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Be original, play Nindies!

Only one day left! Next Thursday a bunch of new indie titles will arrive on Switch. Covering a large amount of genres and styles, these games are simply perfect if you want to try something original, created with a large amount of love! So, get your Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards, and fill the Switch internal memory with unique games while you support the Nindies gaming scene! We can't wait to play with all of them!
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In 2017 A.D., twenty years after the fall of our planet, the few human survivors are forced to fight a new war to prevent the total extinction. A mysterious alien race called Xada, started an unexpected attack to eradicate the WM-III Battle Suits, the only weapons who can save all of us!
Welcome in the futurist world of “Implosion-Never Lose Hope”! In this fast, fluid, and frenetic action game you’ll play as Jake Carloway, and Diana May two of the most skilled soldiers, and the only one who can unleash the full potential of the battle suits.  Armed with a huge arsenal of weaponry, these last action heroes must take down all the XADA’s Armies to prevent our extinction!

Time is running out! You’ve only 30 minutes left to find the only cure that can save your best friend from mutation! "Vaccine" is the new survival horror game where a rampaging virus has mutated all life within the house, and nothing is safe from its toxic grasp. Inspired by cheesy but great, survival-horror films of the 90's, the members of two bio-hazard response teams must investigate to search the cure who can save all of them, and also survive to the onslaught of the bloodthirsty creatures who live in there before is too late! The brain is not only food for undead, use it wisely to create the best strategy, and stop the spread of this evolved deadly virus!

Hooray! The extensively awarded "Bulb Boy" comes on Switch! If you haven’t played with it yet, this is the perfect opportunity to experience this great point & click adventure where the cute Bulb Boy looking for his missing family in the eerie, overshadowed Bulbhouse.
Shrouded by the darkness of night, strange nightmarish creatures lurking. In its dark corridors, black figures are they behind you. Solve the puzzles, and hit the enemies with your light to bring back the peace. Don’t be afraid, and help him to save his loved ones…but are you brave enough?

The German term doppelgänger defines the double of a living creature. This idea of “double” is present also in the Ancient Egyptian mythology, where the soul of a person (ka) was a tangible "spirit double" with the same memories, and feelings of its physical counterpart. During the flows of the ages, the concept of doppelgänger has appeared in many books, movies, and obviously games!

Boku to Boku no Sekai de” is the new indie puzzle game who exploits this idea. Simple, but deep, in this game you’ll control two cute, little cats that must reach the picture frames located in each stage. To do it successfully, you’ll be called to use wisely all the platforms, switches, and portals throughout the levels, if you’ll do it you’ll reach the goal quite easily. Challenge all the stages! Some of them will please you, others will tease you, and few ones will drive you mad. But don’t worry you’ll have all the time you need to bring both the cats to the goal!

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