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Before the witch comes: Puella Magi Miki Sayaka, Mass Effect Bishoujo Figure: Liara, Samuel Maoz - Lebanon, Persona 3 FES Figma Aegis, Nendoroid Kirisame Marisa

To save her friend, Miki Sayaka strikes a deal with Kyubei to become a magical girl. Her soul gem glitters blue on her belly button beneath the frilly girdle.

She is the swordsman of the group, her package comes with 8 sabers. Form them into the ring by slipping them into place in the special base, or put them into her hands so she can fight with them. Put the fabric cape on her so that it waves in the wind, or the PVC one when you display her frozen in motion.

She is a rather open girl and comes with an array of expressions, the smile, the laugh and the battle-cry.

Take her home, cleanse her soul gem before she falls to the dark side:

figma Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Miki Sayaka (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

Strictly speaking, Liara from Mass Effect is an asexual being from an alien race. However, since the game designer gave her such delicate features, Yamashita Shunya decides to put her into his first bishojo collection. Her facial contours becomes even finer, her limbs more willowy and her curves smooth.

Like all the women under Yamashita Shunya's pen, she is not mere eye candy. She displays cool headed-ness and confidence in the face of danger. She holds her gun expertly and smiles gracefully as she waits for the explosive moment.

Every metal plate on her outfit, and every line are drawn according to her official costume, but they are all re-tailored to fit her new body shape.

Take the Alien Bishojo to the frontlines of your display case:

Mass Effect 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Bishoujo Figure: LiaraJPN N/Asold

Lebanon tells the story of the brutality of war in the most realistic way. Filmed inside a tank, the only contact the soldiers in the metal car has with the outside world is through the gun sight.

The unique environment brings out the claustrophobic conditions that soldiers in the tank suffers, the nervous break down that threatens them and the arguments that's always in the verge of breaking out.

The controversial film won the Golden Lion Award in the 66th Venice International Film Festival. Quoting the director Samuel Maoz, the film opens dialogue and get people talking to each other about important issues. The thoughts and the awareness that the film raises is bound to stay long after the credits roll.

LebanonHK N/Asold

The crusade against the shadows continue. With Aegis as your shield and your comrade, you can deal heavy physical damages to your foes.

When Goodsmile brought her to their booth in the Summmer Wonder Festival, she was a huge hit. This new version of Aegis is fully garbed in a bullet proof vest and comes with even more weapons.

Slip the canon and the machine gun in her hands. The scene comes to life when you stick the effect parts to the barrels. She is here to fight, besides her calm face and her smile, she comes with an alert expression. Collectors can even assemble the visor-down hair part to her to relive the most urgent fights.

We have been able to source a few more Heavily Equipped Aegis, take her home before someone else does:

Persona 3 FES Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma Aegis Heavily Equipped ver.JPN N/Asold

Exciting shooters and pretty girls are the staple of Toho Projects' games. Kirisame Marisa is one of the heroines. Every player character are either priestesses or magical girls, Marisa is a hint of western witch in the sea of white kimono and pastel colored skirts.

Everything a witch needs is included in her package, from the pointy hat to the broom. You can place the mini hakka in her hands and have her perform her skills. Beside the small back one that fits in her little palms, there is a large white one which could serve as a base for her.

Little witches are looking for a new home, give your space to Marisa:

Nendoroid No. 092 Touhou Project: Marisa KirisameJPN N/Asold


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