Atri -My Dear Moments Blu-ray Box [Limited Edition]

Version: Japan
Blu-ray Region Free
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 02-Dec-2024
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Language  Japanese
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An unforgettable summer spun by a boy and a girl is coming. ATRI -My Dear Moments- is the first title released by ANIPLEX.EXE, a novel game brand launched by Aniplex in 2019. This work, which has exceeded 300,000 downloads and continues to gain more users both domestically and internationally, has been decided to be made into a TV animation in 2024! A special box set will be released, including the full-length movie and original soundtrack on 6 discs. This special box set will cover the entire world of the TV animation "ATRI -My Dear Moments-" in one package!

In the near future, much of the earth's surface will sink into the sea due to an unexplained rise in sea level. Natsuki Ikaruga, a boy who lost one of his legs in a childhood accident, has given up city life and moved to a country town by the sea. He is left with his grandmother's boat, a submersible, and debts. To recover his "lost future," Natsuo dives to a warehouse on the ocean floor where his grandmother's legacy is said to lie. There, he finds a mysterious girl, Atri, sleeping in a coffin-like device. She is a robot so elaborate and full of emotion that she could pass for a human. After being salvaged from the ocean floor, Atri says, "I want to fulfill the final order left by the Master. I want to fulfill the last order left by the master. Until then, I will be Natsuo's legs! In a peaceful town sinking into the sea, a boy and a robot girl begin an unforgettable summer.