13. Jul, 2016 17:37 (HKT)

BlazBlue Centralfiction themed HORI Fighting Commander & Fighting Stick!

Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 (Blazblue Centralfiction Version) (PC, PS3™, PS4™, JPN)  sold

HORI's wired Fighting Commander controller, compatible with PS4, PS3, & PC, is a controller with a design built specifically for fighting games, but also functions well for any title that does not require an analog stick. As a traditional fightpad the Fighting Commander has a six button layout on its face with each button corresponding to an attack button (similar to an arcade stick) and the D-pad located on the left.

The latest version of the popular controller will be themed for the upcoming fighting title BlazBlue Centralfiction releasing for both the PS4 & PS3 consoles in October. The Blazblue Centralfiction Fighting Commander will use the same symmetrical grip design used by HORI for their December 2015 released fighting controller.

As a variation of the Fighting Commander this controller should include X-Input, which will allow players to plug in and use your controller for the PC as they would an Xbox controller.

Blazblue Centralfiction Fighting Stick for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 (PS3™, PS4™, JPN)  sold

By sacrificing portability and size players can get incredibly close to the arcade experience while remaining in their living room. HORI's Fighting Stick features characters from the BlazBlue series, and sports the same quality we've come to expect from HORI controllers and mechanical parts.
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