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Still looking solution how to improve your FPS gaming performance in the console? Here we provide a supreme resolution for you! The Brook Precision Sniper Mouse and Keyboard Converter, give you fast, accurate and stable gaming experience. The converter designed by pro-FPS gamers, which provide exactly the same desktop aiming speed into the console. Definitely the best console accessories for FPS fans.


  • No original controller needed for verification
  • Flash swapping between controller to mouse, keyboard
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Designed by pro-FPS gamers
  • Exquisite UI design, user-friendly interface on IOS, Android

However, the converter has limited the particular device and here is the Compatible list.

Box contents

  • Brook Sniper (92 x 48 x 120 mm) x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • Quick Start Guide x 1
  • Note: iOS / Android App can be downloaded from App Store / Google Store.
Precision Sniper Mouse and Keyboard Converter for Consoles US$149.99

Brook also bring a lot of different type of console converter, which able compatible your old controllers into new generation console. Good News for Logitec G27 owners, the PS3 converter could able G27 reusable in PS4.

Wii U Gamecube Adapter (Violet) (Windows™, Wii U™, Android™)US$ 19.99
PS3/PS4 to Xbox One Converter (Red) (Xbox One™)US$ 46.99
PS3 to Xbox One Converter (Blue) (Xbox One™)US$ 37.99
Xbox 360 to Xbox One Converter (Black) (Xbox One™)US$ 37.99
PS3 to PS4 Converter (White) (PlayStation 4™)US$ 37.99
PS2 to Xbox One Converter (Xbox One™)US$ 29.99
PS2 to PS3/PS4 Converter (PlayStation 4™)US$ 29.99
PS3/PS4 to PS2 Converter (Windows™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 39.99
Xbox One to PS4 Converter (Pink) (Windows™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 37.99
Xbox360/Xbox One to PS4 Converter (Windows™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 46.99
Xbox 360 to PS4 Converter (Light Green) (Windows™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 37.99
PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 Converter (Yellow) (Windows™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 46.99
Xbox 360/Xbox One to Switch Converter(Nintendo™ Switch)US$ 37.99
PS4/PS3 to Switch Converter (Red x Blue) (Nintendo™ Switch)US$ 37.99
Pocket Energy for Pokemon Go PlusUS$ 29.99
PS3/PS4 Fighting Board (Windows™, PlayStation 3™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 39.99
PS4 + Audio Fighting Board (Windows™, PlayStation 3™, PlayStation 4™)US$ 64.99
Universal Fighting Board (PC, PS3™, X360, PS4™, XONE™, SW)US$ 89.99
Universal Fighting Board (Pin Pre-added)US$ 94.99
NinCade Board for NES Mini & FamicomUS$ 29.99

Last but not least, the Brook Mars Wired Controller is available for pre-order now. The controller able to automatic switching between the PS4, PS3 and PC, moreover it’s supporting with Switch. Same as the original, motion control will remain and add the combo Key function in PS4 touchpad. Perfect console accessories for gamers owned multiple consoles, and most noteworthy it’s only USD 45.99.


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