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Affiliate Guide 1.0

As we make changes and updates to our affiliate program, we'd like to take this time to give a refresher course to help everyone out. This is an indepth guide, and we will have an infographic quick reference as well. We hope this helps, and thank you for your support!

1. Log in to your Play-Asia.com account. You must be an affiliate:

2. Affiliate information displayed at the bottom of each page:

URL - This is the link users will follow in order to get to the current page. The example above was taken from the bottom of the HORI Pad page, and will take users to the product page. The URL will include your affiliate ID.

HTML - This is basic HTML including a link to the current page with a title. No banner is included in this HTML.

BBCode - This is the basic BBCode implementation of a link to the current page. No banner is included in the BCCode.

Add one of our banners to your site - This will take you to our selection of curated banners in Step 3.

We advise navigating to the webpage you would like to ultimately link to (product page or search page) before clicking "Add one of our banners to your site" as the program will use this URL for the banner's link.

3. Customizing and choosing banner links:

By default the link used in the banner's HTML & BBCode will be the link from the page you originally navigated from in Step 2.

We can see in the below example that the URL is to the previously mentioned HORI controller. Affiliates can either navigate from the web page they would like to link their banners to, or manually edit the link themselves (replacing the quoted URL with a Play-Asia.com link). Make sure to include your affiliate ID if you manually change the URL.

In order to improve your conversion rates it is best to send your users an appropriate link. First we should match the content of the banners with the appropriate URL. For this example I will be using the "Video Games General" set of banners that includes various pre-order games and recent releases. 

Linking to a single product is as easy as grabbing the correct URL from the bottom of the product page, but affiliates can also link to searches or pre-sorted pages - which is very useful for rotational banners since they usually include multiple products.

Below is an example of a selection of pre-order games displayed on the front page of Play-Asia.com that would be appropriate for the "Video Games General" rotational banner set.

You can follow the link to a pre-sorted list, or do custom searches of your own.

At the bottom of the pre-orders page simply scroll down and click "Add one of our banners to your site" and navigate to the banner(s) you would like to use. The banners you choose during that session will all include the same URL.

Simply navigate to a new product or search page and click to "Add one of our banners to your site" in order to reset your session with a new URL.

4. Using 'Rotating Banners' & Dimensions:

Once you have followed the "Add one of our banners to your site" link you will be on our banners page.

Play-Asia.com affiliates can make use of our "Rotating Banners" which are sets of banners that will choose one banner to randomly display every time it is called upon by a user. Each time a user comes to your website they will be provided with a potentially different banner. You can check which banners are included in the rotation by clicking on the displayed image. 

Our staff keep these sets of banners updated with the hottest and best selling titles of the month, allowing our affiliates to display the latest and most lucrative products without any extra effort. Single banners are also available if you wish to have more direct control over the content.

Rotating banners are grouped by type and console. For example if you hosted a blog centered around the PS Vita, you might want to only include banners from our PlayStation Vita rotating banner. You can also use a more general set.

We currently provide banners in these sizes:

Standard: 468x60 | Skyscraper: 120x600, 160x600 | Square: 300x250 | Leaderboard: 728x90

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