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薩曼莎(素兒德芝 飾)過着少女夢寐以求的高中生活︰人氣爆棚、有位型仔男友、一班死黨、美滿的家庭等。但完美背後,卻是在學校經常欺負那些「與眾不同」的同學。 一次交通意外,令她多次回到意外當天。每次「倒帶」都令她更了解自己和身邊的人,再逐次逐漸改變,希望彌補過去的不足。本片改篇自2010年同名暢銷小說,將薩曼莎精彩而感動的人生搬到大銀幕。

Sam (Zoey Deutch) seems to have everything a teenage girl could want: popularity, a hot boyfriend, cool status, fun friends, loving family and seeming happiness. But beyond the superficial, Sam's life isn't so charmed. She is one of a clique of high school mean girls who make life hell for those who are different.

When Sam is killed in a car accident, she is forced to relive her last day on Earth seven times in order to get things right. She attempts to make sense of what befell her and gain a better understanding of herself and others. In the process, Sam evolves, learns to be a good person and comes to accept her fate. As narrated by Sam, this touching story, based on the 2010 young adult novel by Lauren Oliver, has a Groundhog Day structure, a dramatic arc.


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