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Action and hunting game 'Toukiden Kiwami' release scores big in Famitsu, 37/40

Toukiden Kiwami is the sequel to the very popular action title Toukiden: Age of Demons. Set in Utakata Village, located in a medieval Japanese world, the player must fight alongside the 'mononofu', skilled warriors who specialize in slaying demons. Coming away from the all-important Famitsu review with a crazy 37/40 (scores: 9/9/10/9) Toukiden: Kiwami has renewed the passion of fans and critics alike!


PlayStation®Vita PlayStation®Portable [Action]

The north has fallen to the Oni and their people seek refuge in the only recently recovered Utakata village. Under your guidance the different factions must come together to hold back the oncoming demonic swarm.

Toukiden Kiwami, like any good sequel, has improved where it was lacking while bolstering its library of weapons, demons, souls, and characters. The new characters include: Aiba, the commander of the third company elite Demon Hunters Corps (fights with a spiked club) and Hollow an amnesiac woman who uses a gun. A new weapon, the naginata, is also available (the ultimate hack and slash weapon). 

Multiplayer works similarly to the previous title, supporting cooperative play with support for up to four players. In addition to the ability to play both the PS Vita and PSP versions via crossplay and ad-hoc mode, players in Japan can use the infrastructure mode to fight alongside other mononofu around the country against the strongest of demons.

Toukiden KiwamiPlayStation®VitaJPN US$ 34.991w
Toukiden KiwamiSony PSPJPN US$ 24.991-5d
Toukiden Kiwami (Japanese)PlayStation®VitaASIA sold
Toukiden Kiwami (Chinese Sub)PlayStation®VitaASIA sold
Toukiden Kiwami [Limited Edition] (Japanese)PlayStation®VitaASIA sold
Toukiden Kiwami [Limited Edition] (Chinese Sub)PlayStation®VitaASIA sold
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Toukiden Kiwami [Treasure Box]Sony PSPJPN sold

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