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A preview for the big day tomorrow: Gundam Musou 2, Beatmania DJ Troopers, Tale of Hearts, Fate/Unlimited Codes, ADK Tamashii & much more!

Instead of giving summaries in the Weekly Games Update, these extremely interesting games that are set to be shipped tomorrow will be featured here today to give you a full preview.

Musou action continues with the upgraded Gundam Musou 2. New powerful mobile suits such as Psycho Gundam and Big Zams make their appearances in this installment.

Pick up your weapons, rush forward and mow your opposition regiments down.

Aside from original mecha, Gundams that showed up in the TV or movies are also participating in this massive brawl.

The 3 most powerful mobile suits from the SEED series, Freedom Striker, Infinite Justice and Destiny are joining up with their predecessors such as Sazabi and V-Gundam.

Politics that underlay the series is intriguing but the all-out action is just as absorbing, board your mecha and take on the world.

The next mecha Musou action is available on a range of home consoles:

Gundam Musou 2JPN US$ 49.99 1w
Gundam Musou 2ASIA N/A sold
Gundam Musou 2 [Treasure Box]JPN N/A sold

Gundam Musou 2JPN US$ 36.99 1w
Gundam Musou 2ASIA N/A sold
Gundam Musou 2 [Treasure Box]JPN US$ 71.90 1-2w

Gundam Musou 2JPN US$ 50.90 1-2w
Gundam Musou 2 [Treasure Box]JPN US$ 111.90 1-2w

The first installment of the exciting hack and slash action is still available at Play-Asia.com as these versions:

Gundam Musou International (Platinum Collection)JPN US$ 18.99 1w

Gundam Musou (PlayStation3 the Best)JPN US$ 23.90 1-2w

Gundam Musou Special (PlayStation2 the Best)JPN US$ 24.99 1w

Beatmania set new standards for DJ simulation and rhythm games. The theme of this installment is battle and struggles, therefore the image girl from the last installment has shed her gown and feathered fan, changed into leathery garb and strapped a gun to her thigh.

Together with the guerilla soldier, they are ready take anyone on.

Superb, catchy music is combined with stunning visuals, the image color of this installment is a dark green that contrasts strongly with the fire and lights that happened in the foreground.

Notes and cues are dropping like bullets in an air raid, take your places and get ready to fire back.

Beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers is available on PlayStation2™ as these versions:

beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TroopersJPN N/A sold
beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers [Konamistyle Special Edition - Complete]JPN N/A sold
beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers [Konamistyle Special Edition]JPN N/A sold

The Konamistyle Special Editions will arrive this Friday.

Please see here for the full range of beatmania products available at Play-Asia.com.

Under the twin moons and the rule of the great empire, people have been leading peaceful lives albeit unsettling legends about a sleeping princess, dream eating monsters and the falling moons continue to pass around.

No matter how unsettling, people have been seeing these legends as mere stories to scare children, until the day a mysterious plague started spreading and the culprit of the illness seems to be the dream eating monsters. Under the onslaught of these evil forces, a special substance in people's hearts, spiria gets contaminated.

The only thing to counter the monsters is Soma, hidden within the Spire Maze.

All these strives of the land are unknown to the hero, Shing until he rescues a mysterious girl Kohaku from the monsters. Together, the two set off to find the mysterious substance Soma, save the land and find out the truth about the legends.

Have your heart won and taken by Tale of Hearts. The game is available as an Anime Movie Edition that spots 2D animations and a CG Edition which makes use of 3D graphics. Both versions are available for US$ 62.90 only.

Dress your Nintendo DS™ the Tale of Hearts way. Put it in the protector case that spots an original design to prevent it from scratches and other blemishes. The package comes with the screen cleaner and a stylus that you can pull out to suit the size of your hand.

The protector case set is available for US$ 19.90 only.

Besides the actual game, the original soundtrack is available for US$ 19.90 only.

