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Bigger is better: Nintendo 3DS LL and 3DS XL, Gears of War Judgement, Dragon Quest X Slimes USB Memory, Keyboard & more! - in New Games for Pre-Order!

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Bigger is better. And when the screens are bigger, massive monsters, too, can make that leap and look impressive. Rising in popularity, the Nintendo 3DS gets a larger, younger brother, the Nintendo 3DS LL (or XL, in English versions).

Not only are the screens bigger, the batteries last longer. When fully charged, it lasts from 3.5 hours to 6.5 hours.

The touch pen grows longer too, to fit with the new size. The new console is compatible with all the games its older brother is compatible with. And right off the bat, gamers get to choose between three hot colours: Red, Black and Silver.

Please bear in mind that the package comes with the 4GB SD Card but not the Adapter. The console is compatible with the existing 3DS and DSi adapters but not the Nintendo DS adapters.

The Japanese and European 3DS LL (or XL) consoles are coming in July while the US versions come in August:

Japanese version

Nintendo 3DS LL (Red x Black)JPN US$ 239.99
Nintendo 3DS LL (Silver x Black)JPN US$ 198.99
Nintendo 3DS LL (White)JPN US$ 239.99

US versions

Nintendo 3DS XL (Black x Blue)US N/A
Nintendo 3DS XL (Black x Red)US N/A
Nintendo 3DS XL (Black)US US$ 249.99

European versions

Nintendo 3DS XL (Blue x Black)EUR US$ 308.99
Nintendo 3DS XL (Red x Black)EUR US$ 339.99
Nintendo 3DS XL (Silver x Black)EUR US$ 308.99

Give your new console as much protection as possible, grab some screen protectors and cases:

Screen Protection Filter Highest Quality (for 3DS LL)JPN US$ 10.90
Screen Protection Filter MG (for 3DS LL)JPN US$ 7.90
Screen Protection Filter for 3DS LL (Anti-Fingerprint Type)JPN US$ 9.90
Screen Protection Filter for 3DS LL (Damage Repair Type)JPN US$ 22.99
Screen Protection Filter for 3DS LL (Hard Coat Type)JPN US$ 9.99
Screen Protection Filter for 3DS LL (Premium)JPN N/A
Semi Hard Case for 3DS LL (Black) US$ 14.90
Semi Hard Case for 3DS LL (Red) US$ 19.99
Semi Hard Case for 3DS LL (Silver) US$ 19.90
Semi Hard Case for 3DS LL (White) US$ 55.99
Semi Hard Pouch for 3DS LL (Black) US$ 14.90
Semi Hard Pouch for 3DS LL (Red) US$ 27.99
Semi Hard Pouch for 3DS LL (Silver) US$ 18.90
Semi Hard Pouch for 3DS LL (White) US$ 14.90

Fight the war that starts all wars. Gears of War Judgement takes gamers to Halvo Bay. Damon Baird and Cole Train are leading three new characters on their quest to free humanity from a terrifying new enemy. The action is faster-paced, the battles more nerve wrecking and the gameplay more visceral.

Judgement also introduces a new multiplayer mode. Including the Overrun mode. Gamers are pit against enemies in a class based battle. Face off against hordes of locusts in new terrain

At the moment, the game is scheduled to be released in late 2013, however, everyone who wants to join the COGs, you can pre-order your copy today:

Gears of War: JudgmentEUR N/A
Gears of War: JudgmentUS N/A

The Slimes are going to save your data for you. Smiling wide, the Slime join forces with Hori to bring you the 16 GB memory card. Flip the USB stick into the printed cover to protect it, and flip it out when you need to use it. When you write data into it, the LED light will blink softly, like the eye of a lazy beast.

Don't throw down the keyboard no matter how tough the bosses are. Because the slimes are so cute. Hori creates the Slime keyboard in preparation for the release of the Dragon Quest X Online game. The keyboard is an official Square Enix licensed product and completely unique.

Cover your gaming life with slimes - the USB stick and the keyboard are both coming in August:

Dragon Quest X USB Memory 16GBJPN US$ 39.99
Hori Dragon Quest X Slime KeyboardJPN N/A

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Gears of War: JudgmentUSMar 19, 2013N/A
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