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Here Are The Nominees for Gamescom 2019 Awards!

WELCOME TO THE GAMESCOM 2019! The Heart of Gaming We are here for another year of video game trade fair. The biggest gaming exhibition is happening around the European continent. Welcome to the Gamescom...


平台:SW 類型:動作 開發/發行:FIRST Studio/MARVELOUS 人數:1 語言:中/英/日 《機甲戰魔》製作人是開發過《機戰傭兵》的佃健一郎,機械設定則是執導過《創聖的大天使》、《超時空要塞》的動畫家河森正治負責的一款全新的,快節奏的機械動作遊戲。

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Raging Loop: Western Release Date Announced for PS4 & Switch

Raging Loop PlayStation 4™ & Nintendo™ Switch – EUROPE   Last time, we have no definite release window for the western localization of Raging Loop (Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P). Fortunately, PQube announced the official release date of Raging...