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Battle maidens and pirates - Persona Aegis, Persona 4 Plush Doll: Kuma, One Piece World Collectable 9th installment, Baka to Test Kinoshita Hideyoshi, To Aru Railgun: Misaka-Mori

Cospa brings you Aegis in her full dynamic glory. Captured in the middle of her persona summon, we see Palladion rising from the ground to aid her in battle.

All details, such as the wisps of smoke from her finger pistols, the blue power charge on the persona's helmet and all the nuts and bolts that make up the android maiden are crafted loyally according to her character designs, you can almost feel the aura of life from her.

The Ex Resinya line is a step up from the existing high quality Resinya series, there are more details and more force in their art. Created especially for connoisseurs, Aegis is the first statue to come, clear a space for her in your display stand today.

Ex Resinya! Persona 4 Fes Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Aegis (Heavy Equipment Version)JPN N/Asold

Kuma is The Star in the Persona 4 deck of Tarot cards and the guide to the mysterious TV world. This funny fellow is chased out of his home by the shadows and needs your help to restore order to his dimension. At the mean time, he'll reside in your house as a plush doll and mascot. Take him home, he's wonderful both as comedic relief and a gift under the Christmas tree.

Manufactured and released by Alter, the plush is completely loyal to his character designs, you can even re-create the scene where the Persona 4 team removes Kuma's head to study this interesting bear's insides. Just remember to zip up his head after you're done.

Due to popular demand, Kuma plush is back:

Persona 4 Pre-Painted Plush Doll: KumaJPN N/Asold

Today comes your December dose of One Piece World Collection Figures. This time, we have the Going Merry memorial festival with Luffy holding up his pirate flag and a super small figure of the ship itself. There are also the eternally warring pirates Dori and Brogi, the prices on their heads rose to a new height, so come grab them today.

This month, Usopp plays the hero, he comes with his good friend Kaya, and Kuro, the Black Cat captain who dressed up as her butler to deceive her, and the clumsy hypnotist Jango in his heart shaped glasses.

Put the whole One Piece cast in your display shelf today, grab the 9th installment in the One Piece World Collection Figures today:

One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV065 - Going MerryJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV066 - LuffyJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV067 - UsoppJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV068 - KayaJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV069 - JangoJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV070 - KuroJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV071 - DorryJPN N/Asold
One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure vol.9: TV072 - BrogyJPN N/Asold

Kinoshita Hideyoshi is everybody's absolute favorite. His androgynous beauty wins him fans across genders and he's voted top places in both most popular male and female character polls. Although he has a twin sister, he's still the cuter and prettier one.

The veteran bishojo figure sculptor Otoyama Houjun catches this golden character at a very interesting moment, and while Hideyoshi looks like a princess who needs protection, his summon beast is fierce and stoic, a perfect contrast of personalities.

The Alter version of the prize winner is available today:

Baka to Test to Shokanju 1/8 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kinoshita Hideyoshi and ShokanjuJPN N/Asold

This is the invincible formation born from the mind of the famous manga artist, Arima Keisuke. All these Misaka's could produce enough electricity to power the academy city for a year.

The poker faces of the Misaka sisters contrast with the vivid expression of Mikoto. There is also the Accelerator and Last Order pair. Let's see if you're the lucky person to get it.

Link the Misaka's together by their angles with the M-shaped cuffs provided by the box to prevent the pyramid from falling over. Each figure has a joint in its neck so the Misaka sisters can watch out enemies from all directions.

All figures are shipped out randomly, try your luck to see if you get the special characters:

To Aru Majutsu no Index Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Trading Figure: Misaka-MoriJPN N/Asold


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