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All Razer Product 5% off for the month of November!

For the rest of the month of November Razer peripherals in our store will be 5% off! We've broken down the pros and cons of some of our favorite peripherals from the Razer line, so if you've been thinking about replacing some of your gaming gear or simply want to take your gaming experience a little more seriously, let us set you off in the right direction!


Used worldwide by professional gamers playing StarCraft II, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends (to just name a few) the DeathAdder is undoubtably Razer's star of the show. As an owner and avid user of the mouse I'll give my thoughts as to why that is the case, as well as the reality of some features.

The versatility of the mouse is definitely one of the strongest selling points and although 'ergonomic' and 'precision' may come off as meaningless buzzwords the DeathAdder seriously delivers when it comes to comfort-of-use. 

The DeathAdder is probably the best fit for 'Palm Grip' gamers due to it's larger size, but don't think for a second that you have to hold it the "correct" way. That said, you should keep in mind that fatigue may set in faster at first if you are used to a smaller mouse with a different grip.

You won't ever see me using a wireless mouse for gaming because of my personal aversion to charging them, but even I will admit a wired mouse has disadvantages. Unless you're a wizard the cord will start to kink and fray over time, this can be avoided with some care but it is a near-impossible task to avoid it forever.

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Seeing as many of our customers prefer to play on console, and more specifically the PS4, is is definitely worth starting off with confirmation that these bad boys plug directly into the DualShock 4 controller 3.5mm jack, with full microphone functionality.

The Kraken does a good job at ticking all the 'gaming headset' boxes, as well as the boxes for general use. With a lightweight design it is comfortable to wear for hours at a time, is analog so requires no drivers (3.5mm plug + play), has large cupped ears, and a high quality retractable microphone.

The Kraken Pro handles bass very well, so those epic game soundtracks and massive explosions will be done justice. Crank up the volume with no fear of popping or crackling! You will need to adjust the volume on your device though, as the Kraken Pro does not have inline audio controls.

The Kraken Pro is optimized for the mid-range so audiophiles may find that the high ends are somewhat muted. Your music collection and dialogue will still sound top notch with the Kraken Pros, but the picky among us will still notice this slight drawback.

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A mechanical keyboard is the biggest peripheral change you can make for PC gaming, normal keys will never feel right after you've experienced the responsiveness of a top of the line mechanical keyboard.

With the 2014 models of the Razer Blackwidow you will find Razer's specialized switches, dubbed simply 'Razer Mechanical Switches', instead of the typical Cherry switches. The switches aren't too different from your typical Cherry switches, but have Razer's signature of attention to detail. 

Designed for gaming, rather than typing, the Razer Mechanical Switches have a shorter actuation and reset, which in laymens terms means the keys have to travel a shorter distance to register a keystroke. It is a small difference, but technically does mean faster reaction times. 

Another major selling point of the new mechanical switches are their increased durability to 60 million keystrokes, which may not seem like a large increase when compared to the Cherry's 50 million but could mean months or even years or increased use. 

The Razer Blackwidow is also available in a 'Stealth' edition, if you find the clicky nature of a mechanical keyboard annoying rather than theraputic this is the route for you.

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