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Be the chosen ones in Dragon Quest IV, liberate the land of Fantasinia in Yggdra Union, burn some calories in DDR X, the war is still going on in South China Sea in Crysis Warhead, Find Mr. Right in Neo Angelique Special & more!

From the publisher: A prestigious army captain, an adventurous princess seeking to test her skills beyond palace walls, a humble merchant aspiring to open his own shop, and two sisters who wish to avenge their father’s death…

These seemingly unrelated individuals will soon cross paths when fate brings them together to journey alongside you, the hero.

Dive into this unique adventure, and discover an epic tale told through the experiences and emotions of characters from all walks of life.

The revival of Dragon Quest IV is available as a region free US version for your Nintendo DS™ for US$ 44.90 only.

The Japanese version of the game has been released and is available for US$ 49.90 only.

Get the English and Japanese guide books at Play-Asia.com for US$ 17.90 and US$ 20.90 only respectively.

For the complete list of products under the Dragon Quest franchise, please see here.

From the publisher: Ruled by a royal family believed to be descended from the gods, Fantasinia is a prosperous and tranquil land — until the peace is shattered by the invading forces of the Empire of Bronquia.

Led by the young Emperor Gulcasa, who seized power in a brutal coup d’etat, Bronquia’s Imperial Army cuts a bloody swath through the people of Fantasinia and the Royal Armies of King Ordene.

Princess Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz, the sole survivor of the royal family, escapes with the kingdom’s only hope: the holy sword Gran Centurio. Fleeing to the southern tip of the continent, she encounters an unusual thief named Milanor, a young man destined to help liberate the people of her kingdom...

Liberate Fantasinia in the strategy game Yggdra Union. A region free US version is now available for your Sony PSP™ for US$ 44.90 only.

For those who speaks Japanese, you can get the Japanese version released earlier via Play-Asia.com for US$ 48.90 only.

Aside from the actual games, the soundtrack is also available for US$ 29.90 only.

From the publisher: Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hottest revolution and bestselling dance video game!

Brand new to the PlayStation®2, DanceDanceRevolution® X explodes onto the dance floor with enhanced graphics, fun interactive gameplay, an incredible song selection and innovative new game modes.

Game Features:

  • Awesome new soundtrack packed with over 70 songs!
  • New mixes provide "continuous DJ mixes" of multiple songs. The ultimate club experience!
  • Brand new LAN Battle Mode will let up to 8 players battle simultaneously through the LAN lines on their PS2
  • Experience the unique story lines of over 10 DanceDanceRevolution X characters in Street Master Mode
  • Create your own workout and fitness program through an enhanced Workout Mode
  • New DDR characters and enhanced graphics
  • Utilize the Eye®Toy camera to implement yourself into the game
The hot party game Dance Dance Revolution X is available on your PlayStation2™ as a US version for US$ 44.90 only.

The game + dancing mat bundle version is coming later this month and is currently on preorder for US$ 79.90 only.

For the full list of products under this energy consuming, fat burning music title, please see here.

From the publisher: Award-winning independent studio Crytek and EA Partners are going back to the South China Sea this fall with Crysis Warhead®, a parallel story to Crysis®, one of the highest rated games last year on any platform.

Crysis Warhead features a pulse-racing storyline that will take gamers to unique and all-new environments they can explore and blow up, while also introducing them to Crysis Wars®*, the new multiplayer experience for the Crysis universe. And at only $29.99 MSRP Crysis Warhead will undoubtedly be one of the best values in gaming this year.

Players will be donning the Nanosuit of the volatile Sergeant "Psycho" Sykes, one of the most memorable characters from Crysis.

More brash and aggressive than his Delta Force squadmate Nomad, players will find Psycho's adventure on the other side of the island to be even more intense and explosive than they could have ever imagined, especially as they battle against a greater density of human and alien enemies made even smarter by Crytek's enhanced AI system.

Crysis Warhead, a spin off of the award winning Crysis is available for US$ 29.90 only.

Crysis, awarded The Game of the Year in 2007 is also available as a Collector's edition, and is sold at respectively US$ 49.90 only.

NeoAngelique breaks off from the original Angelique series by introducing RPG elements into this dating game classic. The stage is set in Arcardia, an Utopian world modeled after medieval Europe. However, this world is under siege by monsters called Thanatos and because of them, people live in fear.

Angelique, (the player character) is a normal girl studying in the Melrose academy for girls. Her parents were killed by the Thanatos when she was young, but instead of falling into despair, she strives to help all people in need.

And on one fateful day, she is informed that she has the power to defeat Thanatos with the help from a cast of charming men. Fight Thanatos, save the world and develop relationships with the charismatic cast. The game promises hours of fun and heart felt scenes to make you swoon.

The delicately drawn dating simulation Neo Angelique Special is now available as both Standard and Premium Box editions on your Sony PSP™ for US$ 48.90 and US$ 64.90 only.

The Premium Box version comes with Video UMD, audio CD and a sheet of stickers.

The previous versions released on PlayStation2™ are still availalble, Neo Angelique is available as Koei The Best and Full Voice versions for the same price of US$ 34.90 and US$ 39.90 respectively only.

As a renowned dating simulation title, Neo Angelique has spawned all kinds of spin off products such as drama CDs and anime, please click here for the full list.

Summon beasts, monster or villains, these characters are what set Final Fantasy apart from other RPG series. The design and characterizations of them makes them memorable and the effort that goes into the creation of their figures makes them special collector's items that are very much sought after.

Takeya Takayuki the veteran figure designer brings out the texture of these majestic creature's form through careful sculpting and the utmost attention to minute details. The designer's knowledge and fixation in bones and skeletons helps him to create life-like figures.

The three figures of the Final Fantasy Master Creatures are available:

Final Fantasy Master Creatures 3 Pre-Painted Figure: GilgameshJPN N/A sold
Final Fantasy Master Creatures 3 Pre-Painted Figure: PhoenixJPN N/A sold
Final Fantasy Master Creatures 3 Pre-Painted Figure: ShivaJPN N/A sold

For more toys under the Final Fantasy title, please check here and for all products under the franchise, please click here.

Also in stock today:

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Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Network AdapterJPN N/A sold

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Drawn to Life: Spongebob Squarepants Edition (Collector's Edition)US N/A sold

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Pia Carrot Go 1/8 Scale PVC Pre-Painted Figure: Horiuchi Sana (Re-run)JPN N/A sold
Shooting Game Historica 2 SP - Classic Game Fighting Planes Trading FigureJPN N/A sold
Super Mario Bros. Chocolate Egg Furuta 2nd Edition Candy ToyJPN N/A sold


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