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“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr.


As a company with a heart, took its first step in building bridges between the people in the community that we are in towards employment and lasting career development. This was made into reality as’s CEO, Jan Neuhaeusser, headed the inauguration of the “Sentrong Sanayang Teknikal Ng Kabataan” (Technical Training Center For The Youth) in West Bajac-Bajac last September 14, 2017. The project is a joint endeavor between and The Studer Trust to create the first BPO training center to provide technical training and to address the rising demand in the BPO industry.


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But the grant of’s charity did not end with the donation of the training center in plaque and in papers. Last October 21, 2017, employees of Play-Asia devoted their time in order to provide an avenue for dialogue, share their experiences, and give pieces of advice for personal success in working in a BPO industry to the students of the program. This is, indeed, a manifestation that here at, we work hard, play hard, and give back even harder., corporate social responsibility, west bajac-bajac olongapo, charity, subic, tesda olongapo


While no one can do everything, everyone can do something. Hence, employees shared some of their personal and valuable insights on how it is to work in a BPO environment. Mae Martinez, a Team Lead Masterfile Analyst and is in the BPO industry for 5 years and 7 months, headed one of the groups for the dialogue. When asked about what she felt after sharing her experiences, Mae said:


After sharing my experiences with the students, I felt that I was talking to myself. Somehow, I could see myself in them – clueless and nervous but determined. The feeling was liberating because it was my first time to share my own work experiences to other people. And to see them listening to you is very uplifting. They are eager to know how we are doing in this company for they are hoping that someday they, too, can be a part of this company.


Moreover, Sheena Llanora, a Customer Support turned Accounting Officer who’s been in the BPO industry for 6 years, shared how the BPO training center and volunteer work she has rendered can help these people. According to her:


This volunteer program allows us to help the students enhance their communication skills and build their confidence the same way we did ours in I am happy and blessed to share my experience in a simple way but with a lasting impact on them.


The Two Faces Of Learning


As they say, you aren’t too young or too old to learn. After all, learning is not an age in work but a lifelong work. This holds true for the two extremes of the youngest and “fine wine” students in the first batch of the training program.


Reymar Arcon, 16 years old, defies doubts of being the youngest in the bunch. We normally would see teens of the same age spending their time hanging out with friends or doing other teenager stuff. But he doesn’t. Instead, he is enrolled both in ALS (Alternative Learning System) Grade 11 and in the Contact Center Services NC II (National Certificate II). He juggles his time learning in school and in preparation for employment. While his age is not yet of the legal standard, he’s helping his aunt in making crème caramel (leche flan) which he, later on, sells in the market., corporate social responsibility, west bajac-bajac olongapo, charity, subic, tesda olongapo

Reymar Arcon


With the said BPO training, Reymar sees himself to be successful one day. He’ll use the training and certificate as an added boost to his resume once he is already of legal age for work. More so, he also dreams of pursuing a degree in the hotel and restaurant management. He believes that the BPO training will help him boost his confidence in the long run.


At the other end of the line, Juana Myrna Fredeluces proves that she’s never too old to reinvent herself. At the age of 54, Myrna is already a wise and experienced professional. But she’s still in the pursuit of proving herself worthy in the BPO industry. At her age, she has quite achieved enough in her profession as a midwife, supplies and inventory operator, supervisor, and manager. But the thirst for learning and career development in the fast-paced world of the BPO industry is alive and kicking within., corporate social responsibility, west bajac-bajac olongapo, charity, subic, tesda olongapo

Juana Myrna Fredeluces


Despite being not the fastest encoder and not the most up-to-date in technology, Myrna leads by adopting a good working relationship with her peers. As the eldest in the group, she makes sure that she leads by example and subject herself as a blank canvass to a new avenue for growth. Myrna professed her gratefulness to as she said, “I am inspired with for being the first company to give this kind of opportunity for people like us.” She also added, “I still have 6 more years before retirement and I hope to see myself one day being part of the family.


Both Reymar and Myrna found themselves privileged with the BPO training center that opened as part of their corporate social responsibility. Their stories are testaments that you take ownership of your personal development. It isn’t based on one’s gender, race, or age. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.



Making A Difference


The teach-back program of employees will continue twice a month every Saturday. The first batch’s cream of the crop will have the chance to have an on-the-job training and will also have the opportunity to be employed in The Customer Service Manager, Kate Mateo, assured:


Play-Asia grows to strive to go the extra mile to our customers. But we can’t always think of just growing as a company. The gift of giving is a factor that a successful company has to consider. And that’s what we are doing with our volunteer work. With the help of our expert staff, their knowledge, and first-hand experience that they have in the industry, the students can learn from them and serve as an inspiration for these students to aspire of something great in their career., corporate social responsibility, west bajac-bajac olongapo, charity, subic, tesda olongapo

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