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1. on the precipice of defeat 2. *~アスタリスク~ TV version 3. comical world 4. oh so tired 5. head in the clouds 6. ditty for daddy 7. creeping shadows 8. raw breath of danger 9. enemy unseen 10. will of the heart 11. requiem for the lost ones 12. Nothing Can Be Explained 13. burden of the past 14. destiny awaits 15. catch-22 16. heat of the battle 17. blaze of the soul reaper 18. battle ignition 19. never meant to belong 20. storm center 21. Number One 22. going home 23. Life is Like a Boat for TV EDIT FAST ver. 24. peaceful afternoon 25. サンキュー!! TV version

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Takes you back to the Anime
I always find that whenever I listen to the songs; it takes me BACK into the ANIME, even though I\'m just sitting here at my computer in the office. It reminds me now of certain parts in the anime each time.

When I FIRST bought the soundtrack, and listened to the tracks I was like \"Hey, I\'ve heard this background tune before...which episode was it?? What was happening\"...Then IN goes my BLEACH-DVD and I would search for which parts plays that tune.....and I get the mood of it.

For instance, when I heard the haunting tune of Precipice of Defeat; it\'s soooo...haunting...yet soft...yet moody.....by haunting I don\'t mean it SCARY (hahahah) - I mean it would really grab and possess your attention. Then I went back to find that it\'s the FIRST tune in the FIRST episode - when Rukia was standing on the pole, looking for a Hollow.

Since I heard all the tunes, and watched my DVDs a second time around........I paid more attention to what was playing in the background and since then...each time I listen to the CD .....(Which is VERY OFTEN mind you, I haven\'t played my usual Mariah Carey for a LONG TIME) ........it just takes me back to the episodes....and I just SMILE.......

Bleach is really a splendid anime.
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Bleach is awsome!
watch the series and thank my uncle who produces it!
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The TV animation BLEACH Original Soundtrack 1 contains songs from the popular anime series of the same name. While a lot of anime CDs start off with the opening theme of the anime, this CD starts off with an instrumental track that contains electric guitars and haunting chanting in the background creating an atmosphere of tension and impending danger, thereby presenting an interesting start to the DC. What follows is a lively, fast paced rap song \'Asterisk\' by Orange Range used for the first opening theme of BLEACH.

The next few tracks effectively uses a combination instruments with a catchy beat to create quirky tunes often used to introduce light-hearted or comical moments in the anime. The cheery upbeat tunes will leave listeners tapping their feet in time with the beat of the music. After the fun tracks come those with a danger underlying mood to them. Electrical instruments are often used to create a sense of tension, anticipation or danger. These tracks can be slightly creepy and gives one the impression that they are moving closer and closer to the source of excitement or danger.

The CD also contains several mellow tracks. Slower paced than the other tracks, the sad, melancholic pieces convey a nostalgic feel, evoking a sense of sorrow, loss or grief. The tracks that follow sound like something one would hear in the rock music genre. Heavy usuage of drums or electric guitars brings about a sense of exhilaration. These tracks are often heard during battle scenes or in preludes to fights. The tracks are arranged such that they alternate between the adrenaline pumping music to the slower, softer more contemplative pieces. Listeners will not find themselves overwhelmed by too much of any one type of music. Listeners will not find themselves overwhelmed by too much of any one type of music. The flow is constantly changing, from a fast-paced to a slower-paced one back to a fast paced track again.

The music of BLEACH is appealing in that it uses a variety of interesting sounds to create the mood for the more serious suspenseful moments in the anime. If you enjoyed the music of the anime BLEACH, the excitement of watching the anime as you listen to the soundtrack! If you are a fan of BLEACH, you do not want to miss this soundtrack!
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Great Find
Four weeks ago, I didn\'t know anything about the anime, except that people I knew loved it. They introduced it to me, and I\'ve joined them! The soundtrack is definitely one of the main reasons I took to it so quickly; some of the best opening/closing tracks I\'ve heard anywhere. If you think you might like it, you will.
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Best Anime Ever
Awesome soundtrack. The only sad thing is is doesn\'t have Ichirin no Hana.
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