owe it to yourself to try a title that truly makes gaming excel - these unique titles of originality is what keeps us playing after all these years after all!
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