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Asura: Vengeance Edition STEAM digital

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Asura: Vengeance Edition
Asura: Vengeance Edition
Asura: Vengeance Edition
Asura: Vengeance Edition
Asura: Vengeance Edition


  • Perma-Death: When you die, you start all over again from the very beginning with a new skill tree
  • New Items: New artifacts and drops items have been added to the roster and will drop to boost your stats while in combat
  • Shamshan: Save your Asura at Shamshan ( Crypt ) and show off the epic gear and ultimate skills you acquired during your invasion
  • Chakra System: A new persistent system wherein defeating the bosses will unlock unique perks which can be equipped during battle
  • Enemies Inspired by Indian myths: Battle hordes of enemies, each with their unique characteristics and abilities, inspired from Indian Mythos
  • Indian Inspired Lore: Immerse yourself in a fantasy setting based on Indian mythology and discover a whole new take on the battle between good and evil
  • Procedurally Generated Skill Tree: Mold your character using the unique, procedurally-generated "Shastra" tree (with over 80 skills!) for near-infinite replayability
  • Randomly Generated Levels: Rampage through the "Pancha Dvora" - 5 randomly generated fortresses, each with its particular aesthetics, enemies, and challenges
  • Unique Weapons & Armour: Find epic loot with each play through and adapt your play to make the most of what you’ve scavenged from the corpses of your enemies
  • Unlock New Demon Characters: Unlock 3 different Demon variants with unique alignments to each of the core Shastras. Maximize the return on your choices to surpass your previous personal best
  • New Rooms: Sacrifice your blood in the goblet of Amrut for rewards or test your luck at the dice game called Passa. New rooms have been introduced to the procedural fortresses (levels) in the game
  • Mahasura Difficulty: A new difficulty mode for the hardcore who are looking for a challenge. In Mahasura Difficulty, any enemy, boss or champion can spawn regardless of the fortress. Oh yes! Your weapon will get destroyed when you get burnt


Asura is an indie, top-down, Hack 'n' Slash game set in a fantasy world inspired by the richness of Indian mythology. It features heavy rogue-like elements and a unique procedural skill tree that changes on every play-through.

Reincarnated as a demon, use your newfound powers and hatred to invade the 'Pancha Dvora'- the five fortresses of the Daeva empire. Embark on a journey to exact your vengeance against Hasirama - The God-King, Maharaja, and Slayer of Innocents.

Asura is inspired by the rogue-like genre and is brutally difficult but FAIR…

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