Alola! From Pokemon Sun & Moon it’s figma Selene!!

figma Pokémon Sun and Moon: Selene

Alola Pokémon trainers and toy collectors alike, we’ve got some exciting news for you! A new trainer will be joining the figma family, and it’s none other than Selene, of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Selene, or Mizuki, or Moon, or whatever you named her is the second character from the Pokémon series. Red from the first generation of games Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow was the first. Selene is from the most recent the seventh generation games, and the coming Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Just like Red, Selene will also come with all three starters from her region!

figma Pokemon Sun and Moon: Selene (HK)US$ 56.99

Using figma’s signature smooth joint system, you’ll be able to act out all her memorable scenes from her official art pose or unleashing her Z-power! She’s made with flexible plastic at key points to allow for accurate proportions without losing posability. She’ll come with two faceplates which are a standard face and a cheerful smiling face based on her official artwork. She also comes with her shoulder bag, Z-ring, and a Pokéball. As mentioned above, she’ll come with the starter Pokémon from the Alola region. Those being the Fire-type Litten, the Grass-type Rowlet, and the Water-type Popplio.

But that’s not all! Aside from the standard version of her figma, Selene will also have a Goodsmile Online Shop and Pokémon Center versions available. Both of these LIMITED versions come with everything previously mentioned, plus the special Rotom Pokédex from Sun & Moon. The Goodsmile Online Shop version will have a chatty version, while the Pokémon Center one will come with a smirking Rotom Pokédex.

figma Pokemon Sun and Moon: Selene [Good Smile Company Online Shop Limited Ver.] (JPN)US$ 89.99
figma Pokemon Sun and Moon: Selene [Pokemon Center Online Shop Limited Ver.] (JPN)US$ 89.99

This is one of the cutest figmas and would be a great addition to the collection of any fan of the series. She’ll be released on May 27th, 2018 but pre-orders will close on November 23rd, 2017 for her standard version, and November 27th for the Goodsmile Online Shop and Pokémon Center versions. So be sure to get your pre-orders in before the deadline as stock isn’t guaranteed after.

Of course, there’s always more to see when it comes to Pokémon!

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UNO Pokemon Sun & Moon (JPN)US$ 11.99
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