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Better late than never: DJMAX Emotional Sense - Black Square vers. and Trilogy finally arrived with your knight in shiny armor - White Knight Chronicles & much more!

Games under the DJ MAX titles have long attracted players through the incorporation of cool songs and graphics.

By utilizing the two strongest aspects of the PSP console, DJ MAX Portable Emotional Sense is bringing you a whole new DJ experience.

While the Clazziquai version provides ample training opportunities for novices, Black Square is the communal playground for veterans.

Besides new tracks, the game combines songs from the first and second games resulting in a music database with more than 100 pieces. By taking challenges, players can unlock hidden stages and music videos, listen to music, train your reflexes and have a lovely time.

While the First Print Edition comes with postcards, the Quattra Limited Edition comes with an ample amount of goodies. Besides the game, which is contained in a stylishly designed case made especially for the edition, there is the soundtrack CD, an art book, speakers, a New Year's card and special gifts.

DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense - Black Square [First Print Special Package]KOR N/A sold
DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense - Black Square [Quattra Limited Edition]KOR N/A sold

DJMax Trilogy is made up of 5 modes, from the simplest, with 4 cues falling to the most difficult 8 cues.

Time your catches and hit the notes at precisely the moment they land onto the assigned mark. Do acrobatics with your fingers and hit all the cues to play the catchy and cool melodies that represent the DJMAX franchise.

If the notes are played at the perfect time, the fever gauge will be charged. When it is charged completely, you can activate fever. While fever is on you can score high and record combos.

The DJMAX wave has now washed over the PC world, join the fever now through the First Print Popular Editions and the Pulsar Limited Editions.

The First Print Edition comes with a Soundtrack CD and a USB Key while the Pulsar Edition comes with everything included in the First Print Edition along with Character picture and trump cards, a calendar and a mug.

DJ Max Trilogy [First Print Popular Edition] (DVD-ROM)KOR N/A sold
DJ Max Trilogy [Pulsar Limited Edition] (DVD-ROM)KOR N/A sold

White Knight Chronicles is an RPG that makes use of orthodox elements such as a fantasy setting with armors, princesses and heroes.

Varandol, a peaceful country possesses a mysterious and powerful artifact, The Knight. Lusting after its power, a secret organization called The Wizard invaded the country on the Princess Sisna's coming of age ceremony.

Our unassuming hero, a novice wine merchant Renardo stepped in just in time to rescue the princess and together they escaped into underground.

There the youngsters discovered the White Knight, the object of the Wizard's desires. Without really knowing what happened, Renard merged with the armor and pushed the secret organization back.

But before being completely chased out, the Wizards abducted the princess. To finish what he started, Renardo set off to rescue her and to discover the secrets behind the Knight and the organization.

Magic is combined with real time combat, pick up your sword and walk the path of knighthood. White Knight Chronicles is available on PlayStation3™ for US$ 69.90 only. Please note that the Asia release edition has been cancelled. All preorders will automatically be filled with the Japanese version at pre-order price.

Making a million seller out of their debut single Real Face, Johnny's young boy band Kat-tun has an unbeatable track record. Besides being a chart topper, they are one of the rare groups of performers who daringly hosts concerts in Tokyo Dome for 4 days, consecutively.

Queen of Pirates Live tour is something they have set out to do quite early in their careers and this dream, of both the artists and their fans, is finally realized now.

From old songs to new singles, Kat-tun concentrate the best parts of their efforts into one single DVD and this record is something neither Jpop fans, Johnny's fans nor Kat-tun's fans can miss.

Kat-Tun's Queen of Pirates Tour is available in DVD format for US$ 54.90 only.

Harukanaru toki no nakade, Koei's Japanese styled romantic adventure has set new standards for the genre with every installment. The third installment in the series spots some of the most desirable men. Score dates with them in the game and take their figures home to fully admire their magnificence.

The first Hachiyous to come are the seiryuu pair Arikawa Masaomi and Minamoto no Kurou Yoshitsune. Masaomi is your best friend, the first to fall into the chasm of time. Through hardship and continuing strife, the tall handsome youth became a formidable militarist.

Asoda Saku of Kotobukiya has brought out the essence of the young man through his confident smile and posture while the maker of Kurou, Tatsumaki crafted the legendary swordsman's hidden power through his flowing robes and unsheathed sword.

