25. Jun, 2012 17:15 (HKT)

Auctioning Classics - The Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Collection, Transformers: Dark of the Moon MEGATRON Transformers Package, Fate Extra Saber & more!

Something classical comes into the Auction House. The Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Collection crams war, sneaky action and the history of the franchise into one big box. Get ready to dig out your PlayStation, PlayStation2 and Sony PSP to play the 6 games inside.

All of them break new grounds at the time it was released. Experience the touching moments once again. The box set also comes with the Metal Gear Saga DVD. It tells the story of Solid Snake, starting from MGS 3 and touching on MGS 4, it also contains information on Big Boss, Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake.

The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PlayStation2. See how the game is produced, read the original script, listen to the sound track and see how the master piece is born.

The Package is in Good Condition. The package is dusty and slightly dented, however, the contents are undamaged. Please bid for it here.

Transformers jump out of the screen in the Blu-Ray 3D package. Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay join hands in bringing you an action packed mecha adventure. An invention that might end the war between the Autobots and Decepticons was left on the moon, and Optimus Prime sets off to discover what it is.

Pillars that teleport objects from spot to spot are found on the moon. The only one who can activate them is Sentinel Prime, the previous leader of the the Autobots. Reviving him seemed like the right thing to do. Yet, Optimus has no idea that Sentinel has long sided with the Decepticons, and world dominion is what Sentinel seeks.

The MEGATRON Transformers Package is in Mint Condition. It has been opened previously, but the content is as good as new. Please place your bid for it here.

Fate Extra Saber is regal in red. With fire as her element, she burns her way into display cases. Take her in tow and break out of the cycle of defeat.

Figure designer Miyagawa Takeshi crafted her loyally according to her new waif-ish image, he painted her eyes a luminescent green that sets off the fiery red of her uniform skirt.

The semi opaque skirt under the flaps of her uniform brings her an exotic color. It reveals the slender lines of her legs, the golden plates of her boots beneath and the lightness of her movements. The skirt spreads out like a flower as it flutters about her.

Saber is in Mint Condition, her box might have been opened, but the figure is as good as new. Please bid for her here.


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