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A spellbinding mix of adventure, comedy, romance and music, this acclaimed animated spectacular tells the thrilling story of the lost Russian princess Anastasia and her incredible quest to find her true identity.When the shadow of revolution falls across Russia, the royal family's youngest daughter barely escapes with her life. Years later, Anastasia and a band of heroic companions must battle the evil Rasputin, his sidekick Bartok the bat and a host of ghostly minions in a headlong race to reach Paris, reclaim her rightful destiny and solve the greatest mystery of the 20th century.1917年蘇俄大革命,一個動盪不安的時期。安娜塔西亞一當時俄國國王尼可拉斯二世的小女兒,她僥倖地逃過一埸皇家大屠殺的劫難...。十年,一個被人忘卻的時光後,她偶然地掉落到一位年輕的騙徒手掌中,他為了要獲得一份優厚的賞金而四處尋人來冒充這位被遺忘,下落不明的公主,無巧不成話他竟看中她,並要她來扮演自己...。

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