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ALERT! Pokemon Swarms Have Been Reported Across the Region!

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ALERT! Calling all Pokemon Trainers! Reports are flooding in of multiple species of Pokemon swarming across the globe!! This is a golden opportunity for any trainer to get a hold of many Pokemon, some of them are even species that are rarely seen! Our team of Pokemon professors has compiled this list of the Pokemon currently swarming, so grab your Pokeballs and equip your running shoes (remember to read the manual) it's time to capture some Pokemon
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Ivysaur | Seed Pokémon | Type: Grass/Poison
Charmeleon | Flame Pokémon | Type: Fire
Wartortle | Turtle Pokémon | Type: Water

Starting off with of evolutions of three of the most iconic Pokemon. The first evolutions of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. These Pokemon are usually overshadowed by they're pre-evolutions and evolutions but none can deny they have their own unique charm. With the bud on Ivysaur's back growing larger, it finds it harder to stand on its hind legs, though it's still able to muster enough strength to stand on its forelimbs to deliver a devastating Solar Beam or Seed Bomb. Charmelon developed a much more vicious nature and has razor-sharp claws to Slash at its opponents when it's not breathing flames on them. Lastly, Wartortles are said to be able to live to be 10,000 years old and its tail has become a symbol of longevity. It still a mystery how it manages to fit its tail and ears into its shell.

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Raichu | Mouse Pokémon | Type: Electric
Machop | Superpower Pokémon | Type: Fighting
Slowpoke | Dopey Pokémon | Type: Water/Psychic
Lapras | Transport Pokémon | Type: Water/Ice

Four other Pokemon from the Kanto region have been reported swarming in various areas. Firstly, we have Raichu, the evolved form of the popular Pokemon Pikachu, after it's been exposed to a Thunder Stone. Some trainers debate that a Pikachu with a Light Ball is capable of stronger attacks, but of course move set and team composition are important too. A variant has also been discovered in the Alola region. Despite their small size Machops are incredibly strong and more than capable of holding their own in a battle. Raise one well and eventually you'll have a powerful Machamp. Slowpokes are forgetful Pokemon with a ridiculously slow reaction time. When their tails aren't being cut off for food, they usually gather around river banks fishing for Shellders, which can potentially evolve them into either a Slowbro or a Slowking. Finally, Lapras, a Pokemon once on the verge of extinction is now thriving thanks to conservation efforts. A gentle and reliable Pokemon that has seen its fair share of competitive battling but would rather help ferry people instead.

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Flaaffy | Wool Pokémon | Type: Electric
Wooper | Water Fish Pokémon | Type: Water/Ground

Two Pokemon that were first recorded in the Johto region have been reported to be part of the current swarm. The evolved form of the electric sheep Pokemon Mareep, Flaaffy have lost most of the wool off they're bodies due to the high amount of electricity stored within them. Like the others in its evolutionary line, the orb on its tail lights up when fully charged. Woopers are amphibious Pokemon that are usually found in damp marshes or swamps. While adorably cute, it's ill-advised to touch one barehanded when encountered on land as they coat themselves in a toxic slime.

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Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Absol (S) (JPN) closed

Banette | Marionette Pokémon | Type: Ghost
Absol | Disaster Pokémon | Type: Dark

These two Pokemon were originally discovered in the Hoenn region. The Ghost-type Pokemon Banette is the evolved form of Shuppet. These creepy looking doll-like Pokemon are said to possess a powerful grudge as a result of owners that threw out their dolls. We would advise against opening up the zipper that acts as its mouth, bad things happen when opened. Speaking of bad things happening, the Pokemon Absol is said to be an omen of bad things to come. However, it actually is able to sense impending disasters with the horn on its head and tries to warn people about them. Both Pokemon have recently gained powerful Mega Evolutions

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Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Chimchar (S) (JPN) closed
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Turtwig | Tiny Leaf Pokémon | Type: Grass
Chimchar | Chimp Pokémon | Type: Fire
Piplup | Penguin Pokémon | Type: Water

The three Starter Pokemon of the Sinnoh region are swarming as well. While all three have yet to attain Mega Evolutions, they're all very powerful Pokemon once fully evolved. Turtwig evolves into the imposing looking Torterra and gains the Ground typing making it very versatile in battle. Chimchar evolves into the hard-hitting Inferape. The combination of Fire & Fighting type starters have been quite numerous in recent years and have all proved to be powerful in competitive battles. Lastly, the cute penguin Pokemon Piplup evolves into the regal looking Empoleon. Gaining the Steel-typing it makes for a very bulky defensive battler.

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Budew | Bud Pokémon | Type: Grass/Poison
Drifloon | Balloon Pokémon | Type: Ghost/Flying

Two more Pokemon from the Sinnoh region are also swarming. The pre-evolution of the Pokemon Roselia, Budew are usually found near clean pool or ponds. They're very sensitive to changes in temperature and we advise trainers with pollen allergies to stay clear as they release the pollen from their bud when in warm weather. Drifloons are odd Pokemon that resemble balloon with a large "X" between its eyes. While they have gained a reputation for spiriting away children to the afterlife, they have actually been shown to be quite friendly and helpful. 

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Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Chandelure (S) (JPN) closed

Sewaddle | Sewing Pokémon | Type: Bug/Grass
Chandelure | Luring Pokémon | Type: Ghost/Fire 

The final two Pokemon of this report were first discovered in the Unova region. First, a little bug Pokemon called Sewaddle, these caterpiller-like Pokemon use chewed up leaves to make themselves clothes using a thread-like substance they make. If loving care if shown by a trainer it can potentially evolve into a Leavany. Lastly, the Pokemon Chandelure. Resembling a chandelier, these Pokemon use their flame-tipped arms to hypnotize their targets before absorbing their spirits. Quite a frightening sounding Pokemon we do advise Trainers to be extra careful around them.

So there you have it, trainers! Eighteen Pokemon species for you to track down and capture! Whatever the reason you pursue these Pokemon remember to treat them with love and respect! OH!! It seems these aren't the only Pokemon spotted, several species from the PREVIOUS OUTBREAK may still be around, so keep an eye out for them! We estimate this Swarm will last until August 19th, 2017. So get out there and Catch em' All!
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