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This game represents Four Battles of the Spanish Civil War, battles of Ebro, Teruel, Guadalajara, and Merida or La Serena. Players can play as Nationalists, Republicans or both in player vs player game.

Unit size is battalion for infantry and cavalry, company or battalion for armoured cars or tanks, batteries for artillery and squadron for Aircraft. In each battle, there is an attacker and a defender. The objective for the attacker is to do as history was or better, and for the defensor to avoid the historical defeat or to do a counterattack successful to achieve better results than the historical ones.

In Battles For Spain you will find Historical units like Legion, Falange, CTV Italian fascist battalions, Requetes, Mixed Brigades and International Brigades with historical deployment and leaders like Hans Kahle, El Campesino, Redondo etc... , and a deck of cards representing reinforcements, weather, desertions, artillery bombardment and many other events that give the game historical feeling.

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