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ALERT!! Wide Spread Reports of Extremely Rare PokeMon Appearing Across the Region!

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This just in! A huge outbreak of Pokémon has just been reported! Several rare species of Pokémon have been sighted in many locations! If you're looking to capture some of these Pokémon now wou- hold on we just got another update. By Arceus!! Major update trainers!! New information has revealed that multiple Legendary, and the even rarer Mythical Pokémon have been sighted! Our expert Pokémon researchers have compiled a list of the Pokémon spotted so far!
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Plusle (S) (JPN)US$ 13.99 24h
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Minun (S) (JPN)US$ 13.99 24h

Plusle | Cheering Pokémon |Type: Electric
Minun | Cheering Pokémon |Type: Electric

These cute electric-type bare a resemblance to the popular Pokémon Pikachu. Both love to cheer on their teammates by using their electricity to create pom-poms! It's also said that exposure to their electricity improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. They usually appear as a pair in double battles.

Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Treecko (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Torchic (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Mudkip (S) (JPN) sold

Treecko | Wood Gecko Pokémon | Type: Grass
Torchic | Chick Pokémon | Type: Fire
Mudkip | Mud Fish Pokémon | Type: Water

The three starter Pokémon from the Hoenn region have been spotted swarming as well! Each of these evolves into very powerful Pokémon, even more so with the power of Mega Evolutions! Treecko evolves into the speedy and powerful Sceptile, which slices through opponents with its signature Leaf Blade! Torchic evolves into the fiery Fire/Fighting Blaziken and uses it's powerful legs to Blade Kick its way to victory. Lastly a Pokémon I heard people like, Mudkip. This Pokémon evolves into the strong and bulky Swampert who washes away its opponents with Muddy Water attack. Also, it's Mega Evolution leaves you wondering if you even lift!
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Raikou (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Entei (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Suicune (S) (JPN) sold

Raikou | Thunder Pokémon | Type: Electric
Entei | Volcano Pokémon | Type: Fire
Suicune | Aurora Pokémon | Type: Water

The Legendary Trio of the Johto region has also been appearing in multiple locations! We're not sure how as we were under the assumption there was only one of each, more research into their origins may be required. What we do know so far, or at least believe we know, is that the three Pokémon were revived by the Legendary Bird Pokémon Ho-oh after a Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon perished in a fire at Ecruteak City's Brass Tower, now unknown as the Burnt Tower, the result was these Legendary Beasts! However, the locals of the city feared the power of the Beasts and chased them out of the city, now Raikou, Entei, and Suicune race across the Johto region. How multiples of them are showing across the world up is still being highly speculated.

Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Celebi (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Jirachi (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Manaphy (S) (JPN)US$ 14.99 24h

Celebi | Time Travel Pokémon | Type: Psychic/Grass
Jirachi | Wish Pokémon | Type: Steel/Psychic
Manaphy | Seafaring Pokémon | Type: Water

To our surprise, several Mythical Pokémon
have suddenly started appearing as well. The Mythical Celebi revered as a guardian of the forest, and said to possess the ability to travel through time itself. Traveling to points in history of great peace, forest flourish where ever and whenever it appears. One of it's most notable sightings was in Johto's Ilex Forest. Jirachi is equally as rare as it's said it awakes from its millennia-long hibernation for only seven days at a time. Legends state it is able to use the three charms on its star-shaped head to grant any three wishes. Despite being in hibernation for a thousand years, it is still able to defend itself if it senses danger. Records have shown Manaphy to be a peculiar Mythical Pokémon as it has the ability to breed. Its offspring are the Pokémon Phione, however, Phione doesn't share the same Mythical status as its parent. Not much else is known about this mysterious Pokémon but it is known to be made up of mostly water, and possess a wondrous power to bond with any kind of Pokémon. More research is required.

Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Shaymin (Land Forme) (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Victini (S) (JPN) sold
Pocket Monsters All Star Collection Plush: Hoopa (S) (JPN) sold

Shaymin | Gratitude Pokémon | Type: Grass
Victini | Victory Pokémon | Type: Psychic/Fire
Hoopa | Mischief Pokémon | Type: Psychic/Ghost

The last few Pokémon that have been reported as also classed as Mythical Pokémon. Shaymin, in its Land Form, is the smallest of the Mythical Pokémon on record. It's attracted to feelings of gratitude and it's said if lovingly hugged by someone with those feelings the flowers on its body burst into bloom. One particular flower called the Gracidea Flower triggers it's transformation into its Sky Form, become more brave and playful. One notable location it was sited was the Flower Paradise in the Sinnoh region. The  Pokémon Victini is said to possess an unlimited supply of energy and can share that energy with anyone it touches. Any trainer with it can never lose no matter what. It's always seen with its fingers in a V-shape. One notable sighting was at the Liberty Garden in Unova. Lastly is Hoopa, one of the most recently discovered Mythical Pokémon. Hoopa in its Confined form has the power of teleportation, which results in the warping of space. Its Unbound 
form however, can completely bend dimensions as well as forcibly summon other Pokémon. Could it be the reason we're seeing so many rare Pokémon appear now? Perhaps it may answer some questions in the Pokémon Creation Myth (etc.). More research is required.

Well Trainers, you've been briefed on all the Pokémon spotted in this current outbreak. There are some reports of Lucarios, Totodiles, Popplios, and even Alolan Raichus, but not enough to be considered part of the outbreak. Anyways capture as many as you can AND FAST as we anticipate this outbreak to not last too long. We calculate it will end on Apr 27, 2017 (GMT+8), so get out there and catch em' all! 
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