Gintama Rumble PS4 ASIA (Eng Subs) – PRE-ORDER

Gintama Rumble


PlayStation 4™ (PS4™) – ASIA version (English Subs) – Exp. to ship – 18 Jan 2018.

Gintama Ranbu‘s now officially titled Gintama Rumble is a Samurai action game from Bandai Namco Entertainment and similar to Samurai Warriors or Dynasty Warriors in it its game style.


Gintama Rumble (English Subs) (PS4, ASIA) PRE-ORDER US$61.99


Players control the popular characters such as Kagura, Gintoki, Kagura, Katsura, Shinpachi, Kotaro and Shinsuke plus we have heard that Kamui and Tsukuyo will also be playable characters in this eight chapters of the Gintama Chronicle Story.

Bandai’s site also mentions that Abuto and Housen who will join Nizō Okada as boss characters, plus there will be a one-day bonus of a DLC to unlock Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet and Armstrong Cannon, to assist in attacks.

Here are some of your favorite character images.



English localization of Gintama Rumble will be released for the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines with English subtitles and original Japanese voice overs.  If you are in the West and want the game, you can Pre-Order here now to secure your copy.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has published the English trailer for Gintama Rumble, as well and confirmed that the release date for the English version of the game on PlayStation 4, which will be January 18, 2018, the same release date as the Japanese version.  This English localization is intended for Southeast Asia and will have English subtitles with original Japanese voice overs.


SPYAIR the popular Japanese rock band, produced the theme song specifically for Gintama Rumble called ‘Scramble’.  Even though the game itself will not provide the actual DVD/CD, here at we stock SPYAIR’s albums, so click HERE for their library of music to accompany the game.  We also have a video of the theme song ‘Scramble’ below by SPYAIR,.  Enjoy!



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