Blade Strangers – Pre-Order and Fight!

Blade Strangers


Nintendo™ Switch (SW) – US version, Release date: 21 Mar 2018.  Genre: Fighting.  

Blade Strangers is a independent, crossover, hardcore, old-school fighting game for Nintendo Switch, developed by Studio Saizensen and Nicalis.    Characters are taken from a host of popular Japanese games produced by Studio Saizensen and Nicalis – Kawase from Umihara Kawase Curly from Cave Story,  Solange from Code of Princess and more.

Characters were made from 3D models and turned into 2D sprites, with visuals produced on 3D backgrounds, so every frame count looks like a beautiful anime drawing.  Plus, each character has 3 alternate color settings and their original colors.

Blade Strangers (Nintendo™ Switch, US) US$ 39.99 pre

Even with the intense 2D animation, it won’t require massive inputs like some of the other modern fighting games.  In fluidity and motion this is similar to Guilty Gear, in speed and depth, Street Fighter and with the playability and accessibility like Smash Bros. with very smooth gameplay.

More updates upon the release so in the meantime check out the videos, extra features and screen shots below..

[TRAILER: Short Gameplay 1]

[TRAILER: Short Gameplay 2 – Curly Brace, Cave Story Vs Umihara Kawase]


  • Mission Mode, Versus Mode, Training Mode, and Online Mode
  • Accessible controls designed for new fighting game fans worldwide
  • Story Mode will have cut-scenes, characters clashing, etc
  • Mission Mode means you take on specific tasks
  • Announcing more characters later
  • Stages from the actual game
  • Online competition with minimum input lag


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