The fight for the holy grail spreads over from the arcades to your home. Drawn by Type Moon, and with a script written by Natsu Kinoko, the game spots an original storyline and is acted out by the star studded cast of voice actors.

All characters are rendered in 3D but the system maintained the speed factor of 2D fighting games.

Besides punches and kicks, the servant's sure kill attacks and their special weapons are all included in this fighter. Harness their power and fight for your dearest wish.

In addition to the existing elements in the arcade version, the PS2 edition comes with more scenes, player characters in the roster and many other goodies.

The fight for the holy grail is opened through your PlayStation2™ through Fate/Unlimited Codes. The game is available as an SP Box version and a normal version.

The SP version comes with the figure of your most loyal servant Saber in her silver and white armor. Created by Asai Maki from Max Factory, the figure is not only capable of displaying every battle pose Saber has displayed in the game, but the stoic air that is essentially Saber's.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is set at these prices:

Fate/Unlimited CodesJPN N/A sold
Fate/Unlimited Codes [SP Box]JPN US$ 199.90 1w

From the publisher: Suikoden: Tierkreis is the latest iteration of the popular RPG franchise that was introduced more than 12 years ago.

Suikoden: Tierkreis follows the story of the 108 Stars of Destiny, a group of magical warriors, as they challenge the almighty One King, who intends to create chaos in the universe.

As the player gathers the members of the 108 Stars of Destiny, the forces for good will stand up against evil in a battle that spans the near infinite parallel worlds of the Million World universe.

Gather your 108 warriors and combine forces for this massive battle between good and evil. Suikoden: Tierkreis is available in several versions.

Gensou Suikoden TierkreisJPN US$ 39.99 1w
Gensou Suikoden Tierkreis [Konamistyle Special Edition]JPN N/A sold
Suikoden TierkreisUS US$ 45.99 1-5d

The US versions is arriving in March next year and the Konami Special Styled Edition will come on Friday.

The package includes an Original Soundtrack (CD+DVD collection), an art book, a specially designed book cover, character printed bookmarks, and a special drama CD along with the game card.

Although hardly as well known as some other game developers, ADK, with their unique products and styles have achieved a loyal fan base and a legendary status.

Out of their game banks, SNK has selected five which are most representative of their styles and compiled them together into one game disc. This is a gaming experience that you would be addicted to once you've enjoyed it.

The compilation is made up of three ninja fighting tournaments: Ninja Masters, Combat, Ninja Commando, a street fighting title, Tsukai Gangan and a cute shooter Twinkle Star Sprites.

Delve into the depth of the ADK games and adopt its Spirit. This compilation is available on PlayStation2™ for US$ 54.90 only.

Also in stock today:

Prince of PersiaJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d

Armored Core: For Answer (PlayStation3 the Best)JPN US$ 34.99 24h

Nintendo Wii™
Elebits (Konami the Best)JPN N/A sold

EA Sports Rugby 08 (EA:SY! 1980)JPN N/A sold
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series Vol. 13: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Yakusoku no TokiJPN US$ 54.90 1w
Kagero 2: Dark Illusion (PlayStation2 the Best Reprint)JPN N/A sold
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Dream Hyper Battle (Best Collection)JPN US$ 39.99 1w

Nintendo DS™
Momotarou Dentetsu: 20-ShuunenJPN N/A sold
Osawari Tantei: Osawa Rina - Season 2 1/2 (Good Price)JPN N/A sold
Power Pro Kun Pocket 11JPN US$ 64.90 1w
Takahashi Shoten Kanshuu: Saihinshutsu! SPI Perfect Mondaishuu DS 2010 NendohanJPN US$ 34.90 1w

Sony PSP™
Crimson Room RebirthJPN US$ 34.90 1w
Hiiro no Kakera PortableJPN N/A sold
Hiiro no Kakera Portable [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Saikyou Shogi BonanzaJPN US$ 40.90 1-2w
Star Wars: The Clone WarsJPN US$ 14.90 5-15d

PC Game
PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2009ASIA N/A sold


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