Both figures are sculpted immaculately with the smallest detail such as a fold in the robes and the carvings on the weapons. Both of the figures' bases are painted with the character's image flowers, enjoy the classical Japanese flavor along with the finer aspects of the male species.

Yatsuha Figure Series Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: In a Distant Time 3 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Arikawa MasaomiJPN N/A sold
Yatsuha Figure Series Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: In a Distant Time 3 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Minamotono-Kurou-YoshituneJPN N/A sold

The One Piece x Dragon Ball celebration continues with Competing of Dreams vol. 2. While the first volume shows the friendlier aspects of the characters, this 2nd set shows their fighting spirit. Goku and Luffy as well as Vegeta and Frankie are in the midst of showing you their most powerful moves.

Majin Buu is extremely happy with the chef Sanji while Super Saiyaman and Soge King compliments each other with their outfits. The stoicism of Trunks and the wackiness of Brookes forms a strange but humourous contrast.

Trading figures of the Competing of Dreams vol.2 are available for US$ 5.90 each only. Please bear in mind that they are shipped randomly and order a total of 8 figures to recieve a factory sealed container.

The cool and hip manga/anime series Bleach has spawned numerous products such as games and music CDs in the recent months, and as if to celebrate the end of the year, a series of trading figures are released under the hit franchise.

The set includes five figures, two versions of Kurosaki Ichigo, one with his sword slung over his shoulder and the other with his weapon pointing at the ground. Other members in this set includese Kuchiki Rukia who is holding onto her pure white zanbakuto, Ishida Uryuu and his bow and the enigmatic hollow Urukiora.

The figures of this set are shipped in random and are priced at US$ 5.90 each only. Please order a box of 8 to recieve a factory sealed container.

Also in stock today:

Nintendo™ Wii
Rock Band 2US N/A sold
Rock Band 2 Wireless Drum SetUS US$ 389.99 1-2w
Rock Band 2 Wireless GuitarUS US$ 89.90 wait

Rock Band 2US US$ 20.99 1-2w

Nintendo DS™
Mystery P.I.: Portrait of a ThiefUS US$ 15.99 24h

Game Magazines
Famitsu PSP + PS3 [February 2009]JPN N/A sold
Famitsu Xbox 360 [February 2009]JPN N/A sold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1048 (2009 01/09 + 16) Double IssueJPN N/A sold

New toy arrivals:

40th Weekly Jump Dragon Ball Z X One Piece Competing of Dream 2 Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold
Aero R/C Drift Package Light: No.6 Nissan Silvia (S15)JPN N/A sold
Ashita no Yoichi 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Chihaya IkarugaJPN N/A sold
Bleach Characters 6 Non Scale Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold
Cheerfull 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Cold Cast Figure: Sakuragi YurikaJPN N/A sold
Claymore DX Collection Pre-Painted Trading FigureJPN N/A sold
Comic Aun 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Lara PopporippiJPN N/A sold
Creator's Labo #019 Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Sangou-ChanJPN N/A sold
Diformate Series Demon Bane Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Al AzifJPN N/A sold
Diformate Series Fate Stay Night Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: SaberJPN N/A sold
Koihime Musou 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Koihime Musou CaocaoJPN N/A sold
Koihime Musou 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Koihime Musou DX Ver. Caocao & XunyuJPN N/A sold
Kurogane no Linebarrels 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kujyo MiuJPN N/A sold
Odin Sphere 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: GwendolynJPN N/A sold
Samurai Girl 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kuon SetsunaJPN N/A sold
Seto no Hanayome 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Seto SanJPN N/A sold
Shakugan no Shana II Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: figma ShanaJPN N/A sold
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Asahina Mikuru Gothic Ver. (Re-run)JPN N/A sold
Yatsuha Figure Series Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: In a Distant Time 3 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Arikawa MasaomiJPN N/A sold
Yatsuha Figure Series Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: In a Distant Time 3 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Minamotono-Kurou-YoshituneJPN N/A sold

An excerpt of music and movies update:

Kat-Tun Live Tour 2008 Queen of PiratesJPN N/A sold
Lord of Vermillion Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 29.99 5-15d
Plug+ProgramJPN US$ 38.90 5-15d
Pop'n Music Request Best!JPN US$ 34.90 5-15d


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