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Another Eden Original Soundtrack 2

Audio CD
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  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1

01. Ancient Battlefield
02. Song of the World's Demise
03. Serpent's Bone Island
04. Tragedic Paramours
05. Conyum
06. Stand Against the Darkness
07. Serpent's Neck Igoma
08. Another Eden (Piano Arrangement)
09. Hymn of Time
10. Purgatory Field
11. Four Great Eidolons
12. Toto Dreamland - The Lost Jewel
13. Ogre's Fort
14. Portent
15. Dirge of the Sacred Sword
16. The King Guided by the Fate
17. Epilogue 1.5

Disc 2

01. Academy in the Open Sky
02. Delicate Frozen Floret
03. Palace of the Sea Goddess
04. The Thousand Year Wish
05. Horai - Village of the Wind
06. Horai - Town with a Distant Wish
07. Horai - Hometown of Dreamers
08. The Mine of Time
09. Princess of the Mysterious Forest
10. The Girl Who Wore a Flower
11. City of the Butterfly's Dream
12. The Divine Crystal
13. Painful Prayer
14. Sunshine from Someday


Second soundtrack release from smart phone game Another Eden Jiku wo Koeru Neko. Music by Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Mariam Abounnasr from PROCYON STUDIO. Includes 31 tracks. Cover artwork newly illustrated by game character designer, Choi Shinwoo

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