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Akiba’s Beat - Don't let delusions win!

Akiba's Beat
PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita | Genre: Otaku Adventure

Famous all around the world for the otaku counterculture, maid cafes, and shops Akihabara is the perfect setting for a videogame!

The NEET Asahi Tachibana, is a young boy that after dropping out from the college, he spends his time in Akihabara, a place where all sorts of people live, work, and play, a place full of wonders, and mysteries, an amazing place which is a worldwide renowned ward of Tokyo. Deluded by his current lifestyle, Asahi live a repeating life together with his close friend Saki Hoshino. Their delusions built a parallel metaverse where the people around them are inexplicably forced to live the same day over and over again, but with no memories about this incessant loop. The only two people who are aware about this are Asahi, and Saki…

They decide to solve this mistery that melts the real world with the humans’ inspirations one, to restore the normalcy in Akiba. Explore the faithfully recreated Tokyo’s ward - with all the shops at their right places - to gather more infos as you can about odd, and scaring facts occurred in it recently, and then enter in the deep, dark “Delusionscapes” a system of intricated dungeons created by people’s delusions, and inhabited by scary creatures called “Deluseons”.

Akiba’s Beat is more than a game. It’s an awesome adventure which tells a heartwarming story about friendship. If you loved games such as The World Ends With You, and Persona 5, you should play also with this new title for PS4, and PSVita.

Don’t give up! Don't let delusions win the battle of people’s lifes!

PSN Card 50 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 49.99 24h
Akiba's Beat (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 13.99 24h
Akiba's Beat (PlayStation Vita, JPN) sold
Akiba's Beat (PlayStation 4™, US)US$ 21.99 1-5d
Akiba's Beat (PlayStation Vita, US)US$ 29.99 1-2w
Akiba's Beat (PlayStation 4™, EUR)US$ 12.99 2-4w
Akiba's Beat (PlayStation Vita, EUR) sold
Akiba's Beat (Chinese Subs) (PlayStation 4™, ASIA)US$ 69.99 1-5d

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