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Berserk Musou: Starting from the Golden Age! Famitsu Interview Translated

Koei announced a brand new "Warriors" game, but this time it is based around the famous gore-fest manga Berserk! Famitsu had a chance to sit down and have a talk with  Koei Tecmo Games President, Hisashi Koinuma to talk more about the game. We translated the following interview below for your viewing pleasure.

Could you tell us why you decided to make a Warriors game using the Berserk manga?

Koinuma: Since the new Berserk anime is beginning in July, we thought we would create a game alongside the anime to really get the fans hyped up. From the early days I've read the Berserk manga and there are a lot of staff members including one of our directors that is a fan of the series so I just thought "Hey, we should try and make a Berserk game!".

Oh, and we also had a questionnaire printed on the December 3rd issue of Famitsu asking fans which IP would everyone like to see become a Musou game, in fact Berserk was on that list!


Koinuma: We already decided on the project prior to the questionnaire, lucky for us Berserk managed to rank in so we were relieved.

Everyone would agree that Guts and his gigantic sword would work well in a Warriors game environment. While we are on the subject, we only get to see Casca in the teaser trailer and so I want to ask how did you imagine the trailer?

Koinuma: It's exactly what I did with the Fist of the North Star Warriors teaser. We had a single scene where Yuria was falling and we decided to do the same concept with the Berserk teaser.

Wouldn't you say that the Teaser trailer was pretty sexy?

Koinuma: As everyone knows Berserk is both a very Gorey and erotic manga and so we want to reflect that in the game itself too.

Since it is a dark fantasy manga, we plan to go down the same road and give you a little taste of what is yet to come in game through the teaser. The scene were Casca is imprisoned had quite the impact to fans, same as the scene when Griffith changes, and because of this we decided to show the Casca scene as the original teaser.

Berserk is a long running manga with a very deep lore with dark interesting characters, how will you recreate this within the game?

Koinuma: A few years ago they created the Golden Age into three separate anime movies and since we were allowed to use them, we decided the story will begin from the Golden Age.

I would say this is where the true start of the story began but I also think it's a great starting off point when it comes to people who are interested in Berserk but don't know where to begin. Oh, and don't worry there will be plenty and plenty of scenes recreated from the manga!

What kind of taste will we get from the game?

Koinuma: I brought the game's main visual from the office and the graphics will be a modified version of this. We wanted a mix between the manga and anime's art and we came up with this.

What kind of person would really enjoy this game?

Koinuma: First and foremost, fans of Berserk will be the ones who will enjoy the game. During the game you'll be fighting humans as enemies then suddenly you'll be fighting Apostles, this is one of the major changes we wanted to make it more like a Berserk experience. We plan to implement a whole list of bosses such as Zodd or the Minotaur. There is a lot of Berserk stuffed in here to excite all those Berserk fans out there.

Guts sword-slinging style is more brutal than elegant, now will this project in the game?

Koinuma: We had a similar problem when developing Fist of the North Star Warriors. Most of the characters are heavy hitters themselves and we wanted to give a more realistic style to the hits. This gives a perfect balance that makes you feel the impact if your hits. We thought of this as we wanted to recreate the change between the Golden Age Guts and the Black Swordsman Guts's battle style.

When he becomes the Black Swordsman, he gets a boost which makes his attacks more elegant compared to before and we will show this in game.

Next I want to ask, what was the reason behind announcing the game at E3?

Koinuma: Well the last Berserk volume was released 3 years ago and the next one is coming out this year on June 24th and the only way we thought to announce it was on the cover slip around the book... since the games near completion we just thought "Ermm.. lets just announce it at E3..".

So are you planning on releasing the game outside of Japan?

Koinuma: If we can, then we will. As the teaser trailer is being shown worldwide we've reached 100,000 replays on YouTube, our whole channel has now 600,000 total views and just the teaser has hit a 1/6 of the views in a day shows me that we have a lot of Berserk fans looking forward to the game.

I'm excited to see more information asap! Koinuma: The next volume of Berserk comes out on the 24th and alongside that we will introduce more about the game in next week's Famitsu so please look forward to the next following weeks!
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