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Product Features

  • 14 regions with themed dungeons and enemies
  • Battle-centered turn-based tactical combat gameplay
  • 12 units of 4 classes with unique and highly synergic abilities, experience and tier progression
  • Experimental endless procedural music
  • Roguelike elements including procedural dungeons & loot, units perma-death and more! - Dark, bleak atmosphere
  • Corruption System - your unit's health is not your only concern. They will slowly tune in towards the enemies' song!
  • Unit & party management - restore your unit’s resolve decisively by committing them to the Purgatory and mend their broken bodies by assigning them the - - Medical Ward - if it isn't already full
  • Equipment in the form of augments – a punishing system designed to render hoarding useless!
  • Loot – randomly generated augments, crafting recipes, pages of lore, or ritual rites of six different rarities
  • Currency system with three types of favors from gods to bless your journey, four types of refugees and materials to revitalize the continent, and, of course, ether – your very own fuel
  • Camp management - Upgrade and manage your ragged refugee camp & patch-up your facilities
  • Crafting system - The knowledge of upgrading the level of equipment or essences or obtaining new ones was lost, but the compendium of shaping is still at your disposal
  • Progress management – choose your path carefully for here be dragons!
  • Punishing decision-making: from layers of management to layers of combat mechanics, all your choices matter and there’s no going back
  • Collectible lore with a twist – you don’t care about the lore? Fine, just enjoy the experience & other bonuses from collecting it – we can’t afford wasting development resources!
  • Made by a small team
  • Community oriented development – we want YOU to have a say regarding which features come first, give us ideas and vote for the kind of stuff you want to see in the game before we fully release it!
  • Still under development – aside from being bugged, unbalanced and half-baked, this means we can end up with a zombie-shoot’em’up by release, provided you manage to convince enough players to vote for such features!

Item Description

Become an Arhaekon and recover lost treasures & knowledge, bleed your minions and forge them into something more, rebuild what has fallen into decay and lay waste to the abominations holding the world captive, in our Tactical turn-based dungeon crawler.

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